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New Dungeon Nightmare Version - Suggestion

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Posted 01 August 2017 - 07:21 AM



- Add difficulty option when you enter current dungeons : Nightmare Mode.


- Open area dungeons shouldn't feature Nightmare Mode.


- Upgrade stats and skills of all mobs/bosses inside of NM mode dungeons, possibly add various penalties as : Players get debuffed when they enter the dungeon (such as ALL STAT -50%), time limits, fire rains that deal area damage, toxic fog, etc...


- Nightmare mobs/bosses should reward with much better drops, EXP, lants.


- New drop obtainable only in NM dungeons : Soul of Night image.png


- Soul of Night can't be traded, not even with mall binds.


- All mobs inside NM dungeons will have a chance to drop Soul of Night, bosses will have a chance to drop greater amount of this item, RAID bosses even more.


- Soul of Night can also be obtained through Daily Quests, that asks you to defeat Nightmare Raids.


- Essence of Nightmare can be exchanged for various rewards at a new NPC (which appears only in NM time) : 




(Maybe this could be a way to release legendary weapons too, which would ask an absurd amounts of essences).


The main items that this new NPC will feature, is a Possession Beast set for each PB :


(Giont will have back its S1 set appearance for a fresh look : Merciless one - the reddish one) image.png


- The new Possession Beast set will be the same (in stats) for all 4 types of PBs, but, unlike Theme Battle one, you will choose a single stat that will be boosted per piece, and not all 5 stats as Theme Battle one.


- The new possession beast armors can't be traded, not even with mall binds.


For other items to this NPC, welcome to ideas.




Nightmare Ruinhorn : 




- Nightmare bosses, considering their superior strength to normal bosses, will have a "new" symbol as above.


- Nightmare mobs/bosses, should possibly have some special glow, such as glowy eyes and a more zombie-like look (sorry I am not good in image editing, the above one doesn't look that well).


- Nightmare Ruinhorn will reward with a great amount of EXP upon defeating, along with Essences of Nightmare, and boosted Ruinhorn gears/enchants, pretty much similar to the already existing Titan ones.


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