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Beginner gift box is lost! D:

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Posted 13 July 2017 - 04:56 PM

Hello, I have a question about the gift box that the server gives us at the beginning of the game. The one that gives you things as you level up, it happens that my friend does not have this box, she is level 40, there was a long time she stopped playing, more than two years and now that she returns, she don't have this box and we worry, because there are very important items, such as scrolls for reset or the Guardian Rune for change job, etc.


Our question is, if there is any way to recover that box? Her name in game is "TsukihimeYue"


And, she can't loggin here, because her account is connected with steam, and she doesn't remember the email or the password that she registered years ago, so, as the application always lets her enter automatically, she only enters her 4 security digits that's why im here.


PD. Sorry for my bad english :( i hope u can help us!



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Posted 13 July 2017 - 08:39 PM

Recovering the box is probably not likely to happen. If you want to try, you would need to submit a ticket at

Honestly though, the easiest way would be to just to create a new character, since level 40 isn't too far into the game (unless you mean Master Level 40). The starter packs need to be taken from the mail within 30 days of creating your character and there is plenty of encouragement and warnings for you to take those out as soon as you can (you reach the mailbox within a few minutes into the game). The only other reason for not having the box is if your friend is using a very old character. Very old characters, like mine that started in 2013 never got starter packs because they didn't exist back then.

If you are simply worried about the items, you could technically just earn them in game. Every month there is a "Dapara Week" which adds skill/stat resets to the Dapara shop in Morroc. You can buy these with experience points after reaching Master Levels. Guardian runes aren't something necessary as you can make multiple characters to cover all job types or ask someone to help craft items. The stuff in the starter box aren't really important and you can get by without the things inside, at least in my opinion. Pretty much anything you need you can just buy from cash shop or in-game using zeny and the auction house.

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