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help with gear including im

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Posted 15 October 2017 - 04:42 AM

hello, about to make summoner for pve farming bosses and w\e else he farms and having fun in generally.


off topic: how is he at pvp?


wanna buy some gear


here is what i thought of:


hookah hat
lava neck 3 stars
lava ear 4 stars
lava ring 4 stars
verdure ring
verdure belt


as for normal right now only basic, maby would take lv 40 set or 47 idk.


as for im i want the bis.


summon golgon earring \ rolling stone earring
ultimate hero hat-top-glove-shoes. there is also the fox hat wich give 20% atk speed.

considering taking only 3 items, depending how much i can squzie of other sets.

purple wizard wings, also not sure if there are any better wings.

cute blue messenger shoulders
heartbreaker gunstuff


aiming for like 200-230% atk spped

movment speed is good but not as importent atm.


also wich best set at the end game. and how much atk speed does it give.

what lv should i begin care about gear.


anyone maby got gearing guide?


thanks in advance.


edit: what summons should i use besides golem and bird.

does he have some good aoe skills to get thouse 3xS ranks?


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