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WoE Discussion Threads

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#1 CMAstra


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Posted 27 October 2017 - 02:34 PM

Hello RE:START players!


Let's talk about talking about WoE.

After WoE each week, many threads crop up so players can talk about the events of the battle. And many times, it inevitably spirals off-topic, with many players stooping to personal insults and abusive language.


The heated nature of WoE threads has not gone unnoticed by the staff. While we appreciate the amount of passion players have for this aspect of the game and understand that competition comes with a fair amount of brash behavior, there is a line to be drawn on official public forums. We'd love to continue to have our players discuss WoE in a civil manner, but if WoE threads continue to devolve into nothing more than pub brawls, we will have to remove them from the forums for a time.


We will give 2 weeks.

During this time, we will be moderating content more heavily.

  • Mild off-topic comments, insults, and such will be removed
  • Continuous harassment and abusive arguing will come with greater consequences, such as mod queue or temporary ban.
  • Alternate accounts made for the sake of trolling and harassing outside of your main account will be suspended without warning. Continuous attempts to create alternate accounts for this purpose will warrant a suspension on the user's main account.

If  this goes well and the WoE threads can remain relatively civil for that long, we will let them stay on the forums.

If they continue to go sour despite this, they will be removed.


For a refresher on the forum rules, please click here: https://forums.warpp...conduct-update/


Thank you everybody, be excellent to each other.

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#2 CMAstra


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Posted 17 November 2017 - 03:54 PM

After 3 weeks since the last post, we have decided to disallow WoE discussion threads for the time being.

Unfortunately, the heated nature of these threads often leads to people making personal insults and attacks against one another, among other such behavior unbecoming of a good forum citizen.


After WoE, please do not attempt to start up WoE discussion threads. Any attempts will be hidden by our VMods.

If one repeatedly attempts to open up WoE discussion threads several times in a row, they will receive a warning to start, and the consequences will escalate from there if warnings are not taken seriously. This goes with many warning offenses we currently have in place.

Posting WoE recap videos is allowed so long as it's for the sole purpose of sharing the videos, and the videos themselves are not negative or abusive in any way. Attempts to turn WoE video threads into similar discussion threads will be hidden, and the post locked.


Will WoE threads ever come back? In the future they might, should we decide that it is all right to do so. 

Let's keep these forums a good place for all to enjoy.


If you believe someone is cheating during WoE, that complaint belongs in a ticket to the GM Team.

Please send them related videos and reports here: https://support.warp...in/Default.aspx

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#3 CMAstra


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Posted 28 November 2017 - 12:04 PM

Addendum -


Since a few folks have asked me about posting links to external WoE threads, let me clarify here that yes, posting links to external WoE discussions is allowed.

However, the VMods or staff will likely lock the thread after the initial post, just so it doesn't become a WoE discussion thread itself.

The same will go for WoE video posts.


Thanks everyone :)

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