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Recent Overlord nerf on chaincombo

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 06:48 PM

I'd like to get some feedback from fellow Overlords on the recent nerf of the class' chaincombo. The first X attack no longer performs a knockback, which causes the 4th chain hit's stun to miss most of the time from what I've experienced thus far. Players seem to either 1. counter me directly inside my chaincombo 2. escape my chaincombo all together or 3. not get pushed back far enough from the first 3 hits (or should I say 2nd and 3rd hits) to actually be in the correct location for the stun to connect. Aside from this, doing small X chains into other skills (X,X, Gust Slash or even X, V, Gust Slash as an example) leaves the enemy player behind you and your actual skill to miss. They just go right through your chaincombo. The one solution to this, which is fairly obvious, is to start your chaincombo at a distance. This, however, gives way too much opportunity to either escape or counter. I understand the reasoning behind the nerf, which would be the elimination of wall locking using X attack, but let's be honest.... all classes can lock anyway. Overlord (Warriors in general) are fairly weak in multi pvp, so them having the potential to lock someone once they get them to a wall (easier said than done, although it does happen) isn't a huge threat and if we're talking 1v1....well, why are you pvping someone who locks to begin with? Lock them back or leave, I suppose. I don't know about you other Overlords out there but I find that it was a very unnecessary nerf for a class that could actually use some buffing, and I no longer trust my chaincombo enough to even want to use it. It feels broken and does not work as it should.

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 10:00 PM

The overlord has not been nerf'd it has been adjusted to all other melee classes with taking away the flinch from at least the first step of the X-Combo. This has been done after implementing the fast x-attack and the overlord has been missed for some reason. This was always intended and is not considered as a nerf.




having the potential to lock someone once they get them to a wall


This is the reason why many players in the community wanted the flinch from the X-Combo attack removed.


This won't change and there is no reason to discuss this further.


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