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A guide for newbies to earn Zenny (2017)

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#1 Insygnia


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Posted 03 August 2017 - 02:58 AM

When you start playing RO2 as a newbie, of course, upon creating your character, there are bunch of routes that you can take to earn zenny.

  • First is the most generic way of LOOTING EVERYTHING AND SELL IT TO NPC.

This way, you can support the simple needs of your char such as potions, wings and flying kafra fees. 


Now, if you are currently taking that route, then earning a hundred zenny must take significant amount of your time.


Some could say "Well, I'm contented this way and zenny isn't much important to me now yet.".


While it is true that it's a reasonable statement, YOU SHOULD ATLEAST BECOME FAMILIAR TO WHAT YOU ARE SELLING!


While going through your quest, when killing mobs. you should atleast get some of these items:

(Note: I put the general yet reasonable prices for better understanding)

  1. Pandora's Box = 2000 - 4000 zenny per 99 pcs.
  2. DNA Fragments = 500 - 1000 zenny per 1 pc. (some DNAs are much expensive than this)
  3. DNA Binding Protein = 7000 zenny per 255 pcs.

Those prices are assuming that you are selling it to other players and also remember that price varies according to demand,


Upon knowing that, you must be like "Oh God! I just sold all of those to NPC and got bunch of Rupees."


All I can say is "Welp, now you know,"   :heh:


You can sell those through global chat by using the Trade Channel Chat by typing /2 then spacebar


Or by Pressing Y, to Open you own shop.


Or lastly, post it at Auction.


Let me introduce to you the Kafra Auction Service. (NPCs located at the main cities: Prontera, Alberta and Morroc)


Here, you can Browse, Post, and Buy stuffs. And since it's a "service" it have some fees. (Of course browsing is free!  :heh: )


(Note: You can also use Auction to view and have an idea also to monitor the variation of the prices of every item)




Once you become a master level, more ways to make zenny will appear.


For example. when you are Mlvl20 all the "Requests" in the Morroc Wanted List Board should appear.


One of those is the "Request: Enemy of Alchemist", if i recall correctly, should give you a reward Alchemist's Stone which can be sold for 5000 - 7000 zenny. (The Requests are daily quests which reset daily at 6:00 server time)


Now, you must be wondering why it's a bit expensive.


Because it's a material used to make a Bind Rune. for example a +50 STR Bind Rune can be sold for 75000 - 90000 zenny


Meaning, to make something expensive, the materials to make it should be expensive!  :rice:


You can make this rune by talking to Ajin and the NPCs beside him in Prontera (near middle square)... 


To make a +50 Bind Rune, you should atleast have 4 Alchemist's Stone, 2 Gorgeously Shining Pearl and 3 Mid Grade Solvent.


You will be able to get these materials in four days. But if you have 4 chars in Master Level 18 - 20, you can make one +50 Bind Rune per day.




There are many ways to earn zenny!

  • Some of your items are not tradable, you can still sell them by offering service to other players.

Remember not to scam people, you could be reported!

  • Craft equipments/items and sell them. (These also include Potions and Food Buffs)
  • Farm things! HHB, cards, crafting materials etc. and sell them!

Most HHB can be sold for 200k+ per 255pcs. (Drops only when in active event hour)


Some cards can be sold for 10k, 50k or 100k+ per pc. (some are even higher) 


And crafting materials can let you earn big zenny too!




If you are willing to use real money, you can buy things from Kafra Shop and sell them to other players in zenny.


The common rate is 1 Kafra Point = 1600 zenny


Be noted that the price of items in Kafra Shop can vary depending on an active event, so be sure to make use of that opportunity to get big discounts and still sell them in their original price.




The last thing i will discuss is about Diamonds


20000 Diamonds can be sold via Purple Slot Service by around 800k - 1million


18990 Diamonds can buy x10 Chenny's Soul where you can get Swag set that can be sold for 1million+, ofc luck required  :heh:


Now, on how to farm them. To get your starting diamonds.


You will get 50 Diamonds from clearing some side quest in Prontera Kafra/Circus.


You can buy quest scrolls from NPC named Lloyd (Most Wanted List NPC) using Diamonds, then you can get higher diamonds if you cleared the quest.


For example: The quest scroll to kill Red Scar in WCH (Wolves Cave Hard) costs 50 Diamonds but you can get 73 Diamonds if cleared.


Yes, it will take time to collect 20000 Diamonds!  :heh:




The information I just shared are based from my own experiences and my estimations can be inaccurate.


Still, there are many ways to earn zenny that are not included here.


But since you now know the basics. Goodluck collecting those zennies!  :thx:

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#2 mscocca


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Posted 03 August 2017 - 10:42 AM

Wow insygnia!

Thank you for the effort you put in writing this guide.

I'm sure many new players will find it useful. I wish back then when I started somebody wrote such a guide!  :p_love:

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#3 KuroiKoneko


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Posted 03 August 2017 - 04:45 PM

20000 Diamonds can be sold via Purple Slot Service by around 800k - 1million


omg, really? and how often people buy this service? maybe i will get a reason to log in and farm diamonds again...

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#4 Booommm


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Posted 27 October 2017 - 09:01 PM

Thanks for the guide..very helpful indeed..

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#5 havocstopper


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 04:57 AM

Considering starting this game. A big help, thanks!

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#6 restlessfreak


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Posted 28 January 2018 - 06:07 PM

Very helpful indeed thanks. 


I manage to reach ML 20 however 1 of the daily quest in morroc I cannot seem to complete on my own. I am trying to get the alchemist stone (which I find it easy to get) however the mid solvent quest ask you to get 20 brooch and doing it by my own is very difficult and beyond me I think, the Skull Mages which drops the brooch is very difficult for my character and gears are no match for them. I was able to rank up to B but stil use rank C gears because I don't know where to find them, I cant even afford to buy from people selling in morroc because the prices are crazy high for me 500k- 900k. So Im kinda stuck.


BTW you also mentioned " 2 Gorgeously Shining Pearl. " where do I get this?


Once again I ask for your help guys hope you don't get annoyed by my newbie questions.

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#7 1131131129203649980


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Posted 29 January 2018 - 06:42 AM

in the party chat, people make party and also ask for party for brooch since like you said is kinda hard, so you could ask for pt for that


for the set, start getting the materials to craft osiris set/weapon, dont buy them if you dont have money

and when you have the materials just ask for the crafting services (that is more cheap) unless you have the recipes (that you get by killing osiris tomb bosses)

btw you can add me if you need help getting the materials or killing osiris bosses my char names is Henoc


for the Gorgeously Shining Pearl, you buy it in prontera, here is a guide with all you need to get and where to get to do Runes





BTW a good way to know what material you need for osiris set is going to the craft menu (hotkey J)

and click the "Not Learn" tab and you can see the recipes and the materials you need for the set

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#8 Kromoson


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Posted 13 March 2018 - 08:30 AM

When you start playing RO2 as a newbie, of course, upon creating your character, there are bunch of routes that you can take to earn zenny.

  • First is the most generic way of LOOTING EVERYTHING AND SELL IT TO NPC.

This way, you can support the simple needs of your char such as potions, wings and flying kafra fees



looting everything then sell it to NPC and do some daily quest that give zeny ( which is not much) + (this's the old way or Legend of The Second way)


Advent Of Valkyrie way is "Auction House is the only way to earn zeny" or "sell your stuff to other player"


how that player get zeny to buy other player stuff? "by selling their stuff to other player"


the game need to squish it's currency (zeny, i like this idea) or improve zeny gain from daily quest (eventually zeny will overload, still this give a chance for a NEW PLAYER TO SURVIVE without relying AH)

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