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Zeny sink

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#1 Kureiya


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Posted 21 January 2018 - 05:57 AM

Hello. Inflation r becoming insane, with 10$ u can buy full equip for a new user just selling silverine. I want to recomend this server to use the system of iro-chaos to get materials for potions and others consus. This system is named Woe investment Machine. This system do alot of things related to woe and economy on server. 1° the system work when a player buy tickdts from a npc for a low amount of zeny he can buy by 200 per time he can acumulate the amount they want but he can buy 200 per talk to npc. 2º u need to trade tickets 5 per talk and machine gives u a random etc or reward. It can be blue herbs, witch stardsand and big prizes could be speed potions boxes them for upcoming updates can add edp boxes also all the etcs that r material for consumables. This way new users can sell their blue herbs on market without problem and veterab user could made a economy around thid machine. 3° The machine was related to woe because every week before or after woe the community need to invest at least 2billions on the machine with tickets to open guild dungeons. This way machine sink zeny all the time also provide users with a large amount of materials and rip bots and their inflation. This r the best way to sink money from a server and is permanent. Im me experience in chaos server i spend 300 to 400m per week because everyonr need pots and consus. Also this way u can add elemental resist potions and boxes obtained from cards like box of sumlight and resentment and other boxes. There r a large ampunt of items u can add to this machine also i remember this machine drops a equips that gives a decent amount of reduccions for demi humans but only work in woe. Useless for another places. Also this equips got rid by normal equips in high upgrades this way u can add a cheap equipment for news who want to try woe. Till they get a better one. Also they need to invest in pve equipment because the cheap one only works for woe. Please check this system maybe fix alot of problems that we got now in restart
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#2 YongkySH


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Posted 21 January 2018 - 06:02 AM


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#3 Twistex


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Posted 21 January 2018 - 08:09 AM

At least structure it so its easier to read and not a wall of blahh
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