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Rogue - Sightless Mind & Hiding change

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Posted 08 December 2017 - 08:12 AM

Sightless Mind is a rather difficult to use skill, as Hiding gets cancelled quiet often or the player not being able to execute the skill properly by cancelling Hiding themselves, while spamming both hotkeys in hope that a monster attack won't cancel it already.


On top of that there is the 30 SP total cost, which makes it one of the more expensive 2nd class melee skills while also being the one with the lowest success rate in execution.



I'd suggest following change to Hiding and Sightless Mind:


If a Rogue has Sightless Mind, Hiding will provide a passive "buff" that allows the execution of Sightless Mind regardless of the current Hiding status, and will refund the base SP costs of the Hiding skill. (not the slowly drained SP from staying hidden)


The buffs duration and SP refund would scale with the level of Sightless Mind, 2s / sp, 4s / sp, 6s / sp, 8s / sp, 10s / sp.

Only when Sightless Mind then is used, the SP will be refunded.


So when having Sightless Mind Lv 5, after using Hiding, the Rogue will get a 10s passive buff that allows the use of Sightless Mind regardless if the Rogues hiding status has been cancelled.

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