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Status Updates: Appropriate Conduct

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 10:13 AM

Good morning, everyone!


Let's talk about status updates.


The right-hand status bar is there for players to share thoughts and fun links that may not warrant their own thread on the forums, or to share things they want everybody to see. It is not a battleground or a spice cabinet.


The following status updates will be removed:

  1. Links leading to videos, images, or pages that do not coincide with our general posting rules. That means anything NSFW or generally insulting to other players.
  2. Flame baiting
  3. Drama
  4. Insults to other players (if they are subtle or underhanded, they will still be removed)
  5. Spam

When a status update is removed, user will be PM'd with a warning.

After 3 removals and warnings, the user will lose their status posting privileges.

Posting privileges, once revoked, have one chance to be restored if you speak to me via PM. If you can agree to abide by the rules and convince us of this, I'll lift the restriction. If the rules are violated again, the status restriction will remain permanent on your account.


Remember - if you have a grievance with another player's actions or attitude in-game, writing a ticket to the GM Team is the way to go.

If you have a grievance with another user's actions or attitude in the forum, file a report or send a PM to either myself or any of the VMods.

It's a lot better for us to handle them in this way, than having to circle the status feed.


If you'd like something else about the status updates addressed, please let me know via PM.


Thanks everybody!  :thx:



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Posted 12 May 2017 - 04:38 PM

Hello everybody, I'd like to add an update to this to hopefully clarify some of the vagueness around the status update rules.
Please remember that the status feed is a place where your thoughts are shared with the whole WarpPortal Community. Like the forums, we strive to make it a safe and clean place free of any inflammatory content. Above, I stated this has to do with content that does "not coincide with our general posting rules." I'd like to clarify what this means by breaking down some status posting behaviors.
Strictly Prohibited
The following posts will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any player seen to be engaging in these behaviors on the status feed are subject to have their status-posting privileges removed immediately, and if continued elsewhere on the forums, also risk further sanctions such as suspension of account.
  • Insults that attack a player based on personal information
  • Threats to a player's person, friends, or family (including doxxing threats)
  • Posting another player's personal information (doxxing)
  • NSFW content, imagery, or links to such content (videos, images, etc)
  • Spam
The following posts will be removed and players will be PM'd with an explanation of how the post violated the rules. Players who continue to violate these rules despite consistent warnings will have their status privileges revoked. Reinstatement of status-posted privileges is completely up to the judgement of the staff and volunteer staff. Generally, it is better to be on your best behavior.
  • Direct insults to another player or group of players
  • Links to pages containing insults toward others (such as images, videos, etc)
  • Insults toward the staff or volunteer staff
  • Advertisement of private servers, RMT, illegal client edits, etc
  • Report and callout posts - please bring such matters directly to staff, don't post it on the status feed
  • Flamebaiting or drama - for clarification on what this means, it's generally any post that is meant to "bait" others into responding negatively, or a post that triggers sensitive issues. If you post it knowing it'll all go downhill, it's most likely flamebaiting. These are dealt with on a case by case basis.
This is a general smattering of behaviors we will remove if seen, but please remember that all posts to the status feed are subject to judgement against our General Forum Rules.
A Note on Videos and Streaming
I understand that many people enjoy advertising their livestreams or Ragnarok videos, and that's awesome! That's why we love the status feed, it allows people to see player-made content front and center. However, please remember that the content of any stream or video you advertise in the status feed is subject to the same rules as status posts themselves. Videos insulting, threatening, or calling out other players or groups of players will be subject to removal, and its posting user stripped of their status-posting privileges.
Reporting Abusive Posts
The status feed is different from the rest of the forum in that there is no direct way to report an ill-mannered status post. If you see a status post that you feel violates the rules, please do the following:
  • Screenshot the offending post
  • Make a Report from the offending user's profile feed
  • Insert the screenshot into the report
  • If you are reporting a video or twitch feed, please include the timestamp in which the offensive material occurs
Please note that Reports are not always guaranteed action. The staff will follow up on each report, and take action as seen necessary.
Status Violations
The three-strike rule stated above still applies, however we will be modifying this slightly:
  • First confirmed report: This is the first time you post something that violates the rules and needs to be removed. Users will receive 1 warning point, a verbal warning, and removal of offending post. No further action is taken.
  • Second confirmed report: User has already been warned, and will receive 3 warning points as well as an explanation that this is their final warning. Offending status is removed.
  • Third confirmed report: Post is removed, user receives 5 warning points, and status posting privileges are suspended for a week.
Any user who has surpassed the above warnings will be monitored closely after their one-week status lock. Truly uncooperative users are subject to have their status-posting privileges removed permanently.
Ultimately, the "abusiveness" of any given content is ultimately subject to the judgement of the staff and volunteer staff. We understand that sometimes, the area between abusive content and playfulness can become grey, and are willing to discuss such things to prevent misunderstandings. As a general rule, it is best to post without malicious intent, and remember we're here to help create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all. Thank you!

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