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Cart Revo Stat Build

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#1 Morlord


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Posted 24 November 2017 - 10:49 PM

Any recommendations / improvements on this? :


STR: 70

AGI: 50

VIT: 64

INT: 58

DEX: 50



High INT is mainly to not run into SP issues while spamming cart revo when having to level solo.

Around 50 INT seems to be the magical number to allow 12 SP skills to be used without ever running out of SP.


I just want a build to reach lv 99 fast and easy.

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#2 Ashuckel


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Posted 26 November 2017 - 01:48 AM

Cart Revolution doesnt miss btw.

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#3 iSeenUB4


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Posted 26 November 2017 - 11:18 AM

Your smith and reasoning behind the build is very similar to mine who is currently sitting at Lv96.

Having 24+2 Int, I have to tell you its not really worth it to pump intelligence hoping to sustain cart-revolution since the SP regen has been globally nerfed. With a Bless it rounds off to 36 points which helps me regenerate when sitting for a bit with my priest's Magnificat. Moreover the 36 points gives you a % boost over the recovery of SP items, you will mostly be using GJ/Strawberries/WoEPots to sustain leveling with Cart Revo. If I could redo I would probably leave the int around 18~

You can keep your DEX at 38 base, since with Bless and your Job bonus it will get a bonus of +22 DEX so you will round yourself at 60 Total and 70 with VIP Buff

If you want to level fast I would recommend an Endower and Buffer, A Dustiness Card, A Bathory/Argiope Card, Any other Elemental Armors, you should level in a place where you A. Don't get 1shotted B. Is Mobby C. Can exploit elemental weakness

Lv 1 to Cart Revolution - Level like an Agility character, it will save you loads of pots, boost/max your final AGI while having enough DEX to not miss. REFINE YOUR WEAPON
Cart Revolution to Blacksmith - Start investing in VIT, bring potions, Mob and level in mobby places to enjoy the full benefits of Cart Revolution
Blacksmith and Onwards - Get Power Thrust, Adrenaline Rush then get Weaponry Research 10 keep mobbing
End-game - Slap on your Dustiness Card, Bathory and 1v1 Anubis to 99

Your best all rounder budget weapon will be +7 2x Andre Two Handed Axe if you have the funds, get Zipper Bears but that will force you to use SP items to level

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