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08/08/17 Save Destroyer Thread

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#1 Apocryphos


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Posted 08 August 2017 - 10:06 PM

Skill Changes (PvP only)
Sniping: Cooldown increased by 7 seconds in PvP, Damage reduced by 30% in PvP
Shootdown: Cooldown increased by 1 second in PvP, Damage reduced by 20% in PvP
Please try the changes out and give us some feedback (only about the changes – please post further discussions, suggestions and proposals in the particular class sections of the forums).
If you think that some further adjustments are needed please tell us why you think it's necessary.

On the counter argument that it was overpowered back when evade was still here was mainly because player's hp pool's were ALOT smaller due to god gear and everyone stacking agility to get enough aim rate and critical damage being worth double its current amount. But now it's no longer OP because hp pools are alot higher practically double, Critical damage is 1/2 its value from back then, now Critical Damage is capped at 600% critical rate is also capped, attackspeed is also capped. Those were all indirect nerfs to sniping. So here we are now, with a -30% anti air shot, -30% x-damage, -30% sniping damage, -20% shootdown damage, double cooldown on sniping, moonwalk fixed distance. Destroyer's redeeming feature is it's damage, yes it has other forms of damage like there strongest skill vulcan300, but that has a .5 second cast time a 60 second cooldown and the destroyer has no way of making it land for 9 seconds. It's former redeeming feature was it's 2x more accuracy with sniping, and movement speed of an archer, sadly both no longer very redeeming due to lose of evasion and capping of mspd. Why and how did the team come to the conclusion that sniping needed a nerf. when a destroyer can't even keep there enemy still to use the skill in a combo because literally all there skills either provide zero stopping power and can be jumped out of or easily dodged. Let's say you do catch an enemy and land the snipe what next there is literally one option but to run and clock the cooldown to rinse and repeat for 15 seconds, they run at the same speed and  map's have walls you have to abide too.
Here's a list of skills that can't be recovered by pressing jump action button, even if chances are slim.
Ninja: Rocket Punch, Hypnotizer, Mist Slash
Savage: Rocket Punch, Cossack Dance, Provoke, Claw Fishing, Hell Shouting Final Decision, Rolling Stinger.
Dragoon: Swords Dance, Hammer Crush, Cross Cut, Broom Jab, Shield Strike.
Overlord, Swords Dance, Hammer Crush, Gust Slash, Stumble-bum, Death Snatch
Sentinel: Net-bind, Freeze Trap, Wire Action, Tesla.
Destroyer: nothing Maybe Flashbang once in a bluemoon.
Sorcerer: Emblem, Blizzard, Snow Blues, Octopus Ink Gun, Time Freeze
Invoker: Barbarian, Witches Curse, Spark Rock, Lightning Magnet, Wraith of Heaven.
Jumeaux: Power fist, Dragon Kick, Spin Kick, Infinite Turning Kick, Sliding Kick, Spirit Spear, Infinite Kicking. Ghost Fighter, Training Time.
Summoner: Spell Trap, Golgon, Impact Presser, Rolling Stone,Elemental Storm.
So the dev team is nerfing the damage and doubling the cooldown on the class that can't even keep their opponent from escaping and chasing them, with no option's to deter said enemy. This is blatantly nerfing a class that didn't need a nerf at all, this was the classes only redeeming feature.


Update: The +7 second cooldown was a typo and is only +2 seconds as relieving as it might be the 30% damage reduction is still there, which yields to a -10% damage reduction after the class modifiers so -10% of  damage before class modifiers were added.

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#2 Kristof3195


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Posted 09 August 2017 - 03:07 AM

The Cooldown increase is justified in my opinion the dmg reduction is arguable we have to see it live afterwards we can speak up if its okay or not. The one thing I have to disagree is that Destroyers dont have any means to bind their enemies. What about chain combo stun have ? Its a realy high skill cap to learn it properly so basicly 0.5% of the destroyer community can do it properly on the server but it does hit in the air too when pressing jump ( most likely because of lags like rocket punch etz etz.... 


- All in all I agree there are not much filler skills for destroyers there but a skilled destroyer knows his combos and can keep it up while using a skill just once ( except for AA shot but thats obviously a filler skill ). The class will get with higher cooldowns just a higher skill cap from people running around using shotdown and snipe to people who actualy use that chain combo properly at least thats what I hope from the nerf.

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#3 Apocryphos


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Posted 09 August 2017 - 08:11 PM

Well let's expand on why I didn't add soporific to the list, the action itself is only a means to an end to catching or locking as a destroyer, the action itself can't even be used successfully mid combo, nor is it very safe almost the entire list above can contest it easily [either through their ability to link to other skills, pure duration of immobility, or the start up time], at least for sentinel they're able to use soporific to get netbind/freeze trap. But honestly is 1 "bind" enough?
So suggestion's on how to make destroyer more balanced without boosting it's attack!

My goal is to fix the only stopping power skill destroyer has and give purpose to filler skills!
1. Remove Aerial Flurry, change it to pierce, this will put destroyer's in a more even playing zone with sentinel since normal x can outdps random shot in sheer hit count.[tested and confirmed in action's per/press]
2. Copy flight trajectory of H.E Grenade for Flashbang, including # of projectiles, possibly add a shock/stun of some sort.
3. Atropine+, basically cure all and make atropine useable anytime at the cost of hefty hp%. Escaping power cause lack of method to deter enemies safely.
4. Add 2 target sniping to fit description.

Very fun suggestion's that could make destroyer a top tier dps it deserves to be! despite  being bias'd! I can only control myself so much!
 More fun suggestions!
1. Fire Grenade - sets ground on fire (like a blizzard but no freeze/ or summoner inferno but stand alone)(useful filler skills)
2. Carpet Bombing - set's a lot of ground on fire as well! (useful filler skills)-launch
3. Caused Bomber - inflicts jump block!
4. Nuclear- Super knockback like Impact Presser!
5. Particle Cannon - Standalone like vulcan.



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#4 TurtleTuber


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Posted 10 August 2017 - 12:25 AM

I would rather go for damage nerf than increasing the cooldown on the classes skills. Snipe is an important filler same as shootdown in combos. Increasing the cooldown takes away the fun to play these classes.

But not both dmg and cooldown at once

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#5 scottpro95


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Posted 10 August 2017 - 01:56 PM

hmm its kinda weird that they decide to nerf those in pvp, given the few amount of catches/CC Destroyer has and how inefficient the catches/CCs are, for Emporia maybe ?? It's super weird when some class like Ninja or DK have lots of free and efficient catches, Destroyer got changed instead. If some1 get 1shot-ted by those skills it's geared vs ungeared most of the time


in like 5~6 years ago (when Destroyers is still considered the worst char) a very popular suggested buff on my old server is to have a freeze grenade instead of smoke/fire bomb (while fixing flashbang visual bug), I really don't think that we can make new skills atm but replacing effect should be possible. And Adrenaline should be instant like the guild buffs tbh


And both the awk skills are pretty weak imo (the best skill in 4th job is the passive and now its outdated cuz natural mp recovery is sometimes faster than that lol)

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