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Archer’s Movement Speed ( MS )

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Posted 28 February 2018 - 02:29 PM

Why are archers limited to 400 MS ?
Do you think archers could have a bigger MS cap like maybe 450 or 500 would be good because it can make the difference between archers and other classes, they can be more squishy but it’s balanced by their running speed because now every class can reach 400 MS ...
If this is not possible what are the reasons ?

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Posted 28 February 2018 - 02:54 PM

It's been said a lot now but the reason is mostly attributed to how the game handles very fast moving characters.

When movement speed hits a certain threshold, it actually causes some problems to players client-side and messes with things like making their character model not appear right away, minimap position messups in BattleSquare and hit registration for some skills. There's probably other issues I didn't even list. Fun fact; at a value beyond 800 movement speed, you can outrun Port of Winds rotating camera.

The value this tends to happen varies but 400 is probably the safest high movement speed that avoids these and even then it's apparently not 100% sure. Fixing this isn't a simple task as it moreso is involving the game itself which would take a massive project of game engine problems which is to big a task currently for our development team. So a cap was put partially as a fix for this which also worked as a sort of PvP balancing decision.

Currently no plans to up the capped value are planned even with these fixes. Players have generally accepted 400 as a normal now for movement speed with a number of ways to reach it now without sacrificing core stats you also have to build.
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