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Magma 2 Dungeon Guide

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#1 htpgmail


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 09:36 AM

Guide for Magma 2 Dungeon

With the release of 2-2, Magma Dungeon 2: Nogg Road can be a nice alternative to CTHO (Clock Tower High Orcs). However, players will need to prepare for this dungeon with a couple pieces of gear and a proper mix of party members. I will elaborte on this later. This guide will only cover Magma Dungeon lvl 2 and assumes you will be in a party that is CAMPING. You can use this guide to help with smaller (2-3 people) roaming parties as well.


Take your favorite way to Juno (Either warp from Aldebaron or take the airship from Izlude), then walk 1 map south, and 1 map east to Juno Field 03: El Mes Plateau. The middle warp portal on the west side of that map is the entrance to Magma Dungeon. Once you are in the dungeon, the entrance to lvl 2 is at the top right of the map.


The monsters in Magma 2 are powerful enemies! For the sake of making this guide concise and easy to read, I only have outlined the major skills these monsters use

Sky Deleter
Fireball - High AOE Fire Damage
Fireball - High AOE Fire Damage
Meteor Storm - High AOE Fire Damage
Nightmare Terror
Dark Strike - High single target Damage
Curse Attack - Curses player


NON-TANK Players
(Anyone hanging out in the Bard / Dancer song & dance area)
Armor: [Armor Name] of Ifrit - Pasana Card (Enchants Armor with Fire Property)
Muffler: Divine [Garment Name] - Isis Card (Increase resistance to Shadow Property by 30%)

As you can see there is a LOT of fire damage coming from the monsters here. You will survive longer and gain experience faster by wearing a Pasana Carded Armor. The Fireball skill will wipe your party very quickly without it. The Shadow damage from Nightmares is nothing to sniff at either. The Isis Card Garment will help mitigate the shadow damage from their skills.

Armor: Evil [Armor Name] - Bathory Card (Enchants Armor with Shadow Property)
Garment: Immune [Garment Name] - Raydric Card (Increases resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%)
ALTERNATIVE: Jakk Card Garment - (Increase resistance to Fire Property by 30%)

The reason tanks are taking Bathory Carded armor instead of Pasana is to avoid the Nightmare terror attacks which can make mobbing very difficult in this dungeon. Tank players should have enough HP and pots to eat any Fireballs they receive on their way back to the group.


NOTE: Bring Holy Water to remove the curse Nightmare Terror inflict.

FOR THOSE WHO CAN WEAR SHIELD (Guard, Buckler, Shield, etc), YOU SHOULD.

[Shield Name] of Hell - Khalitzburg Card (Reduce damage from Demon monsters by 30%)
[Shield Name] of Dragoon - Sky Petite Card (Reduce damage from Dragon monsters by 30%)



2 Support Priests - BUFFS & HEALS
Wizards - AOE DPS
1 Magic Strings Bard - CASTING BUFF
1 Bard / 1 Dancer Mental Sensing - EXP BUFF
3-4 Knights or Assassins - PULLERS
1-2 DPS (Blacksmith, Monk, Rogue, Hunter) - FOCUS NIGHTMARE TERROR

You can of course mix the party as you like (or can), but ideally you want good AOE dps, solid pullers and some DPS to take care of the Nightmare Terrors (THEY WILL EAT YOUR WIZARDS). You may also use Crusader here to cast Sacrifice on your squishy members.


Disclaimer: Any exceptional player can fill more than 1 role. Except Priest. Hunters can't be Priests.






~~~~ Feel free to reply with suggestions that I may add to this guide ~~~~

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#2 DrunkenBear


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 11:17 AM

I'm pretty sure you can still get cursed even though you're wearing evil / bathory armor.

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#3 Dythe


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 11:45 AM

I'm pretty sure you can still get cursed even though you're wearing evil / bathory armor.


Yes, you can. I'd love to see a party like this going though. Have always loved that map. :p_idea:

I have duo'd there with a knight friend, with me playing priest. It can get a bit mobby. However due to the shadow strike attack the Nightmare Terrors use (same as Anubis), I'd say all players would want Bathory armor for Magma 2, and then potentially a Jakk garment to cover the fire resistance that way. Though I ran with Raydric (no Jakk atm), I'm also 9x, so obviously your mileage may vary. Suffice to say everything there can hurt one way or another.

Also the SP drain is obnoxious and WoE pots will be needed for that alone, though I could also see a potential use for a 2nd dancer in this party comp with SP song (Gypsy's Kiss) going.


By the way, since Nightmare Terrors are Demon, having one of the priests as Magnus Exorcismus build might be a nice bonus, especially if SP song is available (since the full support priest will have to do more of the work in that case).


As always it is worth reminding that with the EXP ensemble, monsters must be killed within its area of effect in order to receive the bonus. Still, I like this idea.

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#4 htpgmail


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 12:03 PM

Thank you @Dythe @DrunkenBear!! I will update this guide shortly.

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#5 htpgmail


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Posted 21 November 2017 - 06:45 AM

I will be going to Magma 2 after maintenance to farm some of the drops in there. Earth Deleter Card is insane, and Rosary[1] & Infiltrators should sell nicely too. Who is down to go? PM Pits or Laily/Kaily in-game if you are interested.

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#6 Nitroku


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Posted 29 November 2017 - 09:40 PM

+1 for this awesome info and party setup.  One day, I would like to party down in magma 2.  I am level 84, and still need to gear up though.  Since Raydrics doubled in price over night, they are well out of my range so currently hunting them for car drops. :)


Do you ever solo down there?  What weapon would be ideal for fast killing?

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