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Knight skill Concentration: Misleading skill description

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#1 Adeodatus


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Posted 28 March 2017 - 05:33 AM

After playing the game since last friday, I was baffled about the Knights skill Concentration.

Although I invested 5 skillpoints in it, hoping that it would help me level&kill faster, I had to discover that the skill doesn't do what it says.


Level 5 Concentration is supposed to do the following things: Increase your patk by 20% and increase the damage you take by 10%.


I have to say that it doesn't do this. Although it shows in the character screen that my attack is increased by 20% (from my 1000 attack it goes up to 1200 atk), the actual damage difference is only ~11% when I autoattack.

E.g. vs. a Sand Muka my autoattack rises from 360-370 to 400-410 per hit.



If I use a skill, e.g. Bash lvl 1, the difference is from 420-440[without] to 450-480[with Concentration active], which is ~8% damage increase.


From what I can see ingame, the client seems to calculate some strange base damage for skills from the base attack (248 without Concentration and 268 with Concentration), which seems to be the foundation of the calculated skill damages, e.g. for Bash lvl 1 it would be 248*1,7=421,6 / 268*1,7=455,6

or for Shield Boomerang lvl 5 it would be 248*2,7 = 669,6 / 268*2,7 = 723,6 (690-710/730-760 are the values on Sand Muka in the actual test).


However, a 20% increase in base attack doesn't even raise this number [base skill damage] by 10%,

so isn't this some kind of misleading the player into thinking he'll get 20% (or even more, considering that skills also have multipliers) more damage with his attacks if that's not even barely accurate for autoattacking?

Who in his right mind would use 5 skillpoints on Concentration if only autoattacks profit from the skill while other attack skills like Bash have more DPS and get the short end of the stick while you recieve more than 10% additional damage?


The damage taken from Sand Muka climbs from 78 damage max to 89 damage max (11 damage difference, which is ~14% damage increase), and that holds true for all enemies I've encountered so far.






All in all the skill description is misleading and off from what's actually happening inside the game, and noone can understand this by just reading the skill description.


I think the skill should be either changed to do what the description says or the description should be adjusted so that players don't skill the skill when it's so bad in the first place.



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#2 Arbalist


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Posted 28 March 2017 - 06:39 AM

Hi Adeodatus, 

I absolutely understand your frustration with the skill descriptions. Sadly they really are antiquated as they were made for an old version of the game (Legend of the Second) and never updated when the new version (Advent of Valkyrie) brought formula changes. A large part of the confusion comes from poorly named stats and unclear formulas, so I'll break it down for you. The biggest takeaway is that the stat Attack Power is not the same as Damage. 

Average skill damage is calculated as follows:

Skill Multiplier * Physical Skill Effect 

(or alternatively Magical Skill Effect if you're using magic, but that display is currently bugged so you need to calculate it yourself)

Physical Skill Effect is calculated using the following formula

9.5% Attack Power + Average of your weapons Min and Max + a weapon's refinement bonus

Let's assume your 1000 atk power and you are using a +0 Desert Scorpion Sword.

(0.095 * 1000) + (483 + 506)/2 + 0 = 95 + 494.5 = 589.5

With concentration:

(0.095 * 1200) + (483 + 506)/2 + 0 = 114 + 494.5 = 608.5

Damage increase

(608.5 / 589.5) = 1.032.

So in this example alone, a 20% Attack Power increase is only a 3% damage increase. This is not a knight exclusive problem. All classes use this formula so pretty much all Power/Magic Power increasing skills are terrible. In general, your power will come from simply equipping your level appropriate weapon, and just refining it if you honestly needed to get stronger. Attack Power unfortunately has very little overall influence. If you're a magic class where your weapon usually has low min-max range, then you tend to get more marginal benefit out of investing in Magic Power, compared to something like a Warrior whose greatsword starts with a high min-max range, where each point of attack power has a lower relative impact. It's basically start strong - low growth potential, or start weak, high growth potential. 

Although adjusting the skill descriptions is important for new players, I feel that it is also important to educate players on the formulas. Even long time veteran players have no clue how to calculate damage and a lot of the time they just stack damage regardless of outcome. 

Edited by Arbalist, 28 March 2017 - 06:42 AM.

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#3 Adeodatus


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Posted 29 March 2017 - 05:14 AM

Thank you very much for the clarification on the formula, it's hard to find your way through the game since most (if not all) wikis/fansites are terribly outdated. Good thing I still have my skill reset left so I can get rid of that useless skill. 3% damage increase for over 10% more damage recieved for 5 skillpoints is pretty pathetic, I think it would be best to delete Concentration if they don't plan to rework the skill.

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