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Sentinel skill balance proposal

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#1 Nobility


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 02:54 AM

-Claymore on pathfinder has a visual glitch where upon detonating it, enemies aren't shown to be knocked down on ur client tho do for theirs in the case of PvP. In PvE enemies just stay rooted in place while gazing endlessly into ur soul as if u're gonna kill them... Because of this, skills such as relaunch can't be chained afterwards as they r still standing for u (BUG that needs addressing). 
-(Please read to the end) Increase the CD of tesla coil as the duration is much longer than it which allows players to have 2 up at once for short periods of time (2secs). It's this or reduce the duration by a tad bit so that they match (9secs). With the way it is now, it just promotes trap camping and is a pretty lame style of playing. Honestly though, this really won't affect people that much since it's just a slight increase in CD/ decrese in duration. Since it's only 2sec, the same arguement can be made against my proposal, this being to just wait the 2 damn seconds. It's just a suggestion, some food for thought as some may say. The ratio of CD: duration may not be fair and needs adjustment though at the end of the day, it's not me that get's to decide but the community and staff to dicuss and finalize.It could be perfectly fine and just stay as is for all I care and really don't mind. If this is the case, nothing really needs to be said about this.  
Doubt any further feedback will be added at all since no other players use claymore in both PvE and PvP so whether or not the bug gets fixed or not wont matter to them. I still want it fixed atleast since it's something I personally use.  As for tesla, I myself don't care too much about my own proposed change for it so it's more than likely that a similar viewpoint will be shared amongst other players of this class.  That doesn't mean I can't bring it up however as others might not see it the same way as I do. 

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#2 Bustincaps


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Posted 02 July 2017 - 08:01 AM

These seem like very reasonable fixes. This game should not have cooldowns on active skills that are shorter than the duration. Scenarios like this should be saved for pure pve skills or buffs. As far as Claymore goes, this just seems like a maintenance fix and makes sense from a mechanical stability point of view. I can't think of a reason it shouldn't be done.

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#3 TurtleTuber


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Posted 04 July 2017 - 11:03 AM

Traps on sentinel have the same note as invokers barbarian "opponent is not able to block". but actually twin can block the traps but not the barbarian freeze.

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