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[Newbie Guide to Succeed!]

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 09:25 PM

Made this post together with another and now that I start reading more the forum  I notice this is the best section to be!!

How to become a full geared player? 
    1st-   Dont AFK all day on POW and MIMIMI.
    2nd-  Enjoy Game - make quest know well the story have fun, dont just rush in F7 Spam.
    3rd-  FARM! YES PVE! If you want to succed in PVP and have good gear FARM A LOT! Why?
            -Because with FARM you can make all items u need to improve and be FULL GEARED! FOR FREE!
What can you farm to succed and where?
[Silver Coins] If u are F2P Gamer so this is the MOST IMPORTANT item to start, it drops everywhere mostly if the monster lvl/name is Green.
               Can be used to trade for EVENT/IM items on Vending Machine or even used at NPC Harvey Consumable Merchant in POWc(Port of Winds Center)
I recomend if its for your own use to go trade at Harvey since they are event items u cant sell them but can use ofc, only sellable item W-Coin.
If u want to trade item and sell just use the Vending Machine and sell items.
[Souls] Best item to sell and make fast gold when we start the game! Trade all your silver coins for souls and sell to make gold! Trade 5 Silver coins for [Soul Box = 999souls = 1 stack souls = 65/75g per stack]
       WAIT! "Souls always consume my inventory slot" No Problem! Just go talk to Gato / Soulsmith to make "Item Echange" and convert 999souls to 1 Purification Stone! Purification Stones can stack x999
        :excl: [EASY GOLD] :excl: When u start playing trading 5 [Silver coins] for [Soul box] can get you arround 75g for each Stack! (will depend always on the current market price!
[Gadas Coin] Item mostly needed to drop sets in F1(Normal Set)/F2(Cahotic Set) & Trade in Vending Machine for some EVENT items.
[Weapon/Armour Enchant Dust] Need enchant Weapon and Equipements this is what u need! Can be traded on VENDING MACHINE, droped on Hidden Maps and mostly on F7!
   Convert them using "Item Echange" to get (Weapon/Armour Enchant Dust Cube) same as souls 999dust= 1cube that stack x999
[Insurance/Reinforced Scrool] So to enchant items till +7 witch u need to be really lucky without any fail and breaking the item u need those Insurances! Obtained on VENDING MACHINE & Harvey.
       Too Much Fails? Here is a list of IM items that can Help you increase your Succes Rate enchanting / soucrafting!!
-Enchant/Soucraft Succes Rate
                            [Event Leprechaun Set][3Parts]
                            [Neclage] Enchant +0.5%  Soulcraft +0.5%
                            [Earing] Enchant +0.5%  Soulcraft +0.5%
                            [Ring]  Enchant +0.5%  Soulcraft +0.5%
                            3Piece set = Enchant +1.5%  Soulcraft +1.5%
Total set ( Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3%)
-Enchant Succes Rate
           [Patch of love] Enchant + 3% 
-Soulcraft Succes Rate   
            [Rose for you] Soulcraft +3%    
            [Rose for you] +5%  (Dragonkin)
-Enchant/Soucraft Succes Rate
            [Rose of unity] Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3%
            [Best]Rose of Unity] Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3%
-[[Event] Pirate Balloon] Enchant +4%  Soulcraft +4%
-[I love dragon saga Balloon Enchant] +5%  Soulcraft +5%
-Enchant Succes Rate
           -[Cupid set] [6Parts]  Enchant +1.3%
-Enchant/Soucraft Succes Rate

              - [Event][Styling Pink Set] [5Parts] Enchant +1.5%  Soulcraft +1.5%
              - [Styling Pink Set] [5Parts] Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3% 
              - [Unity Set] Enchant +1.5%  Soulcraft +1.5%                        
              - [[Best] Unity Set] Enchant +1.5%  Soulcraft +1.5%             
              - [Rose of unity] Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3%
               -[Best]Rose of Unity] Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3%
-Enchant Succes Rate
          Obtained trought Succefull Enchant:
              [Gifted Craftmanship] +0,4%                                   (Succeeding +9 enchant)
              [Lucky Day] +0,9%                                                  (Succeeding +11 enchant)
              [Should Buy a Lottery] +1%                                     (Succeeding +13 enchant)
              [Official Enchant Manufacturer] +1.5%                    (Succeeding +15 enchant)
              [SalesPerson] Enchant +1%                                   (Seling total amount of 100g in items at merchant)   *Thanks For Remenbering Kristof3195* 
              [Good or Lucky] Enchant +0.5%                             (Succeding Enchant x100)
              [I Saw The Light] Enchant +1.5%                           (Succeding Enchant x500)
              [God Bless me] Enchant +2%                                (Succeding Enchant x1000) 
                    Easy way to get it! (At Port of Winds - buy a lot Gloves lvl5 at NPC Crispim Enchant all to +1 at NPC Davi! Sell all Buy again repeat x1000 Succes)
                                                      It's annoying & takes times but at the end u save a lot [Amor Enchant Dust] & Gold!
           Obtained trought Failling Enchant:
              [I'm Still Hanging] Enchant +0.3%                           (Failling Enchant x100)
              [What are the Woods] Enchant +0.8%                    (Failling Enchant x500)
              [Big Time Loser] Enchant +1.2%                             (Failling Enchant x1000)
-Soulcraft Succes Rate   
            [The Chaser] Soulcraft +0.5%                                    (Obtained by using 100 [Party Warp Card])
            [Database Expert of Arcadia] +1.5%                          (Obtained Tought Quest)
-Enchant/Soucraft Succes Rate
            [Rose of unity] Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3%
            [Best]Rose of Unity] Enchant +3%  Soulcraft +3%
[SoulCraft Randomizer]
You make your weapon legend but your stats are lame? well just use this till you are lucky. Dont MIMIMI because some players got perfect stats and u dont, and they hack! NOPE!
Solution is [SoulCraft Extractor] if u Get on a weapon CDMG+50% CR+79% HLT+32 & them a lame STG+32 just use this item. It lets u remove the stats u dont like but in trade u need to recraft it again...take time
and a looot of money and patient since next stat will come random!
So if randomizing its 2 hard and expensive there is a "easy" way to get the stats u disere! How? well Farm... Example!
If u have a lvl 81 POS Weapon (Protector of Stars) you go Farm -Dragon Valley / Edge of World maps- to drop a weapon between lvl 71 and 81! unseal the sealed items! if u drop a CDMG+50% save it! Why?
Whell because there is a item called [Soul Force Extractor] that allows you to extract the Soulcraft from a item. When u extract it u get a [Soul Force Capsule] that u can Shift to your Weapon. 
For that u will need [Soul Shift Insurance] and some [Soul Shift Stones] depending on the grade of the item.
You can do it but takes time and patient.
I used this way to get the most hard stats at 1st on main items like:
Set: Recomend you to legend and randomize. Since making it legend normaly you can get HLT & AGI 15 Easy.
Do you have Sockets? maybe not thats why u die fast on pvp! How to get? 
Go to [Blacksmith] and use Socketing! Drag your equipemnt there and click on creat socket!
1st Socket = Stat / Special Cards! (HLT AGI INT STG or ALL STATS) (CDMG CR AIM) Etc
2nd Socket = Elemental Card! Single / Dual / ALL Elements 
You can upgrade your Cards farming [High Energy Plasma] with Monster Count / Mission Maps from Rank S.
[Elemental Cards] 
2 types of cards Attack/Defense
You can get daily from NPC Gwen [Protection from Spirits] that u can use to enter Dungeon of Spirit (elemental dungeon) where you can farm [Advanced Elements] and others. You can use to sell and make 
a lot Gold If you are based on PVE! Or simply use them to upgrade your elemental defense cards and survive Elemental Players!
[Skill Upgrade]
If u want to max up skills there is 3 ways!
1st - [Monster Card] [Quest] [Daily Mission]
Doing This quest depending on your lvl you will get Differente Tier Mcoins that you will be able to trade in NPC Andre for a [Cursed Card].
   To make a skill LV.10 u need a [Legendary Card] 
   How to make a legendry card? U need [Cursed Card]x32 & [Card Insurance Scroll] (Obtained trought IM / Events)
You need x2 cards to make another card grade so:
[Cursed Card]x32  = [Regular Card]x16  = [Advanced Card]x8  = [special Card]x4 = [Artifact Card]x2 = [Legendary Card]x1
Note* Using a Regular Card will only increase your skill to lv.6 if you use again a lv.6 it WONT STACK TILL LV.10!
I advice farming all cards and make directly a [Legendary Card] Instant Upgrade to Lv.10
2nd - [Zodiac dungeon] [Socket Card] (most call it Galaxy Dungeon)! 
Farm all diferent zodiac drops [Socket Skill Cards] fuse them on NPC Crete using [Item Combination]. Socket skill cards can get a maximun increase +5 on skill!
3rd - [IM Acessory] - Necklage / Earing / Ring!
Advanced Acessory = Skill upgrade +1
Rare Acessory = Skill Upgrade +2
Hero Acessory = Skill Upgrade +3
And after all this you will need a lot of.... SKILL POINTS!
[Skill Point]
Can be obtained in 3 ways:
1st - Leveling - Each time you lv. Up you get Skill points till Lv.85
2nd - [Monter Hunter] [Quest] [Daily] There is a change to drop [Skill Point+1] & High Lv. (Hero Capsules Capsule) = [[Event] Skill Point+2]
3rd - [Guild Quest] There is a change to drop [Skill Point+1]
OFC this is a basic & fast explain of what u will need after you get your "final set" to upgrade and succed the most. To make a full complet "guide" need to go deep on the explaining
and takes a lot time.
And you can always Buy IM and buy everything to rush game and them you are full geared and you lack experience and skills!


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Posted 07 September 2017 - 11:31 PM

It's over 90000!! +1 to this post! 

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 08:21 AM

Best guide ever !! rate it 10/10 :ooo

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 12:47 PM

10/10 would read again  :p_laugh:  :p_love:  :p_hi: 
Just to mention something else for new players. Make sure you do some hero quests at moonlight shore to unlock lavalon because you get some Free inventory expansion and Free jack beans at level 40 from the old man in Libra.
Also if your in need of some money, but don't have Silver coins anymore. Try farming some mist elf gear at verdurous forest dungeon or trying your luck at Lavalon to get lavalon heart to sell. Since the lavalon heart sells for around 400g atm and mist elf gear is around 20-90g. You may also get lucky and get some verdurous rings that can sell for 200g +.

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Posted 09 September 2017 - 02:31 PM

Nice post. Let me correct you there Styling pink set gives 3% the event styling pink set gives just 1.5%

Edit : Adding to the enchant succes rate medals the medal of Salesperson giving 1.0% ( if you sell 10 items or so not sure now ) and the medal Official Enchant Manufacturer or w/e its called 1.5% ( if you get 1 item to +15 ) 


And I guess thats all. With love your Chaos ( the only real one :P

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Posted 10 September 2017 - 11:10 AM

^ Salesperson = +1% Enchant sucess rate.


Prerequisites: Gain 100g by Selling items to NPC.

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