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Tyrant is upcoming!

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 08:37 AM



Hello all, my name is Goldhallow (IGN) and I'm a veteran MA player who was around for a very long time when MA was hosted by Aeria Games, during that time I reached a Lvl of Lieutenant before they released the next batch of ranks before the game shutdown, I'm heavily based in Co-op gamemodes since I enjoy that far more than I do PvP but I do engage in the typical "pew, pew" of PvP every now and again. What I'm here for is to revive an old company that I played with actively when Aeria Games hosted MA, that company name is Tyrant.


History of Company


Some may recognize the name Tyrant from Aeria Games, some may not. BUT. Tyrant was the company I spent a majority of my time with in MA hosted by Aeria Games and I seek to revive the company name in my own little way. Tyrant primarily was a PvP company but they did do many, many PvE events and hosted Charles Revenge on a number of occasion to gives those new to the game and company at getting some better gear. Needless to say they were very active and always had a handful of players on at any given time, however we were mostly NA players and didn't have many European/Western players due to time zones and a variety of circumstances. Tyrant ran strong for quite awhile but after sometime the game started to get stale for some and they left leaving Tyrant in a bind, after awhile they all quit and I moved to play with Syndicate whose leader I knew for awhile who goes by the name "NaughtyZombie", but we're not here to talk about Syndicate, you're here for Tyrant!


Some basic guidelines to follow when you join/apply for Tyrant (don't worry, nothing crazy.)


- I do expect members to be active and log on at least every other day, even if for just 5-10 minutes to talk or hang out. I don't want to see a roster saying "Player has logged in X number of days ago" and players getting discouraged from joining due to lack of activity.


- Don't be an ass, jokes are cool and all but keep it clean and outside of that just be chill. That's bout it for "Golden Rule: No Disrespect"


- Helping each other out, but don't get too generous. It might create some bad mojo within the company and no one wants drama. (Though it doesn't hurt sharing gear you don't need to your fellow comrades.)


As Tyrant begins to grow and become larger we will focus more of having a consistently active playerbase within our little "community" and therefore will require you to at least log on every other day or so to keep the companies name out there, not going to strong arm you guys into playing everyday as I myself have school and work to mix between playtime. That all being said, we will be heavily English based (Sorry to those who don't speak very good English, but I'm sure you understand.) so you must be capable of speaking some English, no one's perfect so I or anyone else won't expect to string me an essay of words to prove yourself.


So, if you've made it to the end of this wall of text, well done you. Now all that's left for you to do after all that reading is apply by messaging me in-game or sending me mail and I'll get you invited ASAP.



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