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[Community Event] Terrifying Tales: A Spooky Story Contest

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Posted 05 October 2017 - 03:11 PM




Terrifying Tales: A Spooky Story Contest


October 6 to November 6


It's that time of the year, boys and ghouls! Get in the Halloween spirit by composing a RO2-themed spooky story to send shivers down our spines or  just tickle our funny bones. 


Want to describe a paranormal event in RO2? Perhaps an urban legend like Tiger Lily? Do you want your character to star in a murder mystery? Well, put on your writing cap and share your terrifying tale with us!

Entries will be accepted from October 6 to November 6, 2017
Entry Instructions

Compose a short story or spooky poem, at least 250 words. You can add images to your story to make it like a comic strip or picture book, and can include text over pictures. If you submit images with text, please include the plain text in your post as well for translation purposes. 
Winners will be chosen based on the quality, thoughtfulness, and spooktacularness. 

Winners will receive:
1x Permanent Mount of your choice.
In addition to participation prize.
Each participant will receive 2x Tentacle Trunk Prize Box and 1x 3~5 Star DNA Random Box by Cheny.

One entry per person.

Writing must be new, original work.
Entry Format
Please use this format when submitting an entry:
In-game Name:
Link to Image (if needed):

Story Title:

Story Text:

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Posted 16 October 2017 - 04:14 AM

In-game Name: FerlinaZ317
Link to Image (if needed): n/a

Story Title: The Legend of Kushinada

Story Text:

     A few more push and he will be on top… That is what an exhausted warrior thought as he was taking a rest after tirelessly fighting a bunch of aggressive cliff condors that swiftly swoops over their heads that, when not taken into consideration, can slice their head off.  They were an army ordered to clear up a mysterious snake-like beast that was causing mayhem over the Payon area but after their long fight, their numbers diminished, and their morale depressed. He was lost and he felt like he was the only one alive.


     “What the hell I’m doing here…my wife and my kids are waiting for me.” The lone warrior said to himself, trying at least, to give him some boost in morale. He can still smell the stench of death around him; the blood of his comrades – his friends, washed the green prairie of Forgotten Payon red. “I must go…”


     He stood up, grabbed his heavy double-handed sword on his gauntlets and walked a little further uphill until he saw a woman crossing his path with a jar of fruits. From the looks on her face, she seemed to have seen the horrors of war from the mountain foot. The woman caught a glimpse of him, and did her best to rather show a broken smile on her face as the warrior approached her.


     “What are you doing here, lady? It’s dangerous here…” The warrior asked.


     “I…I got lost on my way to the woods when I heard men screaming.” The woman replied.


     The warrior sighed, or at least, had himself calmed down; a woman was the last thing he expected to see. “Come, I will escort you to where you stay.”


     Without further ado, the woman and the warrior went uphill. Confused and somehow relieved that there were no more aggressive creatures on their way up, he shrugged the thought – thinking that he might slain all. Their journey uphill ended when the woman pointed an old rickety house and told him that was her house. Feeling in debt, the woman invited the tired warrior to stay in for the night.


     The moon shone brightly overhead as darkness covered the land. The warrior was awakened from his slumber when he heard a scratching on the walls. He sat upright and stood up quietly from the bed. He can hear footsteps tapping down the wooden floor. It was quiet at first but slowly it became louder and louder until it stopped. For a while, the warrior heard heavy breathing from behind the sliding door in front of him.


     The door moved – it was being opened by the mysterious being that the warrior heard. His eyes widened, chills went down his spine as the door opened halfway; but no one there – just darkness. Just as he thought he had a slight relief, he turned around and there it was; the familiar face of the woman he helped a while ago but her eyes were bloodshot red, her skin pale as if blood was drained out from her. She had a devilish grin on her face and her teeth were razor sharp. He tried to shout but his voice wouldn’t come out; he watched helplessly as the wraith spread her arms and lunged at him. The warrior finally shouted, however…a cry of anguish, pain...and death…


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Posted 17 October 2017 - 03:04 AM

In-game Name: Aserrha
Link to Image (if needed): n/a

Story Title:  The Song of the Pirate

Story Text:

There is this one tale I cannot forget

A tale of horror and greed and regret

Recorded on the song of a bard’s sorrowed sonata

In the beautiful white beaches of Verta Delta


The story is about a man so strong and proud

A charismatic person that stands out of the crowd

His words were big as his dreams can get

And his eyes were fixed on the goals he set


Travel he goes away, far from the land

On a ship he bought with a couple o’ grand

With a few trusty crew he found on the beach

They set ‘em sails and their dream to reach


Few years went by, his legend grew bigger

A Pirate king he become and a decisive leader

For not any admiral can match his might

And those who see his ship sail away in fright


On one of his adventures, he met this mage

Told him about a treasure kept by an elderly sage

His eyes widened, then greed took his soul

He threw the mage overboard, left him cold


Thus they continue to travel the wide, blue sea

In search for the treasure they hope they can see

As the days turned months, and months turned years

Their hopeful search will be their greatest fears


One fine sunny day, on a faraway place

Drake and his crew met this familiar face

The mage whom he abandoned, dead and cold

Is back with vengeance and a curse he told


The Pirate King drew his sword in his hand

A swift cut opened and blood washed the sand

Yet it was late, the curse is not but laid

Soon he will realize the mistake he made


Once they sailed again, in the vast blue sea

An angry storm brewed, they cannot flee

Their ship was smashed, wrecked and devastated

And Drake’s soul was consumed by death’s hatred


If you think that ends the legend of Drake

Better consider the stories the others make

For in the high seas, one will see a frightening sight

A floating vessel filled with dead men’s plight


They say it was the curse of the slain mage

That blinded this Pirate King with greed and rage

But some say that was the treasure they’ve found

To be risen from their graves and their souls be bound


So once again, returned from death’s shallow grip

Drake and his crew are to sail his ghostly ship

With phantom bodies and lifeless eyes

They will send ghastly terror from the rising tides.


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Posted 21 October 2017 - 06:40 AM

In-game Name :   MiuGuMi

Link to Image :



Story Title :   Dream Demon


Story Text :

Have you ever had a nightmare?...
I had a dream. Ever since I was little, sometimes when I’m dreaming I become aware that it is a dream and not reality.
You know, a lucid dream. This dream was one of those dreams. For some reason I was in front of a poorly lit, unmanned cave by myself.
This is a really gloomy dream, I thought to myself, when suddenly I heard a man’s lifeless voice over the rail in the abandoned cave.
“The train will be arriving shortly. If you board this train, you will know what real fear is. ” Following the ambiguous announcement, i enter the cave while looking is it train or nothing.
Well, calling it a train might be a bit much. It was more like a scratch train in the cave. It was a miner's train that looked like it had been very old and abandoned, and there were several sickly looking people inside the cave.
What a weird dream, I thought, but I wanted to see just how scary my dreams could be, so I decided to come over them and looking around.
If I got too scared, I could just wake myself up—with lucid dreams, I was able to force myself awake.
I sat down on the corner, three meters away from other people. The air felt uncomfortably warm. The atmosphere was so realistic that I wondered whether or not I was actually dreaming.
“Now departing,” said the announcer, and one train began to move to inside.
My heart was pounding with anticipation and anxiety as I wondered what would happen. As soon as the train left the platform and entered a tunnel with no one push it. A purple light illuminated the tunnel eerily.
then i realize I’ve seen this cave before! I remembered. It’s the tunnel from the haunted cave ride at the forgotten mine I went to as a kid. I must just be remembering scratch train and haunted cave rides from back then. This isn’t anything to be scared of.
Another announcement floated through the air. “Next is Ikedzukuri! Ikedzukuri!”
Ikedzukuri? I wondered. You mean the dish where the fish is sliced and served raw, but the head and tail are left there for decoration?
Out of nowhere, I heard a piercing shriek come from behind me.
I turned around and saw four small people with tail and horn in their head holding rags surrounding the man in the last over there. As I got a better look, I saw that the man was being cut up with knives and being prepared just like ikedzukuri.
A strong stench drifted through the air, and the man continued his piercing scream.
His insides were taken out one after another, and his organs were scattered everywhere.
Right behind me was a sick-looking woman with short hair. She panicked for a moment when it started, but soon became silent and faced forward as if nothing was happening.
I was shocked with the unimaginable horror that was happening right behind me. I wondered if this was actually a dream and began to get scared. I’d wait it out just a little longer before I woke myself up.
Soon, I noticed that the man in back was no longer there. Blood and chunks of meat where all that remained. Just as before, the woman behind me fixed her gaze on one spot and stared ahead without expression.
“Next is Scooping,” the announcer said. “Scooping next.”
This time, two of the small people appeared carrying spoons with jagged edges.
They began to scoop out the eyes of the expressionless woman behind me.
She had seemed apathetic before now, but because of the pain her expression changed into something terrible. She raised such a cry that I thought my eardrums would burst. Her eyeballs flew from her eye sockets. The stench of blood and sweat were unbearable.
I began to shake with fear. I faced forward and bent over in place.
This is my cue. I can’t take anymore of this. Not to mention that judging by the current order, I’m next in line.
I was going to make myself wake up, but first I wanted to see what kind of announcement would be made next.
“The Grinder is next,” came the announcement. “The Grinder.”
Shiiit. It was pretty easy to imagine what would happen next.
I concentrated as hard as I could and tried to wake myself up.
It’s just a dream. Wake up. Wake up... I always recite these words to myself when I want to wake from lucid dreams, and it always works.
Suddenly I heard the loud whiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr of a machine.
This time a small person sat on my knees and came at me with a strange looking contraption. I can only assume it was some sort of meat-mincing machine. I got even more scared.
It’s just a dream. Wake up. Wake up... I closed my eyes and prayed with all I had.
Whiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr! The sound grew louder and louder. I could feel the wind from the machine on my face. I was convinced I was a goner.
And then everything went silent.
I escaped from the nightmare. I was covered in sweat. I was crying.
I got up from bed and get a drink of water. Somehow, I calmed down.
That was horribly realistic, but it was only a dream, I thought to myself.
The next day, I told all of my friends about the dream. But they all thought it was funny.
Because it was just a dream, after all.
Four years later, I was in prontera college academy. I had completely forgot about the nightmare.
Until one night when I was at my room. That’s when it started.
“Next is Scooping. Scooping next.”
It was the same. Everything came flooding back.
Then the same two little people were gouging out the eyes of the same expressionless girl.
Shiiit, I thought. It’s just a dream. Wake up. Wake up. I started praying.
But I couldn’t wake up.
It’s just a dream! Wake up, wake up...
“Next is The Grinder, The Grinder is next.” No. This is too much.
Whiiiiiirrrrrrrr. It was getting closer.
It’s just a dream! Wake up! Wake up! Please, wake up!...
Thinking I had escaped, I opened my eyes.
“Are you running away again?” the voice called out to me. “The next time we come for you will be the last!”
I opened my eyes, and this time I was really awake and in my room. The announcement I heard definitely wasn’t a dream, though. I heard it here, in the real world.
I know I did. What have I done?
I haven’t had the dream again since then, but I believe that when it happens again I will die from cardiac arrest or something else like that.
Well, in this world it will be cardiac arrest. In the other world, though, it’ll be the grinder.
Spoiler The real demon


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Posted 23 October 2017 - 01:53 AM

In-game Name: SilverSalvaje
Link to Image (if needed):maxresdefault.jpg

Story Title: Mi vida como guardian.

Story Text:

Todo comenzo normalmente, completando misiones del tablon para reunir fondos en lo profundo de la cueva de izlude. Como llevabamos mucho alli decidimos volver al gremio, y fue alli cuando conoci el verdadero terror. Varios de nuestros camaradas yacian en el piso ya sin vida, y otros huian heridos del que fuese nuestro castillo, mientras q nuestros mas fuertes guerreros apoyaban a nuestro lider en la proteccion de los heridos. Heroes que habian soleado incontables dungeons, caian uno tras otro a los pies de un solo asesino, sin poder hacerle el minimo daño.

Nuestro lider luchó con valor, hasta que su rostro aterrado se separo de lo que fuese su cabeza hasta mis pies, entre las carcajadas del asesino.
Mis camaradas, al ver q aquel monstruo nos miraba, comenzaron a huir despavoridos, pero yo tenia mis pies como estacas al piso, el asesino dio caza a mis compañeros, pasando por mi lado a toda velocidad. Los que oi gritar y rogar por sus vidas hasta q de pronto, un silencio lugubre envolvio el castillo. De pronto, una mano se posó sobre mi hombro, por un momento me senti aliviado al ver que llevaba el anillo insignia del gremio, asi q gire a ver quien era, pero mi alma se congelo al ver q detras de mi solo estaba el asesino, jugando con las extremidades cercenadas de mi maestro. estaba bañado en la sangre de mis camaradas, sus ojos fijos en mi, y una sonrisa en su rostro, que me decia que yo era el siguiente.
Se acercó lentamente y me dijo:

--- no te preocupes, te dejare vivir en mi castillo...trabajaras para mi. Luego de eso todo se puso oscuro, pero antes de desmayarme, pude ver a un sorcerer acercarse a mi, pronunciando unas extrañas palabras en un idioma que jamas habia oido.
No recuerdo bien que fue lo que sucedio despues, perdi el dominio de mi cuerpo, el habla, el hambre, toda ambicion de huir. Solo me queda un hambre feroz de combate, atacar a cualquier incauto q ose profanar nuestro castillo, defender nuestro hogar, como me lo ordeno mi amo...para siempre.

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Posted 23 October 2017 - 07:56 AM

In-game Name:


Link to Image :




Story Title :

The Gate of the World


Story Text:

Trigger! :  better safe than sorry.



This story is from the history of the greath war, battle of midgard.  Rose is a little Noel her family is Elves, and her husband

family is Human.

Her husband would come to Yggdrasil on business trips. That’s how he met Rose.

Back then, interracial marriage between Human and Elves was looked down on. Her mother especially would always tell to Rose

“You can be with whoever you want as long as he isn’t Human!” She refused to let her daughter date a Human man.

But, just like her mom, Rose was your stereotypical Elves woman, she was strong willed and had unwavering determination by nature.

“I will marry him no matter what you say!”

She stepped up to her mother and stood her ground.

“No. You. Won’t!” Her Mother then slapped Rose twice across the face to really get the point across, but Rose still refused to listen.

She ran away in forest and broke all contact with her family for a while before finally deciding to put the argument behind her. She worked hard to get fund and

training Elves skills and continued living on her own, but finally the day came when she had saved enough money and has knowledge skills for his own adventure to go to Human world to see her lover.


She registred schedule to Yggdrasil frontier guard and prepared to leave.

“I want to go with you to the front gate to see you off,” her mother said with a smile. Rose was confused at the sudden kindness but agreed to meet her at the Gate.

At the Gate, her mother pulled something out of her purse. It was a small Human charm, and it was old. Rose looked at it and saw that it held a picture. It was the first time she’d ever seen a Human charm, and she took it into her hands and opened it.

She pulled out an old, crinkled, small piece of paper. She unfolded it to find a single grain of rice. She looked at her mother and then back at the paper. A small message was written on it in both Human language and Elves:



Tamae, I love you.


Rose looked at her mom and started crying.

She asked about the note and found that her mother had fallen in love with a Human man long before marrying her husband. The picture was of her mother and a tall, kind-looking Human man with perfectly round glasses. That man was her first love.

The reason things didn’t work out are quite obvious, Battle of Midgard and the darkness story of elves.

Relations between the Elves and Human were tense at best, and both her mother’s and her lover’s families were strongly against them getting married.

His parents even break through all the Gate to Yggdrasil to bring him back with them, which forced the two to end their relationship.
Her mother cried every night for months. She even went so far as to attempt suicide her pain was so great. Throughout all of this, she received a single envelope from Human world. Inside it was the charm she showed to Rose.




Her mother couldn’t read Human language, but with the return address written on the envelope she would finally be able to

prove her love to him. She managed to get the funds and went to Human world to see her boyfriend.
Despite the language barrier, she somehow managed to find her way to his house. She showed the envelope to a person who happened to be passing by, and their expression dropped.

The person only spoke a little Elves language, but they managed to say the one word her mom was not expecting: “Dead.”


Unsure of whether or not to believe the person, she walked up to the house. She felt cold inside as she stood in front of the

door, scared of what she might

find. The man’s parents explained to her mother that he had committed suicide.

He managed to slip the envelope past his parents who had been keeping a close eye on his actions.

Just days later he was dead.

Her mother was heartbroken. Her one true love was dead. She returned to Yggdrasil and had a breakdown.

Her anguish was so bad that people all over town knew of her psychotic state. She had to see a therapist for years before she finally got better.
Somehow she forgot about her boyfriend and Human. Perhaps her therapist hypnotized her?

Regardless of how it happened, she eventually met her husband and married him.


“I can’t believe you’ve fallen for a Human man…” her mother said wistfully to Rose. “I was so desperate to forget about Kyouka

for all those years. The truth

of the matter is that I didn’t want to live in a world without him. I took out my anger on Human and just wanted nothing to do with them. I associated Human with my own traumatic experience. That’s why I didn’t want you to go. I was scared for you… And I’m sorry for that. But truth be told, when I found out you were in love with a Human man, I was secretly happy.”


Tears streamed down her face as she spoke. Rose looked at the picture again. The two stood close to each other and looked

extremely happy.

I think it’s strange that, without knowing any of this at all, Rose fell in love with a Human man just like her mom did. They both said it was love at first sight.

I wonder if it’s in our blood or if it’s just a coincidence?

And there is one last thing that happened. Kyouka, my mom’s boyfriend, said something to her before he was taken away.

Rose didn’t know any of this until

much later.

“Even if we’re torn apart, if we’re split up, I promise you that I will find you again. I don’t care if I have to be reincarnated to do so, but I will be near you somehow.

Even if you become a little old lady before I can find you again, I will always be searching. And when we do meet again I will look straight into your eyes and tell you ‘Hajimemasithe’ in Human language, okay? And then I’ll break out in a smile… And then I promise I’ll show you the cherry blossoms. I don’t care if you forget about me in the meantime as long as you remember me then.”


When Rose brought her boyfriend home to meet the family, he was really nervous.

He spent hours practicing his elves language beforehand to get everything perfect in order to not disappoint Rose mom.

Despite all of his efforts, his nerves won out. As soon as he opened his mouth he forgot everything and defaulted to Human language.




He said as he stared into Rose mother’s eyes and handed her a small bag. His worried expression turned to an awkward smile

as he realized the mistake he

made. Rose mother’s eyes widened, and she reached into the bag and pulled out something similar to a snow globe, but instead of snow flakes floating in the water there were small, pink cherry blossom petals whirling about.


Thank you, Kyouka…



sorry this isn’t scary, but I thought that it was strange enough.

"はじめまして" Hajimemasihte mean Nice to meet you

coz of word filter i change the last word to sihte.

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Posted 26 October 2017 - 06:18 AM

In-game Name: Cynqed
Link to Image (if needed): N/A

Story Title: Jawaii Daily

Story Text:

The time for hunt has come. We are going to die all over again. We do not want to feel it anymore. The pain of arrows piercing through your body, your limbs being smashed, your eyes clawed out, and every part of your body ablaze. We tried to defend ourselves but it was all for naught. We fell again and again. Please forgive us Goddess! Forgive us from our sins. My poor precious family, doomed in this dreadful island of Jawaii, forever.

My mind is hazy. Sooner or later my cursed body would surrender and enter the void state. I tried to looked at my surrounding with my one eye sort of functioning and saw everyone's frozen corpse lying all over the place. Bloody tears rushed through my eye as everything became blurry. How I desired now to had lived my life differently, with them.

Just like everyone, I, once, was an adventurer. Along with my beloved wives, children, friends and subordinates, we had been known as the Nodav pirates. A twist from my name, an act I'm fund of, twisting. I treated everyone at my crew as my irreplaceable treasures. And they treated me equally, not just a captain but as their father, and as a husband to my wives. Our ships had sailed through all the seas of the world. In fact, other islands we had ventured were not on the map. We conquered every island we stepped into. We enslave and torture its citizens, collect their belongings, and burn their houses and fields to dust to show our might. I even let my subordinates do whatever they like to their women, after all, they're all precious to me. Our name had been widely known, I as the Ruthless Captain Vadon in-lined with that poor Drake whom I've met once and sank two of his battleships. Our strength was steadily rising as strong men and pirates around the world applied to be our new recruits and swore allegiance under our banner.

Unfortunately, all journey will come to an end, and so ours did. It was a hundred sun cycles ago, I can recall everything clearly, when our ships had been brought by a strong wind to a mystical island. It was my first time. My first to see an island so stunning and mesmerizing that it doesn't feel real, like an illusion. As I set foot on its white sands, the strange sensation amplified, as if my soul is entangled. I glanced at my crew and I think they felt the same. It seems that this land is protected by some divine being. But I'm a conqueror and I want this land to be mine. As we explore the land, I felt even more urge to claim this land, this land could be perfect as our basement and so I'm going to kill all of its citizens. But to my confusion, I didn't saw any one in the island. My subordinates also reported to me that they saw no sign of any person. I thought to myself that maybe they all had left. But why? This question swirled in my mind during that time as I was walking with my eldest child and to my surprise, saw a little girl sitting, wearing a white dress and with her back on us. She seems to be playing with a mushroom and a crab, both dead. I tried to call out to her but I was ignored. I felt the urge to hurt her. But I decided to let my child do the job, it's time for him to prove himself. He, like me, is also ruthless and without further ado, he draws his sword and plunged it to the girls back through her heart. He then slowly withdraws his sword and returned it to its scabbard and looked at me with pride. I felt happy for him and returned a smile. As he walked towards me, I glanced at the girl and saw her head slowly facing me, with a hellish smile. And everything went black.

Monsters! Kill them! I woke up with the noise made by my new recruits. What happened? I tried to sit but I felt my body heavy and strange. I looked at my recruits, they looked tiny and their eyes wide open staring back at me. Are they going to betray me? Suddenly, a man runs toward me, sword drawn out and ready to plunge it to me. I tried to defend myself when I accidentally sliced the man in half. I, then, realized my hand turned to a pincer. I tried to talk but I could not. I had become something else. All of them run towards me and I felt their fear, anger, and bloodlust. I could kill them all but I could not. I just killed a family member and so this is for the best, I thought. I've let them do what they want to me. As hundreds of wounds were inflicted on my body and my body feeling numb, the recruits seem to be advancing to something, their sword still drawn. I remembered my eldest son, probably in deep sleep at that time and might also had turned to something else. He is in danger. I tried to stop them but it was too late, all my strength has been drained. The last I heard were the cries of familiar monsters. And I had thought that would be the last.

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Posted 02 November 2017 - 12:34 PM

In-game Name: Nocvan

Link to Image (if needed):


Story Title: The Fallen Crecentia

Story Text:

A cold wind howling through the decayed trees, whispering like an angel’s voice.

Once a concealed paradise turns into a vast dark forest

Lightning strikes from the eerie dark sky,

Behold the birth of the New Dark Lord,

Nocvan, The Fallen Crecentia.


This tale goes back to a time on a deep forest lies a village of a race called Noel, was the home for alters, crecentia and soulmakers. They live peacefully, and trained to be a good warriors to help human eradicate demons and monsters in whole midgard.

A young boy named Nocvan who sets his journey to become the bridge to settle a good relationship between human and noel race, and to see the outside world before his eyes.

On his travel he met some companions and soon to grow a large group called Guild.

The Guild tends to celebrate banquets every after hard quests; yet the other side of those moments are their fellowmen who got severely injured, or even losts their lives during the quest specially in dungeons.


“This has to be stopped”, he stood and draw his weapon.

“I want to be a Crecentia, I need to become more stronger to eliminate all monsters in Midgard!” Said by Nocvan;

“I will become a SoulMaker to cure everyone so no one will ever die again!”; a fellow noel named Kairi said;

“Then I will become a Warrior; to protect everyone from monsters”; a brave swordswoman named Ferlina said;

“So I will become a priest to support everyone and assist kairi” said by Aserrha;

“I’ll become a Ranger to backup everyone” said by Silvy;

Everyone in party wield their weapon and vowed each other to become stronger and to take revenge to those vicious monsters who take away the lives of many innocent people as well as their friends and families.

That day they went into different paths to continue the journey on their own ; a quest to become advanced class.

Several days had passed after they went into different paths and finally accomplish the mission to change class into Crecentia and straight forward to the next dungeon and there he met another party; they entered the dungeon and fought several boss monsters until they defeat the Evil Fire Phantom as the soul leaves the fire particles he hears murmurs like whispering on his mind saying.


“My lord, thou shalt awaken”. He trembles down then lost his conciousness.

As he woke up he sees a bonfire then startled while got cared by his party mate;

“Hey Noc, we got worried you collapsed after we defeated the boss. Since we are exhausted too lets call it a day and let’s continue our quest tomorrow.” Said by the pary leader.

The following day when they continued their quest and spotted the last boss Moonlight Flower; “This is it, its the last Boss, lets go guys!” Said by the party leader. In the middle of their fight they struggled and some got heavily injured and the party goes to pinch.

Nocvan heared the voice again.

“..Awa.... ken...”,


He tumbles again, then one of his partymate got hit at the face from the bell of Moonlight Flower chopped off it’s head rolled in front of him.

Suddenly, he felt despair and went on berserk using Crucio on the Boss Monster yet its not enough to kill it.

The intensive battle agains’t the boss continues.

Moonlight Flower casts three tombs and summons her Illusion then the partyleader went on his knees while saying it’s over, losing hope and screams.

“Run!!! We can’t defeat this Boss, so Run for your lives!”

Yet more and more Illusions are being summoned blocking their way of escape and some black spirits surrounding Nocvan and turned him in some kind of demon.

On his transformation he cast a spell called Death Grip and instantly killed the Boss.


Everyone became silent and became uncertain about the matter happened to Nocvan. He stepped closer to them and casts Land of Darkness which slaughtered them all except the leader survived,

“Who.. the hell are you?!” He gasp;

“I am.. a Dark Lord”, uttered by possessed Nocvan;

Then he delivered a fatal blow to him...

After the incident he woke up and saw his old friend Silvy who saved him inside the dungeon treated his wounds and buried the corpse of his deceased party.

In the end, he didn’t remember what happened, thinking they defeated the boss monster with the sacrifice of his party members...

Several weeks later after the incident on Payon, he traveled again with his old friends celebrating their reunion as well as completing their mission to be advanced class.


Sooner they finished the trials of Baphomets and all other dungeons then became Master classes.

Everytime the moon reveal its first phase making Nocvan suffering from pain

Turning him into a some kind of demon, kairi who saw him discreetly wanting to help him but she was lack of courage to get closed to him..

He fled leaving his beloved friends behind and the guild who doesn’t know about the matter search for their missing comrade.

Couple of months had passed and the rumors were spread that a single Noel tainted with black aura and cloak eliminate all who tries to get on its way.

More and more people knew about this matter sending troops to this lost city called Niflheim where this demon bounds in. Although all of these troops were annihilated.


Soon he became renowned Demon called The Dark Lord and the King of Midgard ordered even all travelers to eliminate this Dark Lord at midst.

Meanwhile the Guild also heard this rumor and accepted the quest assuming it has a connection to their losts member Nocvan and straight forward to Niflheim in order to save their brother..


As they entered the lost city Niflheim and some undead monsters who attacked them that used to be their old dead friends beheaded carrying their head;

“I can’t slay our friends”, said by Ferlina;

Magnus Exorcismus!

“But they became Dullahan already, you wanna kill or get killed” said by Aserrha;

Soul Extortion!

“I will back you up” said by kairi;

More and more demons and undeads spawn....

Arrow Shower!

“Don’t lose hope guys its just a normal monsters”; said by Silvy


The fierce battle continues then suddenly lightning strikes from above hits the surface making the castle magically appeared and they went inside found out a Noel who is in dark clothes covered in black aura.


We came to save you...


Asserha, Silvarisu, KairiUsami, FerlinaZ317, xIzayaOriharax

for helping me take pictures for illustrations

and to all Amarantos Family and Friends who supported my work~

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Posted 05 November 2017 - 10:07 AM

In-game Name: Vrine1
Link to Image (if needed): n/a

Story Title:Pyramid Lockdown

Story Text:

We have just arrived at morroc city, after a long journey full of fight with anacondas, Goblin and some the beast we found in the sograt desert. The heat, thirsty, and tired..  that is what i and my friend feel. After walking around, we decided to have a lunch in a restaurant. we saw something unfamiliar from café sights in general. we do not see a lot of people talk, And faces smiled.  in fact we tend to see their faces fear and morose .. we certainly would like to know what happened to this people in this city .. before continuing trip, We decided to buy some supplies and equipment. And bartender lead us to shop at abdullah, after buy some equipment and a few of phantom stone, we are asking abdullah, what happened to people here. Abdullah taking us to his back room and speak. And finally we know that the people are in fear because of some family members are missing at pyramid. He told that some residents had heard the cries of pain from the pyramid at night. And some of them have try to go to the pyramid to find out what happened, they never come back.

After hearing the story from Abdullah, we decided to stay in morroc city for a few days. Out of curiosity and concern for the people, we decided to go to the pyramid at night. The night was clear, the wind blowing hardly from the desert. Under the light of crescent moon me and my friend walking through the desert until my friend pointing his finger to a building that looks like a pyramid shape. The sound of the wind seemed to whisper about what happened inside the pyramid. And we found a gate at the foot of it. scrawled iron, rusted, and full of spider webs. We still think to enter, but suddenly we hear the scream of pain from inside the pyramid. and we hurried to go through that old gate.

Cold, dark, and dirty. That's what I feel. While walking and looking around, accidentally, my friend kick something, and nearly fall, but leaned against the wall and we see it ..  it is a human skull .. a moment will continue the journey, my friend see his hand because it felt sticky .. he was holding the blood marks stuck to the wall. But that does not make us loose ... and keep stepping forward. The wind blowing from behind, but we see nothing from behind us. We are increasing our back, because this pyramid going colder. We entered one long corridors , and when almost there down the hall, i can not move my legs , there is the hand holding my feet, my friend are moving towards me trying to slash it, but at the same time, a hands strangled from behind his neck, i saw a strangled her just like zombies .

I tried to fight back to help my friend . Zombies is ready to bite his neck, and instantly my face was covered in blood, I panicked and pulled a knife out of my bag to cut off the hand. But when I tried to grab a knife, I suddenly fell. I was thinking about going to die in this place but in a flash the hand is off .. "be careful here" I see a dark human figure, in a black cloak. Then he introduced hisself, and he is an assassin. Blood still dripped from her claw and immediately helped me stand up. We continue walking and we reach the end of corridor, we found 2 rooms and saw a lot of human skulls. I think maybe this is the skull of the missing citizen. Then we continue the journey again, but when we are about couple step, we hear the noise from the room we just left. Suddenly many zombies came out of the room, the assassin immediately run and tried to kill them all. I try to kill as many zombies as I can.

I saw the assassin and my friend surrounded by zombies, he is screaming, and I tried to run towards him, and cut all the zombies that blocked my path. I want to kill all the zombies that surrounds the assassin, but I can not move my body. There is a chain that surrounds my body, and I cant make a single move. And its almost hard to breath. I saw my friend was torn apart by zombies. I've been thinking about to die here.  But suddenly I see claw hovered right next to my head. And I feel like I can move normally. And realize that assassin has killed something  I see the big figure lying on the floor like a mummy, and the assassin said. I have been hunting this creature for a long time. And picked up a scrap of cloth from the mummy body. As I was about to leave the mummy body, I see things like cards near his head. I immediately took it. As we are moving on, I heard a noise like a knock on the door, I woke with a gasping breath. And I realize. I was having a nightmare. I feel greatfull because its not real. I open the door. And my friend had come, novri said. Let's play. He took out a stack of cards, and showed them to me. It's like the card I saw in my dream before…..

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Posted 05 November 2017 - 06:30 PM

In-game Name: Volcof
Link to Image (if needed): U4XN5Rs.png


Story Title: The Ymir Child



Story Text:  Everything started as a simple mission in the ruins of the forest, a simple search for a missing object however the situation quickly turned to worse. They never imagined to find something like that in an abandoned place, why would they if even the creatures from the forest avoided going too far into there and it was obvious they should have been more careful.


Now running between the trees, they wondered how they could escape from that “thing”. They were not sure what or who was that “creature”, when they tried to attack it, neither the strength of the warrior and the beast master nor the magic of the soul maker did anything to it. Seeing how useless their efforts were, they only had the option to run from that eerie thing which constantly let out screechy noises that echoed in the darkness, giving the feeling to be just behind them, even making them think that there was more than one.


—What are we going to do? We can’t run forever —Asked Dazyelle who was clearly agitated.

—I’m not sure. I don’t even know where we are —Said Volcof putting down his broadsword, trying to catch his breath —Do you know where we are, Lux?

—Not really, I don’t recognize this woods and also…—But she was unable to continue since from the dark, four black creatures jumped in front of them.


The looked like something taken out of a nightmare. Their bodies where completely dark and had really weird faces. In a quick look, they would have seemed like a regular person but on closer look, they were complete disfigured. They were a bizarre mix of human and animal, having somewhat “normal” mouths but fill with fangs that dripped a dark liquid. The rest of the face was even more horrible, having some reddish marks all over their “skin” and both their eyes were missing, having only a faint red glow from within the empty sockets.

They had never saw something like that before, it was so horrid that their only reaction was to run while a chilling sensation of fear crawled beneath their skin but as they tried to get away from them, Volcof was bitted.


There was no time to stop and look at the wound but they hopped it wasn’t that severe as they tried to get away from those beasts although it seemed that there was no exit. The feeling of been running in circles was present in the mind of the three but Lux was the one that saw a possible hope.

In the distance there was a light between the trees, maybe a camp or something where they could rest and recover, at least that was their though but as they got closer, those creatures appeared again but this time they took them by surprise, causing them to trip and fall into a hole from where the light emerged.


They fell for what it seemed hours but when they finally stopped, they founded themselves in an unknown place. They were among some rotted roots of a tree and surrounded by something that looked like gravestones. At first it appeared deserted but soon enough they could hear the echo of steps inside the deep fog accompanied by muffled sounds. They were voices, that was clear, but their words didn’t make any sense until someone appeared in front of them.


Different from the creatures that attacked them in the forest, this “man” had a pale, almost transparent, skin as well as deep sunken eyes which almost seemed completed White.


—You’re in the forbidden city of Niflheim… the place where only the damned walks —His voice was empty and cold, almost dead by the absence of emotions.

—We got lost…we don’t belong here. Let us go in peace…we don’t want to fight —although she tried to seem strong, Dazyelle was completely terrified.

—You two can go…but your friend can’t.

—Why not?! —Said Lux really angry although was as afraid as her friend.

—He no longer belongs to your world.


In that moment they realized how bad the wound actually was. The skin around the bite had taken a black color…almost looking like some sort of scales and that same thing had spread all over his arm and reaching up to his face where dark lines crossed to his eye which was no longer purple…in fact there was no eye at all, just an empty socket fill with a strong and cold red glow.  


—A creature of the night has been born again…a Ymir Child —Said that old “man” while at the same time more creatures that looked just like him, started to appear from the darkness, some of them even crawling in the mud like bisected insects —A new hunter to bring us life.


After saying that, all the “persons” started to chant in an eerie and terrifying voice “Make us whole again” “Make us whole again” each time more loudly and as they raised their voices, more creatures appeared from the fog joining their chatting.


—Ru…run —was the only thing the purple haired warrior was able to say before the first of those creatures touched his body.

Their hand provoked a change in those scales, turning them into a dark armor that engulfed his whole body, leaving only his face to been seen for just a few seconds.


—RUUUNNN!!! —He yelled in a dying voice before his head was trapped in the same armor, turning his hair into a bright red mane, almost like the color of blood at the same time that his other eye was devoured by the those dark lines, leaving another empty socket fill with that horrifying glow.


For a moment he stood there without moving a muscle but soon enough those words where repeated, this time by the old man into the consumed warrior ear “Make us whole again” and in that moment the abandoned city was filled with the screams of pain and horror of the warrior friends, accompanied by the strident and macabre laughter of the old man.


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Posted 05 November 2017 - 11:20 PM

In-Game Name : Gerheim



The Dark Whisper



"But i'm a Priest!" I told her with a voice louder than I expected.


"I know.. That’s why I’m asking you.." She said

Her blue eyes looks darker than usual. She used to have this warm glows,  but now those eyes are nothing but cold stare.


“Please.. You know there is no other way!” She continued.


"But still!" I hesitated,

I do wish there is another way.


"Remember your duty!" She insist


I remember how she always have her way, but not like this… This is something else entirely.

I can only watch her as she hold my hands. Her hands are strong and cold but gentle like they always do.


“If only..” I told myself.


“Do it! While i'm still myself..”


“But.. You are my friend..”.

I’m searching for words, better words, anything!

I always wished  that it will never come to this..


“The Witch is slowly taking over my conciousness.. You must.. Kill me..” She whispered..


Slowly, I raise my wand, pointing at her… I can tell that she’s terrified.. but also looks relieved


“I’m sorry…”


“Thank you… And good bye…” She said to me


Does she cry? I don’t know.. Because right now I don’t have the courage to look into her eyes,

My wand starts to glow and hissing


 “I wish I never touched that book…”




ACT I :  Delivery Job

*Six days earlier

Another lovely day, lying on the field of freshly cut grass

Sun is shining bright. Not to mention this morning’s breakfast was awesome.

It couldn’t get any better than this.. What could’ve gone wrong?

Until suddenly..


“Thought you’d be here..”


OK, I was wrong! Now everything will be a disaster..

I know that voice.. That raspy voice.. Which unfortunately belongs to my so called friend. A Walking Disaster..


“What do you want Lena? Go away, you’re blocking the sun”


“Is that how you treat your source of Zeny?” She said that with playing voice


“What are you talking about? I never owe you anything”


“Not yet, but thank me later, I’ll just be super nice and give your goofy butt a job. Yeah, you heard me, A JOOOBBBB” She said that in super slow motion, as if she’s talking to mentally challenged person. Yep, that’s me.


“What kind of job?” I answered lazily.


“The kind you L-O-V-E, just taking some stuff and delivering them, So easy. Good money too! I bet you could done this with your eyes closed!”


“Sureee, then why do you need me for?”


“Duudee, are you really going to let this helpless young woman to be alone on the job, all the way??” She tried her best to sounds cute.

But failed miserably if you ask me.


“Hey, I saw you bashing those Mukas. Dozens of them!

I could’ve swore they was actually screaming for mercy”


“So that’s a yes then?” Pretending that she didn’t hear me


“I haven’t….”


“Cool, I’ll see you tomorrow then, don’t be late! See ya”

Then she just left.


How did she become my friend on the first place anyway…? I said to myself

Delivering some stuff eh..? Ah, I guess that’s fine.. How hard can it be?




ACT II : The Whispering Winds

*The next day

I sat patiently on my spot, waiting for Lena to show up.

And there she is, looking smug as ever.


“Where’s the package?” I said


“Here, and don’t you dare to open it!”


“Oookay chill, where to?”


“We’ll deliver them to a guy named Jacob or something, to some place called Dark Whisper fortress I think”


“You’re joking”


“Not today” She answered in serious tone


“Why in the hell we must take this stupid package to that creepy place?? Who lives there anyway?? And you said we could done this with our eyes closed!

Didn’t you heard the stories about that place??”


“I did. But listen! Let me put it this way. We did this one time job, and I promise you, we’ll never need another job, ever again. The payment is Sooo Good, with capital G”


“We won’t need another Zeny? Like ever again?” I tried to convice myself


“Trust me! Not even a single Rupee” She’s staring at me, with confidence


And then off we go. The journey wasn’t easy. The place is across the desert.

But with Lena strength and my power. We managed to get there still in one piece


Dark Whisper Fortress… The place is hard to describe

It's a ruins which floats in the sky.. Get it? No? Me too..

I really doubt anyone worth seeing would actually live there.

We just entered the place and I already got chills down on my spine.


“We’ll camp here” Lena said as she set the tent, I can she that she’s actually too tired to go on


I tried to look around, this weird looking ruins really gives me the creep.

I can sense that traces of dark magic are everywhere.

The echoes of the wind make a constant whispering sound..

The sounds of howling wolf really doesn’t make it any better

And there she is, sleeping like a log. How could Lena sleeps on a place like this?

Then suddenly, I heard a whisper


“Release me…”


I’m pretty sure Lena doesn’t sleep talking.

I tried to look around silently.. Asking “Who goes there!” would be really stupid at the time


“Release me…”


“Release me… And you will be rewarded…”


That is totally grade-A creepy moment, I hold my wand, I tried to wake Lena up

“Lena, this place is creepy, wake up” I tried to shake her.

I saw something just moved, I felt like we’ve been watched…

Hungry eyes, and the sound of a beast….

We’re surrounded…


Wolves.. As big as a horse. With bright fiery eyes and claws that cuts the stone floors as they walk.

Lena awake, she's aware of the situation.

Lena held her greatsword tightly, ready to strike anything that moves.


“Cover me!” Lena screams and then charging at the wolves

I did my best to protect her while she’s leaping, spinning and striking the wolves as she moves around

Lena is a great warrior, but the wolves are too many. She’s surrounded.

I tried to protect her with every spell I knew. But we were overwhelmed.

Suddenly, I felt great pain in my back. Somehow one of the wolves managed to sneak around and slashed me with those nasty claws. My back are bleeding, I lost my focus

As the wolf lunged at me, Lena leaps in front of me and tackle the wolf.

They both rolled and stops with the wolf on top of Lena.

Lena’s greatsword are the only thing between her neck and the wolf’s jaw

The other wolves starts charging at Lena

As I tried to help her, there it is again… The Whispering


“Release me… I can save her…”


Suddenly everything is slowing down, I can see those wolves as if they’re in slow motion charging and trying to tear Lena. She’s barely holding the wolf on top of her. And yet the other wolves are now on their way to end Lena.

And then the voices keeps coming

“Release me… I can save her…”


I tried to look for the source of the voice, it was coming from the package.


“Release me… I will save her…”


Lena is more important than any package or any job. I don’t care if the client gets mad because I opened the package.

While everything seemed slowing down. I hurled myself to the package, open it.

It was an Old book with red leather cover, and when I touched the book.

It was freezing, the book opened and bursting with darkness.

I panicked. My back hurts... My bleeding are getting worse.


“Save her!!!” I cries


I saw the darkness engulf the wolves. The Wolf in top of LEna seems in agony.

The other wolves suddenly tears apart like being pulled from every direction.

The wolves are all dead. We are saved.




ACT III : Awakened Witch

“Lena!” I saw her lying, blood everywhere.

Apparently the wolf got her shoulder

The wound is deep and filled with dark magic, somehow my healing magic won’t work on her.

I tried to heal her as many times as I can, but nothing changed, she’s still unconscious.

“Why my magic aren’t working!!” I cried


Then, I hear the whispers again


“Make a deal with me… and I’ll save her life…”


“Who are you?! What do you want from me!!”


“Make a deal with me… Only I can save her…”


Lena’s not responding, she’s very pale, her hands are as cold as ice.

I can see that she’s hanging by a thread.

Her bleeding won’t stop and yet I my magic are not working on her.

Lena… I’ll do whatever it takes


“Do it! Save her, I’ll give you whatever you want”


“It will cost you… And her as well…”


“I just want her to be alive”


“Very well then… I’ll save her life …”

“Take the book, and place it beside her…”


I hurried to place the book Beside Rena

Then suddenly, the book absorbs all the dark magic from Lena’s wound

After that, Lena opened her eyes.


“You look terrible…” She said to me


I tried to laugh, but my wound are killing me

Lena stands, grabbing her greatsword and smash the wolf corpses… All of them

She’s smirking while doing so.

That time, I saw a glimpse of darkness within her

Something inside her has changed

Then the whisper says


“The deal is sealed… I will take my payment soon...”


“Who are you…?”






”My name…”

"Is Bijou"


PS :

The story should continue with the meeting with Jacob. How he tell them that the book was cursed
And how they try to lift curse
But then this won't be a short story...

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 12:31 PM

In-game Name: Emtrea

Link to Image (if needed): (n/a)

Story Title: What hides in the dark

Story Text:


Prontera is known as the safest city yet things can happen anywhere, you should be careful because you never know  what other people want, you don’t know their intentions.


As the beautiful day starts, everyone rises from their beds, ready to enjoy yet another beautiful and safe day in the city. Shops are open for business, students attend to their classes, friends gather at the plaza to talk about life and make plans for the weekend, everyone is happy but they have no clue as to what lurks in the shadows. Use this as a cautionary tale, engrave this in your memory so you know even the safest place on earth has demons walking the streets. The story starts as follows and keep in mind, this is just as real as you and me, don’t let yourself be fooled by what the elderly tell you, this happened, I can swear it on my life.


A beautiful morning, just as the one we just had, a group of young kids were playing at the plaza. Happy and running around as the tried to catch each other, enjoying the few free days they had before they had to go back to their daily routines. As they rested, the oldest of the group had an idea, he wanted to explore the city, every nook and cranny they could find, he wanted to feel like a big boy, going places he was warned about, but his friends hesitated. They have been told stories  before, the kind of stories you tell to keep your children well behaved.


-Those are just stories relax-he answered as his friends came up with excuses, little did they know how much they will regret this.


It took a little convincing but soon enough, the little group was cruising the streets getting in every little “mysterious” place they encounter, the day became afternoon as they arrived to one of the places they were warned about. A little hesitation from the brothers cause laughter from their peers.


-Don’t be a baby-his best friend shouted, Kyland was afraid for him and his baby brother but he wanted to act tough.


-Who is the baby?-he answered as he took a step forward, challenging his best friend to follow. The oldest of the group just kept going, he thought of them as babies even though he was just a couple of years older. They soon figured out that the reason behind the warnings were the sketchy deals that took place in the area. Bored and unfazed, they decided to go to the farthest place in the city, it was getting dark but the little excitement they got from that excursion just convinced them that there was nothing to fear.


As they approach the area they felt….weird. Things were weird. The air felt somewhat heavier and they were going at a slower pace. Kyland’s baby brother clench his leg, holding on to safety. Kyland felt his heart beating so fast he thought he was going to have a heart attack. As they went deeper into the area, the others felt a little excited, waiting to have a good story out of this. Deeper and deeper they went, suddenly something fell, the group screamed as the felt things falling around them, the fell to the floor just waiting and then….. a paw grazed Emitria’s face, stray cats were walking the balconies, hitting the little plates someone had left for them. Everyone laugh even little Vinko, the poor thing was crying before they discovered the cats, yet the oldest was disappointed.


-All this walking and no adventures?-he thought, it was better that way but he wanted action. As the group gather themselves a sudden change surprised them, the cats ran out of the little plaza they had found and the night thicken. Something was wrong. They never thought this existed.


It was approaching them, getting closer and closer but they were frozen in place, they couldn’t believe it, this thing looked human but the way it moved, the sound it made, how it looked was like a mixture of all their nightmares. As it got closer, its mouth open in a  big smile and a snake like tongue, laughing maniacally as slobber fell from its mouth. The eyes seem to morph but they couldn’t tell, they just could noticed the arms and hands. Its arm had to be broken, they were twisted in an unnatural way and those hands, three long claws.


Emitria snapped out of it first, screaming bloody murder, yet she didn’t move, it was as if this thing had complete control over her. The oldest was as confident as ever, challenging the thing to come and get him. As soon as it launched to him he was dead, the thing devouring every piece of him was enough for the others to ran, but not Emitria. She was as good as dead from the moment it appeared, her screams were the only thing that filled the night. The others ran, Kyland carried his brother and made a run for it, the screams of his friends giving him even more reasons to get out of this place.


He made it, but something was wrong. He put his brother down, trying to put two and two together. Silence, a second ago he could only hear screams and now he heard nothing yet he felt relieved. He was alive and so was his brother, he turned to get the little one but Emitria had him. Vinko was sobbing as what was left of his old nanny was laughing at Kyland’s expression. It wanted to talk, maybe taunt him but it just laughed sending shivers all over his body, as Kyland noticed his baby brother's face, he launched at the thing trying to free Vinko. The child was bleeding, crying and terrified but his brother freed him.


The poor thing was just there, crying his eyes out screaming for his brother, Kyland didn’t answer, just laughter filling the air as he struggled to keep that thing from taking other part of his body. Suddenly it growled, got up and said.


-Now you know what happens after dark-it laughed as it made its way back to the little plaza. Kyland desperately made his way back to his brother as he noticed the half eaten bodies of his friends in the distance.




-Lies-a kid said -just lies, my mom told me that story and its a lie-the class laughed and the teacher apologized for them.


-No worries-the man said, he stood up and as he removed his mask he said -now you know what happens after dark.


The class felt silent as Vinko made his way out of the place.


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Posted 06 November 2017 - 09:36 PM

In-game Name: princessluchia

Story Title: Demon Within

Story Text:


It's dark. Where am I? How did I get here? Why am I in such a disheveled state? Oh. That's right, this must be that thing's doing. How could I forget something so horrifying. Well maybe it's not that I forgot, but rather was hoping it was all a horrible nightmare. With heavy footsteps I made my way down the dimly lit alleyway blood dripping off my fingers. Once again covered in the blood of that demon's latest victim. It's been taking control over my body more often as of late. Will I eventually lose myself completely to it? There must be some way to stop it. I can't stand by and watch as more innocent victims are slaughtered, but what could I possibly do when I have no control of my own body when he is active?

The sound of footsteps can be heard around the corner. Who could it be at this time of night? Oh no! He's waking up again. Now that he's found his next prey I can't even control my body anymore. Against my will he quickly rounds the corner and pins the unsuspecting passerby to the damp street. A young woman stares into my face completely fear stricken. I don't want to watch this, but I can't just hide away and let this continue. "Heh heh heh" the demon's eerie chuckle escaped my lips with a wicked grin. He was obviously enjoying himself as he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the side. It wasn't a fatal wound but rather more of a way to induce more fear for him to feed off of. He intended to draw this out as long as possible. That is until she fainted. It was then that I felt his strength wane briefly. Enough for me to take the knife and stab it through my heart thus stopping him from doing anymore harm. Hah! So this is how my life ends, but at least I was able to stop him. He can't continue without a host after all. I can finally be at peace.

Or so I thought. As my vision began to fade away I saw the young woman stand to her feet, look at me, and then began to shake. "Hahahaha" maniacal laughter filling my ears as my world faded away. I failed to stop the demon.

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Posted 13 November 2017 - 06:49 PM

Winners have been chosen!


Thank you, everyone, for these wonderfully spooky stories. Three entries tied for the grand prize, so all three will be our winners:





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Posted 14 November 2017 - 02:56 AM


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Posted 23 November 2017 - 08:22 PM

I haven't got my mount yet, when will they give them D:?

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