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WTS: Items from cash shop Lick-a-lich *Sleepy Cats*

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 12:24 PM

Hello dear readers,


How good, you've found the Lich's store. I'll be your merchant. 

First off, I enjoy supporting the game with weekly/monthly payments, as such I do have lots of points I can sell or trade.

Second off, depending on market fluctuations, inflation or who knows, crisis, I can supply you with the right item at the best possible/affordable price.


Third off, and this is set in stone:

  • I do not add to friends, customers are just that. Friends are friends.
  • I do not purchase friendships. I do have a sith sense *Starwars reference*, can't fool the eye of sauron *Lord of the rings*.
  • You can find me in game during lunch hours or evening hours. GMT+0 to +4 *depending on where I am in Europe*.
  • The lich products are non refundable. Think wisely before purchasing.

Now onto the merchandise:

  1. At the moment, I have roughly 150k Kafra points left. - limited stock -
  2. Prices vary but are cheaper. Current price of Cardfininium *as I'm writing this* is 145k, example of discount: 135k for 10, 130k for 20, 125k for 30, 120k for 40. And so on. 
  3. Discounts vary. 5% off for strangers, 10% for friends, 15% for guild members. Please see the Sith sense I spoke about earlier, so do not try to own a bigger discount in exchange for false friendship/guild membership.
  4. Remember, I may trade for in-game items too, if out of zennies or I don't want zennies, but I love zennies, so I doubt I wouldn't want some zennies...... with strawberries.

That's all folks!




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