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What should be done about Lighting Magnet?

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#26 TurtleTuber


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Posted 24 June 2017 - 08:42 AM

funny that people complain more about magnet, which is avoid and escapeable than about 90% heal in less than a second .-.


that 90% heal destroys BSQ more than 100 magnets could do.


Without magnets you wouldnt even be able to kill most of the mage classes and summoner and twins.  Magnet arent pure evil only.



Will be exited to see how Mages with flags get killed once magnet is removed or nerfed to the ground since you cant even kill the most mages in a solid magnet lock. i think removing magnet will cause more anger than letting it stay. not starting to complain about how hard it is to catch twins without magnets.


But have fun chasing healing classes with flags over the BSQ battlefield and trying to kill them without the opportunity to lock them properly. I will grab my popcorn.


Im confident that if warpportal staff finds the right solution if they dont watch at Magnet from only one perspective. As always there are pros and cons.

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#27 Precrush


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Posted 24 June 2017 - 10:39 AM

Which skill has 90% heal? The healing is just unfair, it doesn't dictate gameplay. Also having a dumb a skill be the answer to tankiness and heals is not really ideal don't you think.

We should see how this geat dealt with and then start a similar discussion about a solution to the tank meta that now has imerged and does no doubt get stronger if and when magnet gets nerfwd.
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#28 TurtleTuber


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Posted 24 June 2017 - 10:55 AM

wide heal? ?


okay, this is not a constructive discussion anymore. magnet is in no way a dumb skill, it may have flaws like every skill (not denying that, but it isnt dumb).


if you make magnet useless it will be hard to kill any kind of mages in bsq and any kind of drakans and you will have more problems to catch running people, i think we can agree on that and im saying that as a Dragoon player. Ofc BSQ would be a funnier place without mages and drakans, but well it is like it is. But trying to catch and kill these classes in todays BSQ without magnet is a pain.


All i see here are people complaining about a skill from 1 perspective only. While im trying to see bad and positive aspects it seems that you just want to get that skill removed as fast as possible without wasting a thought on the good sides of it.

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#29 Popcorn



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Posted 24 June 2017 - 11:38 AM

@TurtleTuber: Could it be that you are always against everything? I notice that behavior constantly. You want to always have the last word, you always want to be right and you're starting to annoy people with your behavior. If we would say we push Magnet, instant casting, 1 minute duration you again would be the one telling us not to do that because... (put here any reason you're confident with).  And I am sure you would be the loudest telling us to remove that skill if everyone else would tell us not to remove it.

The people complaining about you are right: this is getting annoying. Just saying.


And since this is no longer a constructive discussion (because it's only TurtleTuber against the rest of the world) we better lock that topic now since we (the team) have the wanted feedback. Thank you.


If you open up another topic with the same subject I will lock it immediately because enough informations are finally gathered and nothing constructive seems to be posted anymore. To the OP and the other ones here: Thank you for all the provided informations and feedback and for the calm discussion. Thank you.


Topic locked.


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