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[Community Event] Terrifying Tales: A Spooky Story Contest

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#1 Idun


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Posted 05 October 2017 - 03:11 PM




Terrifying Tales: A Spooky Story Contest


October 6 to November 6


It's that time of the year, boys and ghouls! Get in the Halloween spirit by composing a RO2-themed spooky story to send shivers down our spines or  just tickle our funny bones. 


Want to describe a paranormal event in RO2? Perhaps an urban legend like Tiger Lily? Do you want your character to star in a murder mystery? Well, put on your writing cap and share your terrifying tale with us!

Entries will be accepted from October 6 to November 6, 2017
Entry Instructions

Compose a short story or spooky poem, at least 250 words. You can add images to your story to make it like a comic strip or picture book, and can include text over pictures. If you submit images with text, please include the plain text in your post as well for translation purposes. 
Winners will be chosen based on the quality, thoughtfulness, and spooktacularness. 

Winners will receive:
1x Permanent Mount of your choice.
In addition to participation prize.
Each participant will receive 2x Tentacle Trunk Prize Box and 1x 3~5 Star DNA Random Box by Cheny.

One entry per person.

Writing must be new, original work.
Entry Format
Please use this format when submitting an entry:
In-game Name:
Link to Image (if needed):

Story Title:

Story Text:

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#2 KazPlays


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Posted 16 October 2017 - 04:14 AM

In-game Name: FerlinaZ317
Link to Image (if needed): n/a

Story Title: The Legend of Kushinada

Story Text:

     A few more push and he will be on top… That is what an exhausted warrior thought as he was taking a rest after tirelessly fighting a bunch of aggressive cliff condors that swiftly swoops over their heads that, when not taken into consideration, can slice their head off.  They were an army ordered to clear up a mysterious snake-like beast that was causing mayhem over the Payon area but after their long fight, their numbers diminished, and their morale depressed. He was lost and he felt like he was the only one alive.


     “What the hell I’m doing here…my wife and my kids are waiting for me.” The lone warrior said to himself, trying at least, to give him some boost in morale. He can still smell the stench of death around him; the blood of his comrades – his friends, washed the green prairie of Forgotten Payon red. “I must go…”


     He stood up, grabbed his heavy double-handed sword on his gauntlets and walked a little further uphill until he saw a woman crossing his path with a jar of fruits. From the looks on her face, she seemed to have seen the horrors of war from the mountain foot. The woman caught a glimpse of him, and did her best to rather show a broken smile on her face as the warrior approached her.


     “What are you doing here, lady? It’s dangerous here…” The warrior asked.


     “I…I got lost on my way to the woods when I heard men screaming.” The woman replied.


     The warrior sighed, or at least, had himself calmed down; a woman was the last thing he expected to see. “Come, I will escort you to where you stay.”


     Without further ado, the woman and the warrior went uphill. Confused and somehow relieved that there were no more aggressive creatures on their way up, he shrugged the thought – thinking that he might slain all. Their journey uphill ended when the woman pointed an old rickety house and told him that was her house. Feeling in debt, the woman invited the tired warrior to stay in for the night.


     The moon shone brightly overhead as darkness covered the land. The warrior was awakened from his slumber when he heard a scratching on the walls. He sat upright and stood up quietly from the bed. He can hear footsteps tapping down the wooden floor. It was quiet at first but slowly it became louder and louder until it stopped. For a while, the warrior heard heavy breathing from behind the sliding door in front of him.


     The door moved – it was being opened by the mysterious being that the warrior heard. His eyes widened, chills went down his spine as the door opened halfway; but no one there – just darkness. Just as he thought he had a slight relief, he turned around and there it was; the familiar face of the woman he helped a while ago but her eyes were bloodshot red, her skin pale as if blood was drained out from her. She had a devilish grin on her face and her teeth were razor sharp. He tried to shout but his voice wouldn’t come out; he watched helplessly as the wraith spread her arms and lunged at him. The warrior finally shouted, however…a cry of anguish, pain...and death…


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#3 WhiteMountain


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Posted 17 October 2017 - 03:04 AM

In-game Name: Aserrha
Link to Image (if needed): n/a

Story Title:  The Song of the Pirate

Story Text:

There is this one tale I cannot forget

A tale of horror and greed and regret

Recorded on the song of a bard’s sorrowed sonata

In the beautiful white beaches of Verta Delta


The story is about a man so strong and proud

A charismatic person that stands out of the crowd

His words were big as his dreams can get

And his eyes were fixed on the goals he set


Travel he goes away, far from the land

On a ship he bought with a couple o’ grand

With a few trusty crew he found on the beach

They set ‘em sails and their dream to reach


Few years went by, his legend grew bigger

A Pirate king he become and a decisive leader

For not any admiral can match his might

And those who see his ship sail away in fright


On one of his adventures, he met this mage

Told him about a treasure kept by an elderly sage

His eyes widened, then greed took his soul

He threw the mage overboard, left him cold


Thus they continue to travel the wide, blue sea

In search for the treasure they hope they can see

As the days turned months, and months turned years

Their hopeful search will be their greatest fears


One fine sunny day, on a faraway place

Drake and his crew met this familiar face

The mage whom he abandoned, dead and cold

Is back with vengeance and a curse he told


The Pirate King drew his sword in his hand

A swift cut opened and blood washed the sand

Yet it was late, the curse is not but laid

Soon he will realize the mistake he made


Once they sailed again, in the vast blue sea

An angry storm brewed, they cannot flee

Their ship was smashed, wrecked and devastated

And Drake’s soul was consumed by death’s hatred


If you think that ends the legend of Drake

Better consider the stories the others make

For in the high seas, one will see a frightening sight

A floating vessel filled with dead men’s plight


They say it was the curse of the slain mage

That blinded this Pirate King with greed and rage

But some say that was the treasure they’ve found

To be risen from their graves and their souls be bound


So once again, returned from death’s shallow grip

Drake and his crew are to sail his ghostly ship

With phantom bodies and lifeless eyes

They will send ghastly terror from the rising tides.


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Posted 17 October 2017 - 02:46 PM

In-game Name: Creylic
Link to Image (if needed): N/A

Story Title: The taste I can't forget

Story Text:

I see you running towards who awaits you
Weaving through the crowd
Flowers in your arms
It's just like a scene out of a movie
I'm sad, I'm a mess
I've hit the bottom rock,
but I still have to play
And this how people like us survive
Before I know it, 
Against a screen of  bright red clouds
I hear  the refrain against the black curtain of my closed eyes
Over  and over, again and again.
And every time, my heart beats
It's like what my mother left me scatters away
I want to hear it again, 
Yet I don't want to hear it again.
One more time, I want to see her
Yet I don't want to see her
This kind of feeling, what was it called again?
What do you call this kind of feeling again?
In the blink of a star
You're with me
Lying, warm in a black and white bedsheet 
Sleeping like there's nothing to worry about
Here I am
Glazing in your  undescribable eyes
Pointing all the details
What an astonishing view~
You're so amazing
But now you look like an ordinary girl
I don't want to end this
Continouing without a fret
It's a sad little piano
You should never  put a piano near  water
But I decorated it with fresh flowers
Okay, just a little then
I used to have a cat just like this one
A black cat with a fluffy fur
It's cute and disciplined
And taste like a human metronome
The scream, I can hear it at first
But somewhere along the way
The more I fed myself
The more I consumed by my performance
The sounds I made
Fade away from my reach,
Tangling up like a flowers
Seized by the spring wind and vanish
It doesn't affect me at all
It's only the sound of my prey
Hearing the sounds of my fingers striking the flesh
Making a high tone telling it's a buffet
What do you call this kind of feeling again?
Maybe, probably what you call yearning, I bet 
You exist inside a spring that can't be replaced
I've made my mind, I'm appointing you as my best

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