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Posted 16 November 2017 - 06:52 PM

So the reason to ask for all of this to buff death snatch because it's fun while you guys are still totally fine without it? :p_omg:  and just like what you said if death snatch is buffed whether by increasing the stun rate to 100% or letting the user move sooner then it will lead to another problem that overlord will have another way to catch enemy :p_omg:  overlord is already a class with many ways to catch an enemy in 1v1 pvp. They currently have at least 5 ways to catch someone by using 1. Sword dance 2. Bear 3. Stumble 4. Gust Slash 5. Wyvern blade, meanwhile the most of other classes only has 1-3 ways to catch an enemy and besides overlord is not a weak class in 1v1 PvP especially after the dmg multiplier, they are a middle to strong class. So I don't think they need such a buff on death snatch to have another way to catch an enemy just "for fun" while they are totally fine without it. If you say you won't use death snatch to recatch and start another combo then you are fine without doing it at all too, or? :questionmark: 


Totally fine? A class that, apart from Stumblebum, catches and combos almost entirely using knockdowns and flinches in a meta of superarmor and lag-causing m.speed is not exactly fine in my opinion, although I love it for its play style. I play all classes and even though Overlord is my favorite, I see it as being one of the weaker and more challenging classes to use. xD Besides, Death Snatch is a linker and not a catch skill. You can't catch someone with a skill that is only able to hit airborne enemies. You can catch with cutdown, dash attack, incoming bear, etc. and then chain it into this, but you can't catch using this skill. You will also get raged or called a n00b by people if you're catching using only SD, Stumble, or Wyvern. I think the main argument here is to make the skill work as it's supposed to, and as the description defines it. It's not a game breaking change and the Warrior classes could both use some amount of balancing anyway.

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