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Posted 29 September 2017 - 05:22 AM

so i am here with an -_-load of ideas

1# other forge system things like **72% enchant/compound** reinf can stay 52% or so and no1 care

2# i wanted to ask more dungeons/monsters but yea >.> you guys said BT ( which no1 goes to) is
the final dungeon

3# new classes? bec its getting boring to play years with the same classes

4# suggestion <- you guys a.k.a *staff* cant hold the server alive you said before
bec of the money problems etc make requiem more fun and playable and more ppl will
come buying your malls / stuff

5# in the old times we could swich PBs to diverent types like
(warrior PB a.k.a rufus) change for warrior pb into 1 from another class which was funny to
watch xDDDD

6# battlefields are death ppl want beter rewards so it becomes more active?

7# the new costumes for bartuk(male) are looking crappy i mean comon the cape goes insite of the
char xD plz work on that

8# make an Newbie Guide i mean comon i was traveling around turba for dailys 1 dudo asked me
( hey there can you please help me where is nova lux) in kurt (lv34 soul hunter)
he was wandering around in turba untill lv34 i mean COMON guide them to nova lux
or put an parness teleport scroll into the 1 before last temperions quest

9# add bonus rewards for raids like forge boxes of 15-20-25-30% succes rate coupons
bec alot ppl want to do raids for thair quest or get puzzle parts but ther arent any
ppl interested in raids or anything bec they are already +30 etc

10# add an unlimited amount of players which can join an guild bec some guilds have like 250
players but more ppl wanna join etc

11# add an skill reset / upper class job change as reward for getting lv50
bec new ppl are making alot mistakes on thair skills or class so they can atleast change
it to make themself an little bit beter

12# add an (cheaper flying mount forever) then an rocket of 2.500 malls

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