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Octopus Ink Gun Feedback

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Posted 27 July 2017 - 11:09 PM

What was done well:
The stun rate % on the skill was well thought out capping out at 50%. Unlike other classes, magicians still have an easy to spam flinch atk ( aka Z chaincombo spam) so it was a good idea on the staff's part on not giving it a stun rate comparable to lv10 RP. However, it is still underwhelmingly bad in terms of it's utility which I will explain below. 
What can be improved on:
The skill's animation is very slow where despite having a 1.5sec stun duration, the effective stun time is really only 0.5sec (estimated value as I can't accurately count in milliseconds).  Wat I mean by this is that while ur opponent is stunned, u r also 'stunned'/stuck in animation for a vast majority of it's duration so 1 out of 1.5sec (estimate) is wasted on u still performing ur animation.  There's just no follow up plays u can do with such a slow skill(animation wise) hence y we still see the skill's lack of use in PvE and PvP despite it getting fixed. 
E.g of follow up plays & their outcome: 
Ink gun>Blizzard> enemy is able to avoid (freeze on blizz still relies on RNG so this wont work 100% of the time even if the stun duration was longer)
Ink gun>Fire emblem> "       "
Ink gun>Time stop> "     "
Ink gun>snow blues >"        " 
As long as the above skill chains are able to be successfully used when a stun procs, ink gun should see more play in PvE and possibly PvP if peopel r willing to take the gamble. This can be achieved in various ways such as speeding up the skill's animation or increasing the duration of the stun. Watever the case, I don't mind which option is chosen. 

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