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[share] pve assassin build (endgame)

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Posted 30 April 2017 - 01:14 PM

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this little guide I'm making in order to answer some of the usual question relating endgame pve contents using assassin class.
Please feel free to leave any feedback and comment. Questions are also welcomed and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.


1. Bonus Stats


For PvE the main thing is survival, there's no good if you can deal superduperultrahigh damage but can't  even survive 1 single attack from enemy. so the bonus stat is  focused on VIT only. since other offensive stats can be obtained by using titles, runes, etc.

other factor, assassin playstyle is using combo skills not just single high damage. therefore you have to embrace the pain from enemy attacks.


2. Main Stats


by the definition main stats is, what are the stats that makes an assassin a nice dps?


A. Vigor

vigor is used to decrease the cooldown of all skills except item/guild skill use. try to max the number by 2700 or at least 65% cooldown reduction (without any other buff, example : pump hard pills, statue buffs, etc) so you can use the combo skills indefinitely. 



same as what i write above, high hp will decrease death chance, even if assassins don't generate defense from vit at least it'll be worth it if you can handle the first strike of any mobs, the rest will be helped by skills, such as stuns/heals/armors.


C. STR/Attack Power

higher STR means higher attack power, higher attack power results other monster death. why i put this third?

since most of the stats is used to max vigor and VIT, STR becomes the third stats you have to worry, if you don't have any heals or the cooldown is still low it means you will have to tank more attacks from the monster, the longer you stall the higher death chance will occur.

so if possible try to get as many STR/attack power as much as possible after you maxed the stats above. and other benefit from STR are, you will got more accuracy so less miss when hitting mobs, and parries to reduce damage taken by 50%.


D. AGI/Dodge/Critical

these stats won't help much in a battle, since assassins AGI only generate 1 Dodge 2 Criticals 1 Accuracy per 1 AGI. so just max your Critical number around 3000. 3000 critical number equals 30% chance to critical hit besides you have most of the critical buff on the game. basically you will have 15% critical chance only with buffs.


E. Penetration

this stats really will put more number in you final damage. sadly i don't really know how to calculate the penetration points, what affects it, but more penetration means more final damage numbers, and this stat can only be obtained from skills/titles/epic cards.


3. Skills


This is my build for PvE assassin





all the skills here must have high base vigor rate (minimum 65% cooldown without any buffs)

i will explain the skill based on the number.

1. Hiding


benefits : normal movement speed while hide good to position yourself at the right spot before hitting any mobs, especially if you want to hit boss you can dodge the boss aoe skills before hitting the boss.


2. Mark of Genocide


benefits : buffs you and your entire party/raid with 10% critical chance, good when you doesn't have high enough critical chance. 30% without buff is the standard for assassin then with this buff you will have 40% critical chance.


3. Cross Impact (CI)


benefits : High single target damage, generates 1 combo point. this is some kind of the ultimate attack from any thief class. and it will be used as the first combo for assassin's attack.


4. Dagger Throwing

level 1 (optional)

benefits : to get first hit on any mobs if you have to farm something, other than that you can use this skill to kite or lure 1 mob away from its pack, example the 3 jawaii cats, use dagger throwing on one of them then quickly step away from the other mobs till it disappears, so you can kill the pack 1 by 1.


5. Shadow Fiend

Maxed (optional)

benefits : this skill will occur randomly by chance. it will have an extra damage 220% of the final damage from any skill. example :

you use CI and dealt damage 10.000, by any chance shadow fiend is out, it will instantly put 220% more damage from 10.000 CI damage, so 1 single strike CI will have 15.000 final damage in total

Note : i don't really know how to calculate the damage from the skill explanation in game, but by experience it have around 50% extra damage from the final damage.


6. Shadow Claw


benefits : 5% more critical chance and extra penetration status


7. Grimtooth


benefits : Heals, Slow, multitarget, instant max combo point refill (against 5 or more mobs), and it have high damage also. from my experience, this skill can be used to farm or dealing with high quantity of mobs provided you have dot/slow pets.


8. Shadow Armor


benefits : 100% damage reduction (invincibility) for 5 seconds, also increasing your defense rate by 50%. for me 50% extra defense rate means nothing since defense rate kinda capped at 75%, more defense rate over than 75% affects a little in reducing enemy attacks especially endgame mobs. if you doesn't have all +20 armor this skill is a must.


9. Shadow Form


benefits : 30% attack power and movement speed buffs. this is the most easiest way to increase your attack power if you lacking in it.


10. Shadow Strike


benefits : the second combo attack, it have moderate damage and can give x2 damage buff on the final combo attack.


11. Shadow Explosion


benefits : the final combo attack, have high damage and can be further high if got mark of shadow buff. a shadow explosion skill buffed with mark of shadow will get x2 base damage and will still have x2 critical damage also by any chance shadow fiend is out you will have x4.5 final damage in total.


12. Shadow Assault

level 1 (optional)

benefits : stun knockdown a single target for 3 seconds, generates 0 combo point, 1 if combo training is active. use this skill to stall a mobs to give you more time while waiting for shadow armor to be ready. (when in doubt stun them)


13. Ymir Child : Chtulhu


benefits : extra attack power, extra movement speed, and finally extra penetration rate, also resets your hp when you are injured or critically low health.


Combo Attacks with skill


on single mobs


Shadow Assault ->Cross Impact->Shadow Armor->Shadow Strike->Cross Impact->Shadow Explosion (repeatable)


alternatively you can substitute cross impact and shadow strike based on your play style (note Shadow Strike has longer animation than Cross Impact)


on multi mobs


Shadow Assault ->Shadow Armor->Grimtooth->Cross Impact/Shadow Strike->Shadow Explosion


Note : pick 1 mobs from the pack that have highest damage/dot damage to stun.


4. Gears/items


all 4 gears are serenia armors and 1 edga hand


survival :

since this build for endgame contents i assume your character is at the max level which is ML 40

to be able to withstand a normal mobs or bosses attacks a mere high hp is not enough a normal damage from normal mobs in jawaii is around 10-15k per hit, some mobs even have higher first hit damage around 20-30k in the first/second strike so you will erally have to increase defense rate however it is up to 75% minimum, other than that you can use the greenseed rune for armors minimum 5% damage reduce from the seedrune.


otherwise you can use 4 set serenia armors to get bonus 5% damage reduce, combined with the greenseed rune at minimum 5%, then you will have 10% damage reduce from all attacks.


extra : more damage reduce from gorem pet


accessories :

use 4 serenia accessories set to get more bonus buffs, combined with 1 ancient warrior/edga rings to compensate the lack of vit


power up :

there are plenty of ways to power up using the gear you use, honing, seedrunes, and refinements.

since i said it before try to max VIT and vigor as much as possible while there is only 2 gears from sere that gives vigor boost.


to get more vigor and VIT from serenia gears the only way is to hone them and hope you will get 2 line of vigor and 2 line VIT

example :


more balanced hone



weapons :

well in every games all late game weapon is the ultimate choice so use serenia weapons, since it have more base stats beside edga and also the same rune amount with edga.

weapon honing

if possible try to get STR/VIT/Attack Power(x2)/Vigor

if that's too hard just aim to get 1 vigor and 2 lines of attack power



runes :




as you can see my runes, all slot was fitted with Bind rune of Strength + 80 that is the only power source i get, but hey there are more slots to get more STR via costume.


blueseeds or greenseeds?

there are many choices whether to put a blueseeds or greenseeds, basically those are yours to choose but the must use seeds are


Weapon : Greenseed [Power], Bind Rune x2

Head : Bind Rune

Tops : Bind Rune, Greenseed [Armor 10](minimum)

Bottoms : Bind Rune, Blue/Greenseed runes (if you lack of VIT and in needs more damage choose blue)

Hands : Bind Rune x2, Blueseed Rune

Shoes : Bind Rune x2


5. Cards


There are plenty of choice for cards

you can use the epic wonderland boss set, epic mushroom set, or just epic uparus gladiator card x5(or other card that has the same stats)

if you really want to use the wonderland boss set i wish you best luck to farm them.

and there is 2 alternatives use of wonderland boss card settings which is :

1. x5 epic serenia cards

2. 1 set of wonderland boss set + 1 epic serenia card(optional)

since serenia card has the most stats



last but not least

this is the result of my build

it is buffed with norns and midgard grace, vip, shadow form, mark of genocide, and shadow claw



thanks, feel free to ask any questions

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Posted 05 May 2017 - 07:52 AM

That's a great build ! Thanks a lot :) !
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Posted 14 May 2017 - 05:07 PM

very nice build. just what I have been looking for. thanks man!  :p_laugh:  :p_laugh:

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 09:35 PM

i think ur the one that boost us in the FP last 2 weeks ago. :heh: 

got 3.2k vigor... i think u can defeat eddga in 1 v 1. 

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Posted 19 June 2017 - 12:14 AM

i think ur the one that boost us in the FP last 2 weeks ago. :heh:
got 3.2k vigor... i think u can defeat eddga in 1 v 1.

Pawned it for ping!

Vigorous 3.2k got tha juice on 1 v 1.

STR and AGI stats +10 in addition to bonus damage

with the valorous Carnage Katar, Glorious Bloody roar.

Edited by Kirx, 19 June 2017 - 07:23 PM.

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Posted 13 December 2019 - 08:07 AM


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Posted 04 April 2020 - 08:19 AM

How many str, vit and agi should i have? I'm ML Assassin lvl 9.

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