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[Guide] Orlo Overview

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 03:23 PM

The Orlo update changed many things so I thought it might be good to do a little guide/overview to hopefully not only clear up any confusion but also for new players who are about to experience Orlo for the first time.


Getting to Orlo

  1. At 180 – Complete the Royals of Oblivion quest to open the portal in Oblivion Temple
  2. At 200-- Teleticket to all maps except Fossil Sanctuary (level 235)
  3. At 200— Interplanetary teleporter to Muris

You can find information on the Royals of Oblivion quest here.


Vizier’s Key  Kill Golden Scarabs on the Golden Ring map with an open space in your consumables tab and at some point, you will get a drop in consumables called Pharoah’s Key. When you are level 200, speak to [Pharoah Queen] Alana in Muris with that drop in inventory and she will give you the Vizier’s Key passive.  You will find the scarabs around the pyramid in the center of the Golden Ring map.  NOTE: You must have the Fate Passive in order to get the Vizier's Key passive skill.  See this page for information on the Fate Quest


Orlean Portal Temple

When you arrive on Orlo using the portal in OT, you will be outside of a temple. To return to Junon, you can reenter that temple and use the portal again (or use a teleticket).

 Speak to [Interplanetary Guide] Nova to begin a series of quests that will ultimately result in getting the Wayfinder passive skill. Although this skill is no longer needed to travel to every map on Orlo, it IS required if you want to do some other quests. See The Golden Ring Quests below for the continuation of this quest.


[Wandering Rifter] Nimbo is located near the water below the temple.


The Golden Ring

In the past, there were 3 maps called The Golden Ring. Since the big Orlo update, there is now only one Golden Ring map and it’s the central map for this planet.


The Golden Ring Quests

These NPC’s are all located in the same general area (5090, 5128).

[Dread Captain] Bruise

[First Mate] Bighand Jack

[Deckhand] Skully

[Astrophysicist] Ega

Information on these quests can be found here


Once you have completed all 5 of the quests, and have the Wayfinder passive skill, speak to the NPC’s again to get some repeatable quests. The rewards for those quests are as follows:


[Dread Captain] Bruise  experience and Dread Pipe (mask)

[First Mate] Bighand Jack  experience and Snapper Shell (backshield level 180)

[Deckhand] Skully  experience and Asper Charm (offhand level 180)

[Astrophysicist] Ega experience and Doctor’s Back Arms (backshield level 180)


Desert City of Muris

-You can enter the city at level 180 or higher

-Once you have the Vizier’s Key skill and are level 200, you will be able to use the normal interplanetary teleporter to travel to and from Muris. The teleporter is located at the top of the long stairway next to the queen.

-Muris return scrolls can be purchased from [[Orlo Bar Owner] Sahrazod. They require level 200.


Chewed Bones- As you fight monsters on Orlo, they will sometimes drop Chewed Bones. You can redeem your first one for a permanent Bulldog Mount if you are level 200 and have the Vizier’s Key passive. Double click on the bone then talk to [Mechanic’s Dog] Chopper. Any other bones can be redeemed for zulie or experience by talking to [Mechanic] Kriento. You will find him next to storage in Muris. You must have the Vizier’s Key passive  and the Fate passive in order to get the mount.


Dusty Jewel- You will find a Dusty Jewel in the consumables tab of you inventory at some point after level 210 while you are fighting monsters on Orlo. Bring that item to [Pharaoh Queen] Alana in Muris and she will give you the Hiria’s Tear quest.  You must have the Vizier’s Key passive in order to get this quest


Muris Quests

There are many quests in Muris. All of them give esperience and some also reward you with interesting and fun items. Here are the NPC’s that give quests, and the reward you will get for completing them.  Some quests are repeatable and those are indicated.


[Lojala Blackbear Leader] Tondro- experience, zulie and Millenium Backshield 

[Orlean Ambassador] Solana- experience and Desert Goggles 

[Orlo Bar Owner] Sahrazod- experience and Scavenger Headmount 

[Gunsmith] Rahd- experience and The Big One

[Mechanic] Kreinto- experience, zulie and Kreinto’s Wooden Keg Pack

[Livestock Farmer] Hafis- zulie and Wrangler’s Hat

*Hafis also gives three other quests that reward you with a pet capsule (Mastyx, Desert Asper, Desert Scavenger) The pet capsule quests are repeatable

[Ministry of Agriculture] Aquila- 5 different killing quests- all give experience and zulie- repeatable

[Valor Quest Giver] Roen- experience and Valor points- repeatable

More information on the quests can be found here and here.


Important NPC’s

[Gunsmith] Rahd (5202,5051)- sells ranged weapons and ammo

[Gypsy Merchant] Nadeem (5228, 5077) – appraises items

[[Orlo Bar Owner] Sahrazod 5235, 5162) – sells food and return scrolls to Muris

[Smith] Mahyr (5268, 5143) – repairs and refines equipment

[Weapon Merchant] Huzam (5130, 5287)- sells weapons and 8th grade talismans

[Armor Merchant] Azim (5155, 5287) – sells level 180 and 200 armor and 8th grade bindrunes


Ancient Oasis Shrine

[Lojala Smith] Ekblovo (5040, 5211) repairs. refines, appraises

[Lojala Trader] Brizo (5060, 5161) sells food, ammo, 7th grade bindrunes, talismans and atrophes and repair hammers

[Lojala Storage Keeper] Ventego (4985, 5204) access storage

[Lojala Blackbear Captain] Skualo (5001. 5143) – repeatable killing quests


Fossil Sanctuary

[Desert Explorer] Bryll- repeatable killing quests


The other maps on Orlo do not have NPC’s but you will travel to them in order to complete some of the quests. 


That’s about it for now. Please let me know if you see something that’s incorrect.

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#2 Buffiies


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Posted 23 July 2017 - 07:36 AM

Your doing it again HB, great job!  :p_idea:

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#3 HoneyBunz


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Posted 23 July 2017 - 10:27 AM

Your doing it again HB, great job!  :p_idea:


Aww thanks ^^

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