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March 29 Maint and Item Mall

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#1 Tirfing


    "Greetings Team!"

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 08:01 AM

Greetings team!
It's nearing the end of March! Sorry I've been away, but I've come back a married man! Check out what we've been up too in the meantime.
Patch Notes v1.1.3

Character Balances

  • Some minor fixes to animation issues with Burton and AI.
  • Changed cooldown times to accurately reflect skill descriptions


Server Updates

  • Streamlined connections to various regions to reduce lag.
  • Additional server side updates are being implemented to help with your game play experiences! Thanks for helping out everyone! We are working to resolve low latency issues as well.
  • Reworked in game reporting system to help prevent false reports. All reports are automatically time and location stamped to the reported and reporting characters to help GM team review relevant logs.

I will update you with more details as they come in from the developers at GNISoft.







This has to be the most amazing lucky box yet! The Time Travelers Lucky Box! The experimental idiosynchronometer machines used to create these boxes require time to recharge, so only 10 are available per day. Make sure you get all you can before we run out of alternate timelines!



  • Silver Token (20)
  • 100 Tomatoes? (what?)
  • Time Stretcher (1D)
  • 1000 Coins Ticket


  • Pistol Buff +5
  • Shotgun Buff +2
  • Rifle Buff +2
  • Bazooka Buff +2


  • Mastodon Guided missile(7D)
  • Golden Modification Box
  • Time Stretcher (30D)
  • Gold Token(300)


  • Spartan Bundle (Perm)
  • Black Chinese Bundle (Perm)
  • Renegade Bundle (Perm)
  • F-2 PowerBomb-00(Gold)



Retiring Items

These items are now gone! Get them next time around!

  • Firefighter Bundle(15D)
  • Prestigious Academy Bundle (15D)
  • Medic bundle(15D)
  • Riot Crusader(15D)
  • Cat Bundle(15D)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Green)
  • Wings of Seraph
  • Wings of Lucifer
  • Mini Red Dragon
  • Mini Panda
  • Mini Chow
  • Mini Ganesh
  • Mini Ganesa


New Items

Get these items while you can!

  • Accessories box
  • UniqueCostumBox_A
  • UniqueCostumBox_B
  • GTAC Bundle(15D)
  • Operator Bundle(15D)
  • Western Funk Bundle(15D)
  • Intelligence Bundle(15D)
  • (10)Premium Buff +10
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card (Blue)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Pink)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Purple)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card (Red)




Take a look at these awesome events going on until the end of the month!

  • Exp warp! EXP gains from defeated opponents may randomly award you with a bonus 50%!


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#2 mysterycc


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Posted 29 March 2017 - 09:38 AM

Finally some fix and updates on lag and latency issues

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