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Invoker skill balance proposal

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 10:34 PM

-Muddy Mud, the passive on invoker has a mspeed debuff which lasts 50seconds (lv5) upon walking on Quagmire . Quagmire only has a 10second CD if it's on lv1 which every PvP or even PvE  based invo should have...It doesn't take a genius to see how broken this is as you can essentially slow a player down forever if u can constantly re-apply the debuff which isn't hard at all. 50seconds is just too much for a debuff where the main skill has a much lower CD (5x lower than the duration of the debuff). Nerfing the debuff to anywhere between 5-10seconds is enough I believe just to have a good CD : duration ratio. 
-This isn't a skill and is more of a magician buff in general tho ill just leave it leave for convenience. With the chaincombo zzxz, the description of the first part ( zzx) all say that they push the enemy back whilst the last part ( the last z of the chain) says that it freezes the enemy. Now upon testing, the 1st z has a burn, 2nd z has a freeze debuff of mspeed, x nothing and the last z also does nothing (which I quote, states 'cast ice energy over the place and freeze the enemy). IDK if this is an error in the description or if it's unfinished though regardless, i believe the last z should give a solid freeze eff since u're literally summoning a bunch of ice blocks. It's just a shame seeing the animation of ice blocks go to waste and it wouldnt even break the magician class' in any way. Barbarian catching is way more OP since it's instant with no delays,makin plays for days, hip hip hooray and as for sorcs...well they need it if anything. 
-I like rain of fire... :ok: buff plz...even tho it's already good..i think...who one will read this...i hope...

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