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Can a BB knight mob jup without being properly equipped?

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#1 P3UTR0S


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Posted 03 February 2018 - 12:25 PM

I came to the conclusion that i just cant properly level some of my chars, so i want to make a BB knight to leech it. Builds arent a problem but should i be able to do it without having certain equipments and cards like peco peco egg and penomena?

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#2 jessymeow


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Posted 04 February 2018 - 01:05 PM

You don't want to use a shield. 2 hand quicken with claymore is much more efficient. You may take 30% less with a shield but it will take much longer to kill which means longer tanking and more pots wasted. Unless having 2 Peco egg cards allows you to kill in 1 less bb they aren't worth it either(which they won't until you have relatively high str).

What being a geared knight enables is the ability to level without using sp items. Earth deleter with +9 ride word and +9 amistr is unlimited sp if you mob large enough. You can obviously buy strawberries from the raffler for cheap and still lvl just as quickly though. I bought earth deleter so I could just rodex myself stacks of fish n go for hours but you can do the same it will just cost more in supplies.

The other important thing is having the items to buff fresh fish. Fish in mouth headgear gear is cheap get one and the scatalion and skellion pets from Halloween also buff the fish. Don't bother with the pets if you aren't use to keeping them fed properly or if you die alot. They run away easily and are expensive.

The mobs there don't actually hit that hard and armor on this server is very weak. A raydric obviously helps a good bit but not having +9s isn't really a big deal. The only reason my ride word n amistr are +9 is to trigger the extra effect.
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