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[Call in an Airstrike!] RE:START Bot Report Thread

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#1176 Xerain


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Posted Today, 02:10 AM

Server: Odin

Time: 3:30am GMT-7

Map: Toy Factory 2


I saw 6 identical looking assassins using the kafra in Al de Baran and decided to follow them. They spent an awfully long time walking to Toy factory 2. it was pretty funny. I rogue joined the procession along the way. Even funnier when they had trouble going int eh door.


Anyhow, Toy Factory 2 is currently flooded with bots of all kinds. I didn't bother to stay.

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#1177 Die4weasely


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Posted Today, 02:39 AM


Server: Odin
Time: All day, everyday
Map: gef_dun01 (Bathory)
Profile: Mostly battle priests, but also rogues and knights. I could only find a couple people among dozens of bots.



This map needs to be cleared.
They're kill stealing everyone and making it impossible to hunt Orgetooth.

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#1178 bigcfromrbc


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Posted Today, 03:50 AM

Server: Odin

Time: 7:50am east coast

Map: Pyramid Basement 01 


Hunters, Rogue, Priest, and Knights.   The map needs clearing.   

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#1179 Kal0yan


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Posted Today, 07:11 AM

Server: Odin
Time: Friday, 10;00 a.m.
Map: gef_dun01
Profile: A LOT of battle priests

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#1180 deathalf


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Posted Today, 08:26 AM

Server: Odin
Time: 24/7
Map: gef_fild05
Profile: a lot of rogues, assassins, mostly female chars

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#1181 6996171010143359930


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Posted Today, 10:15 AM

Server: Odin

Time Now, November 17 2017 14:14 - 1724H

Map: ein_fild07

Profile: Wizardx2 and bard/archer


Server: Odin

Time Now, November 17 2017 2050H

Map: gl_prison

Profile: bs with priest, hunter with priest, couple of agi knights.

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