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Stat build for monk PvM and MVPing and occasional PvP?

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#1 Doublan


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Posted 30 August 2017 - 01:38 AM

Hi all,


I am looking for a complete monk, I enjoy the class a lot, mostly the combo side, but sadly, Monk is all about G.Fist so I am looking for a char that could do all this things, considering I will have GF and combos maxed, can I have a feedback from these stats?


80 STR

40 AGI

80 INT

15 DEX

57 VIT


I feel like I have some flee and atack speed to kill monsters arround, I am not using TSS or Occult much so dex is not a important stat for me and have some vit for pots and some PVP. I would like to maybe have more Agi to be able to level even easier but feel like need the other stats, do not know if it is enough to go to anolians without pots...


So the idea would be leveling with combos, meanwhile PvP and MvP with GFist.


Opinions of this?

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#2 Gichi


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Posted 02 September 2017 - 09:20 AM

swap int and vit for pvp to survive is the only thing you can do i think otherwise int in a combo build is wierd just looks like a pure gfist build that went wrong because of the agi

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