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A crazy idea that probably won't ever be implemented into the game

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#1 henrycao


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 12:48 PM

Rose Online being the game that fuses both MMORPG and MOBA together.


We can create a new (GA) game arena mode and everyone level 10 and up can queue.


It will cost 3000 GA energy upon entering and caps at 50 players.


Before we get too far into this with any misconceptions:


The ideas are:


everyone upon queue gets spawned into the waiting room ( like the one we currently have in CrystalDefenders, AkramArena, and DraconisPeaks.)


Upon entry, every single character is automatically starting at level 10 with no inventory access and no gears. (however, will have access to the skill tab)


Inside the waiting room, there will be an NPC named Gatherall. Players talk to him in order to pick a class. Either Dealer, Hawker, Muse, or Soldier.


Once everyone is given 2 minutes to pick a class they will automatically be equipped with the basic level 10 class items and given access to Cart and Castle Gear skills then teleported into the arena. Note** players who do not pick a class will be teleported back to their original spot they queued from.


The map will look like its own island surrounded by ocean. Players will spawn separately all around the edges of this giant island. In the centre of the island, there will be a capture point that takes 10 seconds of survival to capture. Upon capture, the player will be granted an automatically equipped Castle Gear with restored health and 10x scaling stats.


Around the circumference of this map, several bridges will cross over the ocean towards a lighthouse next to a garage of Rose Online carts with weapons attached to them.


Weapon type of the Cart and Castle Gear will be based on class.


objectives: capture carts and castle gear to empower one's own character.

gain exp over time and gain additional exp for every target killed. Level up skills and abilities. Respawn timer takes an extra second longer for every additional level above 10. Max level is 100.

Honour, Valor, empowerment materials will be distributed after the match based on how well the player did when compared to the rest.


(extra notes: clicking a Cart or Castle Gear is like clicking an egg in draconis peaks, except instead of carrying it, players ride it. Upon death, players fall off the cart or castle gear and it stays where the player was last but can be clicked and taken again. Players will also have the opportunity to unequip the item to hog it if they choose to do so. However, upon death, the item will be returned back to its original spot.)

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#2 Lijona


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 01:51 PM

sounds interesting.

But as long as group crashes are not fixed, there is no point to go for a new game arena.

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#3 Feuer


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 07:11 PM

Actually there is, just not any large scale group modes. a 2v2 and 3v3 style arena would be perfectly do-able, small scale so easy to make maps, and would work quite well especially outside of peak hours. 


I personally don't care much for moba's, the idea is sound, but I'd hate to see ROSE succumb to the moba 'fanboys'. 

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