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Returning Player, Some Questions.

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#1 Arccai


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Posted 04 May 2017 - 03:59 AM

I haven't played this game for a long time now,
and decided to come back starting up with a fresh character.
In other words; the game is technically new to me, which raises a few questions.

1. Max Lv.?


2. Which server is the most popular/populated today?

3. How would you define a Top.3 DPS class list?

4. Are all classes needed for todays dungeons/raids/pvp?

5. Are there Achievements in this game?

(If so, is it possible to complete them all by 100% if you start today, or are there old ones that are unavailable due to being tied to old events or somthing?)

6. Is it possible to see every available quest? from a list, or map or somthing.
(or do you have to scan the map manually?)

7. Will quests always be available for you until you finish them?, etc, finish a Lv.1 Quest @ Lv.50
(or will they disappear if you reach a certain gap between it's level and your character level?)

8. Is it possible to reset skills/stats?

9. Is there some kind of membership with a monthly fee, that unlocks all the features of the game?


10. Is this a NA version? how will the latency turn out if i live in the EU?

That's it for now!
Really appreciate it :)

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#2 Precrush


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Posted 04 May 2017 - 04:52 AM


2.This one. There's only one server by warpportal if that's what you mean.

3. In order: Summoner (the drakan mage), invoker (mage->monk), destroyer (archer->marksman)

4. No, the hardest boss we have is easily soloable with the above trio of classes and good gear. Doesn't mean the other classes are bad though, for example in mission maps which are the basic "dungeons" you'll encounter they are better at gaining rank (=at getting loot) than summoners or invokers.

5. Yes there are, you can browse them by pressing J and then going to medals. Not all of them are achievable but that's being adressed with new events. I suspect eventually all of them would be achievable once a year in their respective events.

6. The list for quests can also be accessed by pressing J.

7. Afaik yes, except for the first tutorial one. But just don't skip that.

8. Yes there are different reset scrolls for different things in the IM shop, think the section was also called "scrolls"

9. No there is not, everything can be obtained with in game means only.

10. Yes it is na, the latency is good for pve but in pvp it does show clearly since it's so fast paced and the latency of your opponent amplifies the problem. I'd say in pvp it's bearable.

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