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Glow Color suggestion Added item

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 06:47 PM

i did a mistake and used paint glow color Yellow
on my king set except the part item Akram kingdom Cape
you can see the other item now have "glow color" tab info added
and i saw and checked it, there is a diffrence between items with "Glow Color" and items without that added tab
so i tried to use white color on it.. in attempt to make it shiny again
but its not the same

so for my Suggestion

and in the future please make an item that does that return the item to its original state "no glow color"
you can see in the pictures that there is a diffrence on Shiny Color on "glow color white"
and "No Glow Color" one is Grade 10 and the other 10 also you can clearly see the diffrence

so what is the deal with it?!
i think they should add an item mall item that Reverse or Remove that "Glow Color" thing to make the item Shiny like it was before on the original
here is a link to see the diffrence
you can see part with Glow Color White
and another one Without any info about its Glow Color so it means its will be Super shiny like it was before the Refining Color
and i really regret i made that Refine color

in summery i think they can chage it easy... make a patch for it or FIX it somehow

even on wings there is a diffrence


this is None Glow Color


this is wtih Glow Color: White


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Posted 12 February 2018 - 07:06 PM

As a note to the staff:

Dupers use glow colors to try and change as many attributes of an item, in an effort to hide the item from the logs. While I sympathize with the users comment, I've already explained it here: https://forums.warpp...e/#entry2786412


To the OP: Please do not create multiple threads. 

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