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Gate to Ragnarok... Revamped!

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Posted 28 January 2018 - 10:19 PM

Gate to Ragnarok, an RP group from deviantArt, still lives and is going through a new revamp!
We are excited to introduce our first ever narrative in GTRO! In order to participate in this story mode, as we're calling it, at least one character must join a GUILD. Also, if you wish to participate in group-wide RP events, members must join our DISCORD. We will be easing into the narrative nice and slow, so please invite your friends! We hope everyone enjoys this new feature! 
First and foremost, thank you so much for your continued dedication to GTRO! January 22nd marks our 8th birthday, and I can't help but believe we are one of the oldest running groups on DA. This is all thanks to you!
Because we want to clean out inactive members, and because we want to give old members a chance to edit their characters, we are sweeping the character sheet submissions and asking you to resubmit. Info for applying again is here; don't worry, all veteran members are automatically accepted! With the introduction of story mode, you may want to check out our GUILDS journal before reapplying! Old characters cannot change their given name or class, outfit changes must be minimal, and changes to history and personality should only be done for the sake of story mode participation. You DO NOT have to change your character at all, but we wanted to give this option just in case! We will be reviewing all submissions regardless, but if you are making changes to your characters profile, a tag in the description with "update" or "new" would be most helpful for us to quickly find the most important area to review!
What else has changed? All guilds prior to this reboot are on indefinite hiatus during the duration of story mode! We are holding on to the journal for future reference, but characters can choose to leave old guilds or simply consider old guilds to be disbanded or to never have existed for the sake of the story. Your character is of course welcome to continue their own narratives involving guilds, regardless.
Also the way to gain new items has changed! We have done away with the item shop. New items of your choice will now be easier to get through QUESTS! You'll see more of this to come in later months! Each month will release a new quest outside of the story events that are available to all members, and will have various rewards such as prize zeny, headgears of your choice, weapons, consumables and pet tamers! All quests will remain active once they are posted, so you can always go back and complete them at any time.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment here or in our DISCORD!

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