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What is an account ID & where do I find it?

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#1 batuts


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Posted 15 May 2017 - 03:16 AM

I fear none of the GMs are reading my ticket because of this.  Making a ticket REQUIRES this and yet it's never been clarified what an account ID is to begin with.  Even more confusing is what I'm supposed to put into that asterisked(MEANING: REQUIRED) field when the ticket is for a payment issue I'm having which means it's got nothing to do with my game accounts, but my main/master account.  Am I to assume that because the master account uses an email address & a password that your "account ID" is basically the email address? > But this then begs the question of why they'd be separate fields in the ticket form.  What's worse is that the ticket I filed might currently be leading whoever is trying to help me in circles because they aren't able to trace the ticket back to my main WP account simply because you guys require us to make a separate(or as you GMs put it, "special") account for the support system for some reason, and the fact that I don't understand what an ACCOUNT ID pertains to.


And is it also true that you guys redesigned your gaming pins & cut it down to 20 characters instead of 21 just last month?

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#2 ZeroTigress


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Posted 15 May 2017 - 07:03 AM

WarpPortal accounts are master accounts that you need in order to make game accounts (what account ID refers to in support tickets). Not a lot of online game publishers just have you make game accounts anymore since it's much more practical to have a master account to control multiple game accounts.

Support accounts are separate from WarpPortal accounts in case your WarpPortal account is hacked. (Because how can you send a ticket if someone else has control of your account?) It may be a hassle to have to create so many accounts, but it's a necessary evil.

It is recommended to use the same email for both your WarpPortal account and your Support account in order to more easily prove account ownership, but you can choose to use separate emails for both accounts if you wish.
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#3 batuts


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Posted 15 May 2017 - 07:37 AM

Nice.  Renaming the field to "Any Game Account username/id" saves a whole lot of misinterpretation.

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