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What type of monk are you?

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 06:45 PM

I recently posted I'm the archer section something similar. I was considering to make a trap hunter but looking at alternative options. I have an 87 Knight with about 60mil in items and 20mil zeny to start gearing my next class. I was considering to make a battle monk or priest. I like the stunner weapon and why I'm also saying priest.

I'm looking for ideas from people on types of monks. I know gfist monk is popular for woe but can be expensive to gear. My main focus will be fast levelling and sometimes throw In pvp/Woe when I can but it will be rare as I work during Woe....and occasionally joining others to hunt MvPs.

What are the main pros/cons of maces vs fists?

If I was looking a purely fast leveling monk what kinda build would you recommend? Stats? Gear?
Same thing for a battle priest if you know ☺️ trying to decide my next char to play.

Thank you for your input in advance!

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Posted 06 January 2018 - 07:53 PM

No responses... maybe I’ll make it easier and more direct.

What kind of monk do you have? What are it’s skills, stats and gear ?
Thank you !
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Posted 08 January 2018 - 07:37 AM

Well, Gfist builds are great for MVPing. Very tough to level though from the ground up.

Here's the big difference between Maces versus Knuckles: Maces will not break in battle, and are generally quite versatile these days, as opposed to the past. Knuckles are faster ASPD wise but less versatile; you'll want a Spartacus at a high refine level for using knuckles to level.
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Posted 08 January 2018 - 07:42 AM

Also, keep checking back here and bumping your own thread here; part of the reason for the slow responses here from the forum
is that most players don't main Monks, for various reasons; most Monk class characters you'll see in-game are usually alts.
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Posted 08 January 2018 - 07:49 AM

You should also know, leveling a Monk is possibly the hardest thing to do in this game! ^_^ Or at least from my personal experience; even the fastest leveling build will take time. Fastest leveling build is probably TC/FC builds, for sure. Good news is, gearing a Monk isn't too expensive!
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Posted 08 January 2018 - 09:42 AM

Anubis fisting from 65-90 isn't too terrible. Afterwards though it gets really expensive. Don't get it twisted though, you will need more than 20m of gears and potions to complete this.


Go combo if you're looking for the cheaper lifestyle.


Battle priest best farming class for poor noobs IMO. Go to Carat, farm a card, sell it, have more money to work with for a monk. Farm another one and keep it. Make a +5 Double Hurricane Stunner on the cheap, get a bathory, cranial and poo poo and you should be okay for Anubis.


I'm not sure when monks became not too expensive to gear though.. Mine wears a bil worth of gears and i'm a broke nub scrub...


+9 Double Hydra Stunner - 150m+

+9 Carat Rideword Hat - 350m+

+9 Firelock Shoes - 250m+

Frilldora Hiding Amistr Bag - 200m+

Immune Hiding Amistr Bag - 50m+


I would not recommend a Monk to anyone that is not prepared for it. On top of the above and off the top of my head, I carry into WoE:


+7 Unfrozen Silk Robe

+7 Deadly Silk Robe

+7 Unfrozen Mantle (In case the silk robe breaks)

+9 Cranial Mad Bunny Guard

+8 Triple Dextrous Solid Wahgnak

Poo-Poo Hat

Insomniac Telling Doll

2x Acolyte Figures

Soul-Enchanted High Fashion Sandals


Angry Snarl


As far as MVPing, you can probably get away with a +5 Double Titan/Hurricane Stunner but you'll want a +9/10 Double Liberation Stunner which is over a bil alone...


If you don't plan to WoE and don't plan to MvP, a monk is one of the worst choices of characters as they are terrible at PvM. Even more so with nerfed occult you can't even grind away at Turtles. So like the previous person said, if you're looking for a fast leveling character, this is not it.


Go back to looking at Trap Hunters. They can WoE, PvP, PvM, MvP all on the dirt cheap low.


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Posted 04 February 2018 - 12:40 PM

Sadly as others have said there's no such thing as fast leveling a monk unless you have nice friends that will leech you or have a knight on a separate account to join the 6 knight 6 leech parties at juperos.

I would suggest buying a the fish in mouth headgear and strawberries from the raffler and leeching yourself with a knight. The fish are cheap, if you have a Halloween pet they heal for a good bit too.

I know that's crappy advice that you probably want to actually play the monk to level but it's sadly not too good of an option atm.

Also don't waste your zeny on this high upgraded armor nonsense either. Unless you're activating a carat card or whatever it's a waste of zeny. There's a YouTube video showing this and the dmg taken reduction is an absolute joke. Renewal mechanics make defense very bad.

If you want that monk ready to become a champion just knight leech it before juperos parties die down. 50mil exp an hour is common there.

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Posted 04 February 2018 - 01:11 PM

People have pretty much answered, but just adding that besides maces being unbreakable and fists not, maces deal 100% of damage against medium (players) and large (most of mvps) targets, while fists do 75% vs medium and 50% vs large if I'm not mistaken...


Combo build is fun-ish pvm-wise but only gfist monk is good and useful for mvp/woe. Plus it's the kind of character that gets leeched instead of killing, although gfisting anubis is indeed a viable option. And as it has been said, highly dependable on gears, or at least a good +7~9 carded stunner.

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Posted 28 December 2018 - 01:37 PM

Ummm... I use versatile monk build for leveling anywhere, I put

aco skills like so:

1 pneuma

8 heal

2 agi up

1 agi down

10 blessing

10 DP

10 DB


monk skills like so:

5 IF

6 flee

7 rtb

5 root

5 gfiat

5 fury

5 tss

5 oi

base stats for my monk (without blessing 10 and agi 2)

str 90-110

int 77-84

agi 35-40(47 with slotted pantie undershirt combo)

dex 35-45

vit 34+6=40

luk 1


marionette undershirt+5

whisper undershirt+5

pest panties+5

karakasa panties+5


I like to use savage babe card

and metaller card for pvp and pvm

familiar to limit range and accuracy

requiem to limit mobility

plankton card good against high vit chars to put to immobilize during woe

breeze for dealing extra damage

I put on 2 barrage fist +6 or

2 waghnaks +9works too
and that way I can constantly switch between weapons causing multiple status effect ailments

and enchanted hatii claw +7 os card for emperium
buy 4 elemental fists +7 from mechanic


hodremlin sacred scriptures +6 

flame skull stone buckler +7 for extra status effect ailments

s +9

head gear is your pick,  I like knocker though

cramps tarou combos good too
and two rings and maybe a mantis


Hey I like my hybrid build |:3
hope you enjoy monking as much as I do~*

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Posted 28 December 2018 - 09:37 PM

i level'd at gh with EDs, grab a fire elemental weapon, because it looks like things are about to get really hot; literally,

you can basically 2 shot them with tss 5 then 4, at lv 80 you dont even need that much int to do crazy damage, can use 11 int with buff and bonus 24 int, now that's what I call easy exp :3 also there's the ED card that is quite prized here too worth alot of zeny. there's also mimics which drop a pretty good card too, once you learn how to kill them combo wise with or without status effect ailments, this map's easy breezy-; wraiths also on this map, you can potentially 1 shot them with 5tss fire weapon too, the card not worth that much zeny so you can just take a pass on them if you want they are quite slow so you can outwalk/run them easily; and if you get cursed just bless yourself to cancel out that curse mark; if you get all the gear I told you about, all maps will be like a playground for your monk :3 bonefide guarantee-!!

also HW map with earth elemental weapon and switch to meleeing them with triple atk is steady money and easy grinding exp :3 just make sure to bring some awakening pots :3


or you can 2 shot sleepers for GN with OI Investigate skill, although sleepers are a bit more challenging since they are same walk speed as your character, and they will mob you easily; but their high def can be taken advantage of with occult impaction, these sleepers must be put to sleep can you help lay them to rest-? 


Anyhow just noting at all the places you can go to gain exp in becoming a fine monk player;

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