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Hello ! It is a few feedback here ! :D :D

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#1 SeemLegit


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 08:07 AM

I am really dedicated to write this, PLEASE read my thoughts, i want to state several points:
1/ I want to report a cheater, i am recorded a footage of game play and uploaded to YouTube: (don't mind this i have report a ticket xD), please make ban system more effect, ban that player IP, she don't deserve to play a video game.
2/ I am Vietnamese, playing from Vietnam, i am so happy there are no obstacle between my client side and your server side anymore (seriously you don't know how happy am i, i even download the client just to hear it sound track, even though i can't get in the game lmao). It was a hard time when i can't play the game, when it is only available in Thai language (i think "Joy.in.th" bought the licences for the who SEA region). But then Thai's version shutdown, and your server is available for me now. But there are a reason i am writing this, because, it is not available on Steam for my country yet, and i think it will be the same for many other player's country who having the same situation that i have. I known there could be several difficulties in the "contract" and "copyright" or "franchise", "licence". But you have to do it, make it available on steam for everyone ! even though IDC games will take a portion of player from Europe  :( . Anyway, please make it available on Steam.

(this part is a bit salty, triggered alert, LMAO)
3/ I don't know what you guys really do, i am very disappointed in the way you guys works with the operation of the game. What are you guys doing with the advertising ? Metal Assault are not very well-spread, how do you manage to keep your Metal Assault fan-page approaching rate so low like that ? like do you guys even do any promotion campaign ? what was the last time you guys sending a Game Moderator in the game to see what is player's desires ? What was the last time you making a big event ? I have seen one person struggling get his page on facebook reaching 1.000 likes, but he can make it already, but yours page, it is a game, it is your business !!

Thanks you, whoever read this post !

Edited by VModCupcake, 25 August 2017 - 12:46 PM.

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#2 GokuBlackBR


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 10:09 AM

You've asked interesting questions.
I'll try the help and answer your questions.
The game is not yet available to everyone and what we can do now is to help promote the game so that one day it will be available to everyone.
Sometimes something like releasing the game to your country seems to be easy but it is not.
Everything has a cost and takes a lot of time.
It is no use releasing the game and you do not have a good signal to be able to play.
Last week the attention grew a lot, now we will have maintenance all week and every comment will be a great help to make the game one day available to all.
I do not work here, I just like to help.
The game is not getting much publicized and so we do not have a server as full as it could be.
But I believe there is a good profit every month to continue keeping the server online.
Not everything depends on WarpPortal alone.
Many things only the game developer can do and this always takes time.
Try to use an IP camouflage program to play (VPS) and do not give up playing!
Also send your message via ticket to the support so they can receive your message directly.
Anyway, I'll be here to help you with what's possible for me.

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#3 VModCupcake


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 12:53 PM

I removed the link you posted because calling out other players at the forum is not allowed per the forum rules.


As GokuBlackBr said, if you feel someone is using an illegal 3rd party program, please make a ticket and attach any proof you might have.  Here is the link to the support page.  


Support will not tell you what the outcome is but rest assured, they do investigate every ticket.  

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