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Posted 12 October 2017 - 10:44 PM

I've tried submit a ticket but I was wrongfully accuse of botting after 1 week patiently waited for answer from support teams 

it was a long time ago but I decided to come back to lvl a Gx and I find out my old account has being blocked out of no where



what if i lvl a new Gx my account will be blocked again since no evidence was proven of me using a third party software to bot or accuse me of RMT later after all my hardship of lvling and gathering an artificial zeny just to buy the stuff im longing for why locking others account without proven them guilty it's seems like judge dredd to me exercutional and judge same person


Was it Law Abiding Citizens that the warp portal has all power under their palm and doing as their please even without the consciousness of the user or the gamer which has support the creator of the game


All I wanted was lvling getting the zenies pile up so I can improve my hero to next lvl that I can do what I have fail  last time  and wronyfully accusation of mine might has strike many players and now how I find the 400 eden Ti to become more or less players then it use to be maybe many has being discarded but their sound was not heard


My heart shatters in pieces since the wrongfully accusations of such and my voice was merely powerless against the corrupted ,,might be why they can still edit the forum to hide the truth about certains matters and cover-up to limit our voice of the ppl to protect their policy


I prefer to cry out and die then to be silent and yet lives


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Posted 13 October 2017 - 03:59 AM


Sorry to hear that.


Due to privacy and security concerns, and because accounts suspensions are tied to their own account IDs, discussing them on forums in public is not allowed.

To address the issue properly, it is advised to use the same ticket to inquire further, you may also contact Krexus with your concerns on the ticket handling.


I will lock this topic for now, if you have questions about the ticket system please send me a private message :)

Thank you for understanding.


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