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September 28 Maintenance, Item Mall and Lucky Boxes

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Posted 29 September 2017 - 07:00 AM




Check out this blast from the past! These lucky boxes are back and better than ever!





One of our best boxes is back! Check out this new version chocked full of items that will let you go unseen.


Common 10%

  • 20 Silver Tokens
  • Accessory Random Box
  • 2000 Coins Ticket
  • Improved Anti-Personnel Mine (5)
  • Sniper Buff +2 (10)
  • Shot Gun Buff +2 (10)

Uncommon 5%

  • ROC Infiltration Squad Armor RandomBox
  • Herz special force Armor RandomBox
  • Stolz Black Ops Armor RandomBox
  • SG Sniper Armor RandomBox
  • Specter Armor RandomBox

Rare 3%

  • Tear of the Sun Bundle(Permanent)
  • Stealth Team Tactical Set (Permanent)
  • Operator Officer Set (Permanent)
  • GTAC General Set (Permanent)

Legendary 1%

  • XSR-110 Sniper Rifle (Permanent)


Legend_Lucky_Box2.jpg LEGEND ADVANCED LUCKY BOX - 500IM


I don't even know what to say about this box. There is SO MANY AMAZING ITEMS! Be a legend.


Uncommon 10%

  • AMP 1~3
  • AMP 1~5
  • Upgrade Insurance (5)
  • Upgrade Booster (5)
  • Lv 3 upgradeset
  • Lv 4 upgradeset

Rare 5%

  • Reset Kills/Deaths
  • Ladder Speed Booster(15D)
  • Mastodon Guided missile(15D)
  • Gospel Heavy Flak Jacket(30-day)
  • Gospel Light Flak Jacket(30-day)

Legendary 2%

  • Grenadier Guard Set (Perm)
  • King's Bundle (Perm)
  • Corps Commander Set (Perm)
  • Legendseven-A00 (Perm)
  • LegendRobin-z1 (Perm)
  • LegendCore-m631 (Perm)
  • LegendRupelli-pz01 (Perm)


Retiring Items

These items are now gone! Get them next time around!

  • Endless Summer Beach Bundle(15D)
  • Western Funk Bundle(15D)
  • Kung Fu Bundle(15D)
  • High School Hijinks Set (15D)
  • Prestigious Academy Bundle (15D)
  • Firefighter Bundle(15D)
  • UniqueCostumBox_A
  • UniqueCostumBox_B

New Items

Get these items while you can!

  • None this time around! Check back next week for a special surprise!



Take a look at these awesome events going on this week!


Double EXP Wednesdays and Weekends!

- We're now offering a bonus EXP rate on Wednesdays as well as weekends! We'll see you in game!



We're getting ready for some big changes for Metal Assault. Stay up to date on our Forums and Facebook for notices! As always, thank you all for helping support Metal Assault! 


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