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Sarting a new Defender -> Commander and i need help plz !

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#1 Wezzo85


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Posted 26 December 2010 - 02:18 PM

Hi all,

First of all i want to sayf that i'm new to the game and I want to ask a couple of questions here about Commander so here we go ,

1- Because of my job i'm gonna be a real casual player, so I want a class that will perform well "SOLO" mostly in PvE and have a good time in PvP (occasional) , I want a class that has survivabilty more than killing speed (or both) and Commander (defender) looks great at that !

2- I want to know if I plan on taking a Skill Reset at 50 is it possible for me to put my points in every skill I want that could help me level faster and keeping me alive as a defender ? if yes It would be nice to have a pure <lvl50 build for defender going to commander !

3- Is there a guide to help me with the gear and HOW the reinforcement/enchanting system works ?

4- Can I follow FloorMat Commander Guide past 50 ? or is there changes to that build I should consider !

Thanks all for your time,

Cya in game
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#2 Ninnghizhidda


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Posted 04 January 2011 - 10:17 PM

First of all, welcome to Requiem! Here is some information you might find useful:

1) Commander is a PERFECT choice for PvE and doing things mostly in solo mode. Hands down the best melee class for this task. Great defence capability coupled with excellent offense skills, especially when you get all the aoe ones as you gain levels. It will be rather comfortable to chop down mobs in groups of 4 (obviously depending on their difficulty). OK, you cant expect the killing speed of some casters (like tempests or mystics), but still it will be fine. In effect, in time you will be able to solo virtually anything without too much trouble (apart from tough bosses obviously!). Also, a Commander with PvE orientation will not be totally useless in PvP. Things are harder and different there though. It all depends very much on gear choices and builds. And, to be honest, no Commander can expect to do wonders in PvP before lvl 74 and stun protection from Adamant Mind...

2) You can skill reset at lvl 50 when you choose your 2nd job. Till then you can emphasise on Defender skills and put as many points in the best ones. Best ones are always attack and defence skills. Not much use for accuracy and HP regen though. I found that vital stab can be quite cool for Defender, you have enough points to max it and also further it up with DNA. It can end up doing some real cool damage and DoT! Onslaught will be useful too, and of course the first points you can spend on shield strike, skin of stone, quick attack and so. However, after you choose Commander and you reskill you should forget about many Defender skills and emphasise on 2nd job ones. In fact it is top priority to start spending points in Commander skills, and be prepared to add a few more in forthcoming levels. You can still use some old Defender skills but these will become obsolete soon. Or maybe you could reskill again and get rid of all unwanted Defender skills, this could be done at lvl 60 or so, when you start to receive some of the really cool Commander skills.

3) I dont think there is a specific guide but bits and pieces scattered. About the reinf/enchanting thing, I am sure there is something written officially, could also have a look in Requiem Wiki. As for gear, FloorMatt's guide includes a fair deal about it, even if purely PvP orientated. I have also written several times about gear in many topics, maybe if you look around for some of my articles you can read some further details, it is way too much to repeat here again.

4) Yes, again this guide is pretty cool, there is like 90% of everything you need to know in there. Certain changes would apply for a PvE Commander, both in build and maybe gear. Again, I have talked about these many times, though I havent made a specific guide (rather pointless when FloorMatt has almost exhausted the topic really), but as I said above if you locate some of my older articles you can find lots of info too.

I hope this helps to get you started, good luck! :)
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#3 AngelicPretty


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Posted 04 January 2011 - 10:57 PM

If u casual. just want log in have fun etc lvl up ok whilst being solo and being good PvP. Then I would go Tempest.

first AoE lvl 10. Get Def buff. Self heals. and Leveling is super easy and fast. Easy get parties should u need. Easy make lant. easy get raids.

Lot of fun as the leveling speed and being able solo is good. Goes great in PvP as well. 2 slows one is AoE. 17 sec sleep. and your instant cast heals one of wich can recover near all your HP if not all.

Defender is slow. You kit low and can only do one mob at a time solo. Most defenders try and party as its what they made for. Comander isnt to fast either. isnt till 74 they own in PvP. both jobs really need a party to get them leveling.

Just a little heads up. Would suck to make one but quit cos you chose a hard solo toon to lvl for fisrt toon. Just know it takes a long time for a commie to blossom and by that time u will be party depended. also can cost a bit to make a commie a monster.

If you go Hammy im happy to come help and answer any Q's. Perhaps get u a few things to get u started. and buff u up nice and strong. PM me here on forums with Toon name.

Best of luck and welcome.

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