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Join the VCR Program!

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#1 Idun


    Hail Njoror

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Posted 28 July 2017 - 03:55 PM


Love to provide feedback? Think your class needs more attention?  Want to test updates? Apply to become a VCR!

What is a VCR?
VCR's are our Volunteer Community Representatives. These volunteers help provide feedback, communicate issues, and test changes to RO2. As a VCR, you will be expected to contribute regular feedback. Some help discuss class and PvP issues, while some are more focused on PvE, events, or providing feedback to help improve player experience! These volunteers help make sure that our goals are aligned with those of the community, and their diverse perspectives help us ensure that the changes we make benefit the community as a whole. 
As each VCR has a unique perspective and focus, they represent a portion of the community, but they are not expected to represent the community as a whole. They are players who have committed to going above and beyond with feedback, testing, and planning. If you feel that your opinions aren't being represented fully, please participate in the Bug & Feedback forum or join the VCR program and make your voice heard!
VCR Responsibilities
  • Follow in-game and official forum rules and policies.
  • When posting to the forums your VCR tag will be displayed. By receiving this forum designation, you are expected to act respectfully when posting and replying to comments to the forum. Trolling, flame baiting, or misrepresenting things in games, planned updates, etc. as a way of causing drama will not be permitted.
  • Publicly shaming or criticizing ideas brought up by other VCRs is not permitted. If you disagree with a fellow VCR, discuss it with them in a thoughtful, respectful manner in Slack or Trello.
  • You will act as a representative of the community, not a representative of your guild or your interests. We expect our VCRs to put aside rivalries and work toward solutions that benefit everyone.
  • VCRs found in violation of these rules will be removed from the program. 
  • All VCRs are expected to actively participate on Slack and Trello. Monthly participation is a requirement of the program, and by applying to become a VCR you agree to participate and familiarize yourself with these programs. 
How to Apply
The VCR program is open to ANYONE who agrees to these responsibilities. Do you want to provide feedback, test new developments, and tackle some bugs? If you answered yes, click the button below to apply!


Once you have sent in an application, please introduce yourself by leaving a reply on this thread. Please limit discussion to new VCR introductions.
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#2 Leasfy


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Posted 10 August 2017 - 03:23 AM


Having the honor of first post after Idun  <3


Hello, I am Sethucorai, an ML 40 crescentia from Vergrond. Some may know me as Leasfy, an ML 40 soulmaker from Vergrond. Different classes but same person! I am a PVE player, not really into PVP but that does not stop me playing and loving this game


I am applying to become a VCR because I want to bring my love towards RO2 further!  I want to provide feedback, suggest and test new developments, and tackle some bugs! I'd love to assist WP and devs for new events, contents and other things to make RO2 much more enjoyable for current players and entice potential players to give this game a go! 



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#3 ReikoReiko


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Posted 07 October 2017 - 08:22 PM

Greetings! :p_laugh: 

I am ReikoEnkantada a Soulmaker of Mastery. I'm main SM but play all other classes to learn each and every weaknesses and strengths they have. (Too many to mention their IGNs, so I'll just leave it at that ><)

I want to join VCR to make RO2 more alive. I want to look more into balancing PvE and PvP wise. Disregarding of Guild issues, I want to be neutral and make RO2 not just enjoyable for some. I want more people to enjoy it, so more people would be active again. I want to look further on each class strengths and weaknesses to make sure they would be balance. I would love to participate in suggestion that would benefit the community of RO2. Furthermore, I'm open on detailing bugs I would discover in game for developers to easily debug them.

:thx:  :p_omg:  :p_swt:

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#4 TheDijinn


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Posted 12 October 2017 - 09:15 AM



I am CDijinn a ML 40 Crescentia from WindFarm(Guild). im also Munsh(or any other character named "Dijinn", all most all of them from WindFarm.) I'm a PVE player, i dont really play much PVP, i like this game design and i want to help on making it better.


I am applying to become a VCR with the main goal of make the game better for old and new players,for this i want to test all the classes report bugs i found on them(or the game), come up with new ideas that could help to balance the game, my opinion will be completely  unbiased about guilds or personal preference.
I would like to participate more with the community of RO2


Thank you for your consideration.

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