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Stat/skill Build

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#1 KingZ77


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Posted 20 December 2017 - 07:28 AM

Can any SM out there share their thoughts on the best DPS stat/skill builds? I just created one and would appreciate any tips.
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#2 Ihrin


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Posted 03 January 2018 - 05:08 PM

hi! im a newbie as SM too xD my main is crecentia, and im building right now a dps-sm, i thnk i will focus on getm as much magic power i can, throught int runes+80 everywhere, magic power o accesories, power rune on weapon, agicpower honing on doll and handle, vit in normal hones from armor, and as cards, i wanna use queen serenai epic +10 for get there the vigor and high penetration, lik vit as well, i thi n AGI isnt a rune or a bonus you wanan search for, since it only gives +1 critical for each 1 AGI point... and well, this is my vision, use only the left and middle branch of skill tree, maybe maxx out restore, or restoratio, one of those, all others, no point. in my opinion... ill reset the skills many tiem snayways but xD!, as i said, im newbie too!

im not gonna put for example my 375 stat points on vit, since i giive a fu** what others say, vit for dps-sm in my opinion and in theory, is only good for "sacrifice" skill... but, we will ahve many other skills for dps too xD! since it is an alt, im going to use only devotion link and the one with magic attack, maybe the healing link too, but not the acceleration one, that is pretty useless for me... and well, if i know more, ill tell you inhere! wish me good luck e.e


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