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nerf neal

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#1 MarcusRaize


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Posted 23 January 2018 - 08:06 AM

i am fed up of the over powered unbalanced state of this character. nerf him he is being played by everyone for a reason. he needs a change period

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#2 AndraSyte


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Posted 23 January 2018 - 02:36 PM

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Champion Neal! We will be submitting it along with other collected feedback to the Heroes of Arzar Team once the Early Access has concluded. Please note that again the game is in Early Access at the moment and the Heroes Team is looking to make adjustments at the conclusion of Early Access before the official launch, so we do ask for your patience while the feedback is collected!


If you do have more information to include regarding Neal that you would like to include please feel more than welcome to go into detail! 

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#3 MarcusRaize


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Posted 26 January 2018 - 08:46 AM

sorry misspoke Neal is actually kinda fine Tyr was where my rage manifested. i feel that his ultimate provides too much mobility as he can cross the distance of the whole map in one turn by teleporting to a minion. any characters who cannot face 2 slashes in close range who would not be building defence or health as a core component of a build have no ability to out move or out think the opponent to defend against that. 


i feel that either a reduction in skill range so that movement and teleporting has to be chosen rather than having both would help or to take away the ability for tyr to be in the position of a killed minion which serves as a buff and a nerf but one where characters like animus for example have a chance of being smart and moving around and laying traps rather than being rushed. 


there is a pretty severe issue between the melee damage items and runes and the skill power runes and items. if an animus and a tyr both start with 10 attack and both kill their minions to give them the choice of 40 gold legendary card. animus may get roughly 16 skill power from the legendary giving him 26

tyr gets a ultimate that gives him true damage and atatck damage around 15 but then gives him a boost to all of his attack power. which will give tyr about 35 total ad. 


the difference between 26 skill power in an aoe as opposed to tyr who can attack twice and move with enough strength to one shot a minion and scale provides a huge flux in power which is why tyr has seen huge usage in higher levels. 


even though both players have performed the same level of skillfully and tactically the mage loses out by default and very quickly can lose the game or otherwise be zoned out of further farming.

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#4 AndraSyte


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Posted 30 January 2018 - 06:07 PM

Thank you for the clarification and the detailed information for Tyr! We will submit the information to the Heroes of Arzar Team for additional review and post updates once received!

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#5 MarcusRaize


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Posted 12 February 2018 - 03:38 PM

i do not really know where to post this i do not use forums and do not really get into the whole culture of them. but in terms of where can i post something that will be sent and not making a new topic on the forum i do not know how else to do this. 


on the topic of characters needing changes the bella diamond AI is broken. she runs into towers and dies on like turn 6. for the people who play alone in a 2v2 wanting to just play without having a second person or relying on the bots for assistance throwing games and losing games by self suiciding into towers does not help. can you please pass on the need to look into this bug ready for launch thank you

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#6 Usuu


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Posted 14 February 2018 - 07:11 AM

Fricbam, is that you? x)


I would like to answer your post about Tyr (because i played him enough to know  the pro/con of this character ).


But first let's look at all the characters.




Thanatos : 2 debuff, the first one, -1 mana ( -2 with his gold item ) and -1 movement + his pull. His pull give a litlle AD buff


Ren ya : 2 grid dash, -1 movement range debuff, and his push.


Tyr: 2 hit, 1 armor/magic resist buff based on his AD, and his ultimate who hit 4 random unit 2 grid around him, and make him take the place of the selected enemy if killed. Get life steal based on max health


Kate : 1 push, 1 dash ( can be used 2 time each round ) and her ultimate who make her jump on the selected grid on her next turn ( 2 grid range ). Special note, at 30 AD ( even if she is mixed and have her base 4/6 SD) and 6 mana she have the higher overall damage, 30 ( base attack ) 26x2 ( Hatress twice ) and Savage punch  ( didn't note the exact amount, but it's between the 2 other if i remember ). Get shield each time she use a skill


Gungnir : Dash trough opponent ( usable multiple time ), 1 push ( 2 grid range ) and his ultimate hit every enemy hit by his dash.

 (AD buffed with every dash )


Mage :


Animus : 1 delayed skill, can be stacked ( but need to predict were your opponent goes ), 1 T shaped area skill, apply -1 movement (those two skill deal 10 additional burning damage ), close combat ultimate, give additional max health on a kill ( wich buff his SD thanks to his passive skill ) Get SD based on max health


Bella : 2 grid movement jump, 1 close combat skill, 1 area skill ( apply blind, target can't use normal attack ).


Armina : 1 movement skill, 1 debuff line shaped skill ( give -1 movement ) and her 4 grid line ultimate.


Zorhora : Raise minion, can absorb some of their life when making them explode, and have a 2 time skill ( first hit when it's his turn, apply a mark. Can use it a second time when it's his opponent turn, deal damage to marked enemy, and wasting their turn)

Get shield for each corps on the field


Nico: 1 push, 1 jump 1 heal, deal additional damage based on her health, once per turn.


Ranged :


Lu: 1 push, 1 jump, 1 mono target shot.


Haam : 1 trap skill, ( can be stacked, damage based on his SD when triggered ) 1 invisibility skill ( give +1 movement ) 1 Poison atk ( deal additional damage for 4 turn ). Get health each time he use his trap


Emi : Sticky bomb ( can be trigger on enemy turn ) 1 AD buff/+1 movement and a 5 grid line shaped ultimate.


Tina : 2 hit, +2 movement range, LS based on opponent health and a strange ultimate ( only time i saw it she didn't move, even if it said she move on the skill note )




Goldsmith : One 2 grid dash on target, 1 3 grid shaped atk, 1 buff ( 20% Health/counter can be used to get some health back ) AD passive based on max health.


Neal : 1 grid dash, 1 taunt and 1 2 grid atk.  Armor/Magic res buff passive based on max health.


Sark : 1 jump,  1 placement skill, and another one who hit every enemy around him/give health for each enemy hit. One of his skill deal damage based on max health ( and he get max health with something but i can't remember exactly ).


Layna : 1 grid dash, 1 placement skill ( apply dazzled on target, make it impossible to use a spell for 1 turn ) 1 counter skill. Get shield based on Armor/Magic resist.


Pucklet/chuklet:not much to say about him, 1 heal  (give +1 movement ) 1 damage skill and can't remember the last one.




All of that to say, it's not a matter of being overpowered or not, it's a matter of difficulty, each character have a weakness.


For your exemple, with a Tyr/Animus match up.


Tyr can outpower you if you get to close thanks to his Life steal, but Animus can keep him out of reach with his 2nd skill ( you get 1 more movement than him ).

For the minion kill, Tyr can kill a minion in 1 turn with enough base stats when using is first skill. Animus can too ( with his 10 burning damage, it count as a kill so you get the gold ). You can even kill the two first one ( and deal damage to your opponent if he is playing first, and got on the grid between the two minions) if you are at the correct spot.


For the items, each character have 3 specific items, each one giving a buff for a skill . Like the ability to use a skill twice/when it's the enemy turn ( Like Nico who can push you if you get to close, or Armina with her moonstep ).


I think you fought a Tyr with 1 or more 4% AD rune ( each one give 4% of the total AD ).


In my case i have 10% with runes,  a base 15 AD/TD,if i buy the +14 AD item i'm at 30. He may have more than 10 ( because i almost sure the 20% buff only act on the specified skill. )



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