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Suggestion for the Refining System

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#1 CJGM3


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Posted 08 February 2018 - 05:08 PM

One of my ideas is that more than 1 Plutorune can be used when refining an item reaches the level that degrades more than 1 degradation. That is, for example when an item refined fails and degrades to 2 you may have the option to use 2 Plutorunes and when the item degrade to 3 you can use 3 Plutorunes. This is so that those items that are being refined do not degrade when the items fail.

I think this would lower the stress and discomfort of the player when so much work and even real money invested (Buying Item Mall with money) sees that his item has been degraded due to the lack of implementation that can be used more than 1 Plutorune.

The priority would be the use of the Plutorune to more than one amount but if ROSE allows the use of more than one Nepturune the Nepturune could be used in the following way: It could be the use of up to 3 Nepturunes or 1 and the rest in Plutorunes. But the main idea of ​​the suggestion that I offer is that you can use more than one protective material that by the amount of option that can be used has the protection of the item that is being refined so that it does not degrade when it fails.

As a player and as a client of this game, I think that if a player / client feels satisfied with the game and the product that is for sale, which in this case are digital items in Item Mall, I think that everyone who buys Item Mall items and those that strive in the game to get good items as they will continue to buy Item Mall items and those that have not bought will be motivated to buy Item Mall items. Therefore, ROSE, having satisfied players, would have ROSE more sales of your digital product.

And as they say in Business Administration that: satisfied customer brings additional customers and a satisfied customer will continue to buy in the place that is satisfied.

I want to congratulate you for these good events that you have put in this year that have been of my liking and of many players. I also hope that you can fix the crash problem in Crystal Defender, Akraham Arena and in large groups. If you want more ideas you can consult with me and I will be happy to help.

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#2 Lijona


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Posted 11 February 2018 - 05:00 PM

I like the idea that you could your items protect from degrading.

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