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Looking for a Newbie Guide

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#1 arrowspear


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Posted 27 June 2017 - 06:04 PM

I am not sure where to ask for specific guide but I cant find any guide how to farm zeny and gears( for pve grind and endgame content )?   Where do I buy potion recipe?  I am level 50 soulmaker. 

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#2 zareza


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Posted 27 June 2017 - 07:32 PM

try farm happy hour box and sell it to make zenny. we have hhb event every month. it drops from mobs with 5 level range.


if you are level 50, go to morroc to get master level test and if you pass, you'll get ml gears.


you can't craft potion unless your job is alchemist, if you are alchemist, you can buy the recipes at alchemist expert npc in every village. if you are not, you can buy potion at potion npc or use other players service to craft potion.

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Posted 27 June 2017 - 08:25 PM

ML gears




After that Menace / Joser / Osi gears are crafted (menace from desert scorp gear, Joser from desert storm)


Osiris designs drop from the bosses in the tomb of osiris, menace and joser designs drop from mobs in Dayr Desert (see link above)


ML21 Witch Gear (similar to Osi gear but lower stats) drop from mobs in DWL / DWU (I think Cave worms and Skull Warriors drop SM)


ML27 Lich gear (purple) drop from mobs in DWL/DWU (Dark Whisper) but are fairly rare.


ML30 Cazar gear used to drop in Assassins Sanctum (I think) but most people just use MP to buy the gear from the npc chars near Gilgamesh in Morroc


alternatively at ML30 you can craft Himmelmez gear (the designs for which drop from mobs in DWL/DWU)


ML35 eddga gear drops from mobs in Forgotten Payon, but can also be bought with MP or with special coins from NPCs (the coins from FP dailies and mob drops).

Eddga gear is fairly cheap to just buy from the auction house too.


I forget where Ingatius gear fits into this but it's also a FP drop (blue gear) (gear lvls go White / Green / Blue / Purple with purple usually having the best stats)


ML40 serenia gear is crafted but you need the ancient warrior blue gear from Jawaii or Wonderland Dungeon to craft that.


As for potions, all designs can be had from the Alchemist Expert with the exception of the 'Master' potions. Those drop from the mobs in Road of Bless. Though I have had success farming the executer attackers in the first room of Fortress of Sandarmann to get the designs from them. Otherwise the Freyanite (sp?) mobs in RoB seem to offer the best drop rate.


Hope this helps.

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