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10/04 Patch Feedback

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#1 AndraSyte


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Posted 06 October 2017 - 01:46 PM

Greetings Temperions!


It's time to gather feedback once again! As always, if you have already voiced your concerns in another topic please do not feel like you are required to post in here as well. But if you have not posted any feedback yet please feel more than welcome to leave it here. 


As usual please remember to follow the forum's Rules of Conduct. If a post does violate the rules of conduct, as per normal, it may be removed or edited. If you are unsure how to leave effective feedback please take a look at the example formats below:


What to Do:

  • Stating "I like XXX aspect of the game but wish it was altered/enhanced this way" gives us very precise information on what the issue is as well as an idea of what a possible solution would be.
  • Stating "This xxx feature isn't working well and I think it would be better if yyyyy happened" also gives us precise information.

What Not to Do:

  • Stating "This game is bad and isn't fulfilling my needs" provides us no information on what the problem is and in turn does not help us come up with possible solutions to address the issue. 

Remember the more details regarding your concern the better! You can also PM me directly about any suggestions or concerns! On Tuesday 10/10 I will be collecting/organizing the concerns given and will send it to the team! 


Thank you again everyone! Let's keep up these feedback conversations! 

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#2 Kazara


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Posted 06 October 2017 - 01:51 PM

What Helium should look into is feedback regarding balance and forge, because improvements on those 2 is what will bring good part of the players back and keep new players in game.
Transmogrify...very disappointing it's not for weapons too, also all those NPCs in front of nova lux warp gate don't look nice at all, maybe you could have used a xenoa for the xenoa armor seller, a kruxena for the kruxena one etc....put them in the middle of the plaza.
But again, reading feedback and working on balance and forge should be the top priority for Helium as now, everything else should wait.

Edited by Kazara, 06 October 2017 - 02:40 PM.

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#3 AndraSyte


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Posted 06 October 2017 - 02:41 PM

Thank you for bring up those points Kazara as I had previously forgot to mention that general feedback is also welcome! 

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#4 Creds


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Posted 07 October 2017 - 02:28 AM

First of all.


- stop nerf Classes wich allready dead like Avenger (No Light Dmg / no Increase in SCAD + SCC)


- added Ranger SCAD ? Ranger is since Beta an AA Class


- CAD on WL is useless since WL isnt that strong, most of WLs cant kill anyone


- add an good Enhance System since you destroyed the old one


- ask ppl for idears for new content


- nerf Face Strike (only 12 sec - AOE skill)


- nerf Terms of Service





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#5 1959150309192446627


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Posted 07 October 2017 - 02:29 AM

Suggestion 1:

i was thinking that it could be cool if we have monster weapon drops by a fixed rate.

For Example:

Mobs in AT have Spears, Dual Daggers, that could be a 0.001% chance to get a Item Called ''Naga Spear'' 

The Item Would be: 2 Handed Axe
With Foxed Stats Like DEX CON and PCC, same as lvl 25 gd Axe and lvl 65 Axes

Crusader Soldier: could drop 1 Weapon called Crusader Blade at 0.001% Chance.

1H Blade Same stats as any other blade STR, CON, Evasion.

Also add new compounds Recipes like this:
Crusader Soldier, also have a chance to drop another item called, Crusader Soldier Dual Swords Recipe that when you put this on compound you could make your 1h blade Into a Dual Blade

Recipe requeriments:

Crusader Soldier Recipe: Dual Swords
Crusader Soldier 1h Sword
Crusader Soldier 1h Sword
X* amount of xeon of Y* Grade.

X*: cuanty of xeons as you guys choose
Y*: Xeons type of your choise: Ordinary, Supernus, Eximius, Rare, Carus, Maximius.

this is an example of a new compound recipe, it could be cool to get this one also we make use of the Misc. Section To put recipes there and you have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT new content

ALSO!: another item example:
Unknow Nebulion Staff:
2 h Staff with Physical and Damage, Cant be Renforced, or Enchanted bound on Equip Item
you can see stats of this staff by a new recipe:

Knowledgemaster's Book of Recipes:

Drop from X Raid (Same As Vox Enchants drop but in the boss of you guys choise) boss that helps us to ''know'' the stats of our items. Depending on the grade. for eample if we found a lvl 20 unknow weapon we have to go and kill Bony Hook on Chastle Sanctum to get the knowledge master book of recipe's grade Ordinary
We want Supernus lvl 55 One we have to kill Riun of Laments Qualin or Violent Lode at Secret Lab, etc.

The recipe would be At compound Blacksmith:


Knowledgemaster's Book of Recipes

Unknow X Weapon (Place any Unknow weapon here)

X Amount of Xeons of Y Type. 

X amount of Shards of Infinity (you can make shards reducing an atma) i suggest more than 100 shards per weapon. depending on the grade of the weapon.

LV 20- 50 Shards
LV 55- 60 Shards
LV 65- 75 Shards
LV 69- 85 Shards
LV 79- 100 Shards
LV 80- 150 Shards
LV 90+ - 250 Shards.

well i think the general idea is kinda cool. this help to revive the forgoten Bosses also allow low lvl party's content etc.

Suggestion 2:

New Mecaros Stiles:
Now we have mecaros with fire why not paint him a little bit and gives us a new ones like:

Frost Wind Mecaros: Same model as Mecaros but with Icy Effect.
Thunderbolt Mecaros: Same model as Mecaros but with Thunder Effect.
change the name of Mecaros to Blaze Mecaros.
Gust Mecaros: Same model as Mecaros but with Wind Effect
Earth Dividing Mecaros: Same model as Mecaros but with Earth Effect.
Brilliant Mecaros: Same model as Mecaros but with Light Effect.
Reaper Mecaros: Same model as Mecaros but with Dark Effect

ALSO The effects should change Mecaros Color of Eyes.

hope my creativity would see the light on the servers i have more idieas on mind but i need to polish them to post first.
also this is (i think) easy content to create, and simple that can be a solution and also bring more life to low till high lvl maps with new mechanics.

hope everyone like it and have a nice day

-if an idea comes to my mind while im playing i will edit this comment and add more things-


Edited by 1959150309192446627, 07 October 2017 - 02:34 AM.

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#6 lucifer21c


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Posted 07 October 2017 - 10:57 PM

Currently crossbow's total damage of Assasin (As) is stronger than that of Shadow-runner (SR).


This difference of crossbow's damage between As & SR is more pronounced with +30 darkest armors.


Above fact explains that increasing critical additional damage (CAD) with STR stat is more determining factor for total AA damage than that of increasing long range (LR) damage with DEX stat.


This is why most SR players select AA style with STR enchanting.

And I think, Ranger players also have same problems and they want more CAD values.


As Kazara said in reply to 09/27 patch feedback, DEX stats should be revamped for LR AA style characters.


All the SR user wants to restore Melee damage from 5 to 13 which was nerfed at 09/27 patch.

Unless restoring Melee damage, as redboise said in reply to 09/27 patch feedback, SRs will be a AS with low Melee , LR damage and only one AOE skill (hopeless trap of silence).


Finally, debuff skills of Sr should be revamped and their casting time should be reduced or instant. 




Edited by lucifer21c, 08 October 2017 - 08:19 AM.

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#7 xSweetDreamsx


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 05:09 AM

There are many things people can write here and have written many times in other places. I am confused to where Helium is gaining his knowledge before making changes to classes, armours and skills since many seem to be a big error, again it would be a list to name all.


My ask to Helium is to take the time to look through all armours, all classes and all skills, yes this would take alot of time, but if he spent 3-4 weeks doing this, he would gain reasonable knowledge, then it would save all these errors and issues we are having. There are to many things introduced/fixed/changed that have problems, it happens almost every time there is a change made to the game. Actually i think players are more amazed when something is done that does not have any issues/errors. 


Each time there is a change made to game, players are losing more confidence in Helium and dont see any positive outcome for this game i can see that many have already gave up trying. 


Recently Helium updated the forge system, so far i have not saw 1 player with positive feedback about this new system, please start to listen to your players, we are still waiting for enchant and compound system also to be updated. If Helium will not change this reinforce forge system, please think about considering Kazaras idea of increasing the capability of Atmas vs 1% compoundable forge xeons. Atm the max reinforce xeon is 9% with atmas, this could be increased to at least 18%.

This addition would also make Premium Dungeon useful again. After the new forge system was introduced you have decreased the value/demand of Atmas and i am sure many people will not buy prem now.


With Halloween event about to begin, this is a chance for Helium to bring people back to game, please consider all aspects of game when you are making this event, it is great having mini bosses spawn all over map but i do miss the good old days when event items dropped from all mobs, this also covers pve and pvp players and many pve players find it impossible to farm because of PK guilds. Also the event drops should be updated, please stop giving us low level enchants because not even level 49 foc characters are using these, please add Tyrant Ruinhorn, Mythic Doom Cheras and Voxyon enchants. Event items are very outdated for many years already. Also if you have to add sealed items, please keep to your word and dont add 40% hp and 20% stats, why not add 20% hp and 10% stats which do not create unbalance.



Update Battlefield NPCs, FoC npc sells reinforce rate xeons 2-4-6%, this is far to low and not on level with the more recent updates, please update these xeon's, it will also help to make Battlefields more active, we have had several pve updates, daily quests, BT, atmas but nothing on battlefields. Also Ion Mine NPC is selling ampilio xeons, no one uses these now, these are practically useless for over 3-4 years.



We do not need new items and updates done with haste that come with many faults and bugs, please start to update, upgrade what we already have in game. Items sold on NPC, lants, Drops, Treasure Dungeon all need updated badly. There is nothing Premium about Premium Dungeon and No Treasure in Treasure Dungeon. 



Regarding Lucifers opinions about Shadow Runner and Assassin, i believe you are talking like SR is in a bad way but this is completely wrong, SR has 2 stuns, 1 of the best AoE silences, slow and a OP debuff that has a duration of 70 seconds.



Overall talking about skills i think that debuffs, stuns, silences should be re-thought, why do they all have such long durations in this game, this would not happen in any other game, some debuffs having a duration of over 1 minute is a joke.



Helium, i would not like to see you make changes purely based on 1 persons comments (not talking me solely, talking anyone). This is why it is so important that you start to play and test. Please try all classes on level 90 +30 Darkest sets 0/8.





Listen to community.

Talk to your community.

Test all armours skills on your own.

Change atmas vs 1% compound system.

Rethink Event to suit shared PVE/PVP Server.

Update Event Drops.

Rethink Debuffs, Silences, Stuns.

Don't make changes with Haste.

Update Battlefield NPC Items Sold.




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#8 AndraSyte


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 02:09 PM

Thank you everyone who took time to include your thoughts and feedback! We really appreciate it! I am currently organizing this feedback with some from other topics so that I can send it off to the Requiem team! If I do get any of their thoughts on this feedback I will make sure to share it here! 

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#9 FireBee


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Posted 13 October 2017 - 11:55 PM

Ok so the Halloween event is here again and so come the barrage of them and us, limited spawns and spawn times and ever increasing amounts of people camping specific spots.


Why can events not be spawned in private instances or tagged on to dungeons?

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