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How to BSQ

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 09:50 AM





1. Which Team Do I Join In?

2. What Is My Classes Job In BSQ

3. Flag Spees

4. How Do I Die Right?









1. Which Team Do I Join In?


So lets take this as an example-


You were late for BSQ and see these two teams







Which team do you join now in?

Depends on what class you play and how geared you are!



Join the Red Team if you are a stacked:

  • Sorcerer
  • Invoker
  • Twin
  • Summoner

Join the Blue Team if you are unstacked/ unskilled or a Human Class with low Crowd Control like:

  • Ninja
  • Overlord
  • Dragoon
  • Destroyer
  • etc.
  • if you are stacked and experienced you can also join the left team (didnt want to offend any classes, k?!)


What will happen if you join as an ungeared/ unskilled the RED team?


-> You unbalanced the BSQ even more because now another Summoner will join the BLUE team and your teammates will be probably quitting sooner or later. 


  •  also another "Friend" of the "op" BLUE Team can line up now again.


But if you Line-Up in the BLUE Team instead you (as an ungeared/ unskilled player) will at least prevent that one more OP char joins BLUE.


So basically rather wait a minute than unbalancing the whole game even more.






2. What Is My Classes Job In BSQ?


Basically everyones Job is to:


  • catch and kill the opponents flagholder
  • defend your own teams flagholder

Ofc you cant do both things at the same time, so if you see that your teams Flagholder gets attacked from a mob of 3 or more opponents, then you go and hurry to help your teammate out! This can be done regardless of the gear you have. 






You can do following with your class to defend your teams Flagholder:



  • spam traps at the opponents while they are trying to take your team mate down
  • stun them with chain stun
  • Net them
  • pull them away with Wire Action
  • Launch them to interrupt them. For example with Falcons and Wolf


  • chaincombo stun
  • Flashbang
  • Snipe
  • Shootdown
  • (simple x spam wont hurt / interrupt stacked players)



  • Stumble
  • use your Bears
  • Chain Stun
  • Launch them to intterrut them (wyvern for example but its a bit risky)
  • Make them fall with Sword Dance, Gust Slash


  • Spear Jab
  • Cross Cut
  • Shield Bach
  • Bear
  • Chain Stun
  • Sword Dance


  • Basically all skills
  • Wood Rush
  • Rocket Punch
  • Mist Vanish
  • Sky Pene
  • Violent Blow
  • Dagger
  • Cross Blade


  • Headspin
  • Final D
  • Nut Cracker
  • Claw Fishing
  • Awakening Ones


  •  everything that stuns, flinches, knockbacks


  • chaincombo stun
  • rolling stone
  • spell trap (thank you ShortHair for correcting me)
  • (simple xspam if you arent well geared wont hurt/ interrupt the enemies since it doesnt flinch)


  • pull them away with Magnet
  • use Muddy
  • Freeze them
  • Flinch them with Chain Lightning


  • PINGU!
  • Blizzard
  • Flinch with Fire Emblem
  • (time freeze.. meh.. depends on the situation)





Basically just try to catch the Flagholder. Sounds easy, will be hard.


Probably the easiest way is to catch the Flagholder with an Invoker who uses Barbarian.


NOTE: any Invoker can do this. Regardless if you are geared or not. 



How to get Flags back:

  • dont go play a one man army and try to 1vs7 the other team -> wait for your team mates and go together
  • on your way to the place where the opponent flagholders are camping you will encounter people without flags dont waste your resources and 4o1 them. One guy alone can lock one enemy. The other people move forwards to the Flag Holder. I see it often enough that 3 of my teammates are locking 1 guy without flags. thats nonsense!
  • use insta catching skills like Barb, Sleep, etc.


How to kill the Flag Holder:

  • IF the opponents Flag Holder got catched I want to see team support. I see it often enough that one guy catches the enemy whos holding like 9 flags, but no one is there because 4 people are locking down unimportant player.
  • Spam everything at the Flagholder what you got WHICH KEEPS HIM AT THE GROUND
  • i repeat: dont launch the flagholder, dont make him fall- otherwise he can groundrecover -> Groundlock him
  • place your skills wisely in the most ases you will attack from one site the flagholder and the enemy team will (more or less) surround you to interrupt your Groundlock. So if you see that there are already 2 Teslas at the Flagholder, then better Net him and put YOUR Tesla (not at the flagholder) but at the opponents team member
  • so basically interrupt those who are trying to interrupt you while you are groundlocking the flagholder 
  • outsmart your opponent





3. Flag Spees


Not much to say:

  • kill them before your opponent kills them
  • the one who dealt the most damage gets the flag, not the one who actually killed the spee!
  • example: you deal 51% dmg to the Spee, your opponent kills it but dealt only 49% dmg -> you will get the flag



4. How Do I Die Right?


Dying is easy. But dying like a pro is hard.


If you see that you are low on health follow these steps:


  • die close to a tanky team mate of your team

thats it. Dont rush with your flags into the opponent team. Stay close to your teammates, wait for the opponent to come, place some Tesla/ Traps, Magnet, whatever which wont let the enemy pick up your flags easily. Go suicide like get hit by the opponents Summoners Helix Shot on purpose.


-> Now your Tanky Teammate can pick up the flags and your team will be able to continue to gather points.



Its called FlagSwap


Its a strategy.





People who play alot or play together know this stuff, which will decide the Game more or less.



You can check YouTube videos of PvPer to see how they do BSQ- this might help you also.


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#2 qweweqweqwq


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 03:29 PM



  • Spam everything at the Flagholder what you got WHICH KEEPS HIM AT THE GROUND



The whole guide for me.

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Posted 10 October 2017 - 03:59 PM

i loled

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Posted 10 October 2017 - 08:47 PM

There's nothing much to do than what qwewe stated. The rest is pretty much optionnal.
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