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New sub stat for items upon crafting: Skill level stat.

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Posted 22 August 2017 - 05:48 PM

Make a third stat crafteable:
But no with this kind of stats that we are alredy playing. The stats must be skills points at any skill with a maximum of 5 skill point stat for one skill, 
this can come from random or from a "hardening like" to ANY item that u can craft, so each item that u can craft can have a random or crafteable stat that increase be 1
level ,ANY SKILL and be 2 if is a dual wield weapon. So there will be +12 skill levels more! 5 maximum for one skill.
Example 1 (random skill point stat crafting)
Crafters when craft have a fixed chance that will make your crafted item have a stat that give +1 to any skill from the class that wear that kind of armor/weapon.
And if i craft a common item, will be a chance to any skill point increase stat be crafted on that item.
Example 2 (a new skill for artisans or a new part of one)
I chose the new skill of artisan that allows me to use a material and an item (item that we like to add +1 or +2 in case of weapon, skill levels), so depending on the secondary
materials, it will give you a skill level on that item.
So this way u will "enchant" any skill passive/active on the game! The amount of increase for a skill using this may be fixed, but maybe you can just make the same ratio that the skill got from +1 to +5.
Pros of this idea:
You will have much more like builds.
You can craft more powerfull items.
If you chose a new skill for artisans, you can make a IM item a reagent for a skill level stat! So warportal can have more money (aaaaaha <<).
Some skills will be OP than usual. (like mana shield, but u actually will cost more mana, you can fix % skills ratios for the skill level stat or the main skill level)
PD: sorry for the low english D:!

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