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Can i play solo this game?

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#1 Liviona


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 11:03 PM

Hello everyone! I started yesterday and Im really enjoining to play it , game is very beautifull, interfrace is 10/10 :D .  I created 3  different classes. Most i like to play as Oracle because she has buffs.. so its possible to play and gaining xp this class solo? What is best class to solo? :)

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#2 psychobolt


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Posted 14 August 2017 - 05:37 AM

At the current state of the game, its gonna be difficult to solo without getting good gear and level experience. You need to form parties and join in party play like Labs, World Boss, and gp/exp farming. 


Right now the best class for pure sololist are Knights (bigger LP pool, good attack speed/dps and LP/MP regen). They can hard solo on maps like Nameless, Abandoned or Fairy fields without healers. Other than that, most other maps and classes need a alternate or healer who is playing (apart from Knight I've never seen another class without healer).


In other words, yes. Options:


1. Make a main: Knight (all good gear focused on him).

2. (Or: make an Thief, Scout, or Pally (with an alternate healer))

3. Priest, High attack speed, exorcist ability - solo necro farming


Uttermost, with the best gear you can solo! (-% reduction on specific monster type).


Also JP version have AI party. FYI, (down the road, possibly) solo is possible for any class.


Edit: I forgot to mention the possibility to raise LP/MP recovery with ability, gear, and prefixes.

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