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Best Weapon for Auto based Sniper

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 06:21 PM

So with Trans around the corner me and my friend were debating about what weapon will be best in slot for a sniper once the falken blitz becomes useable. 



the Ballista [1] and Falken Blitz [2] are what we are debating besides the obvious Orc Archer Bow which is unrealistic to get. So that said which one is better for a hybrid auto based Hunter. I have a good mix of agi/dex/luk for pure auto attack based damage and very high attack speed. 



Falken Blitz is basically the same as Gakkung (level 3, 100 ATK) but has sniper perks and +10% extra damage on double strafe.


Ballista is a level 4 Weapon with 145 atk, but only has one slot which means only a cruiser to keep hunter set and no archer skeleton (so loss of 10% ranged damage).



Which is stronger overall? Does the extra 45 Base ATK (as well as extra attack for being level 4 weapon when fully upgraded) out weight the loss of 10% damage on autos and 20% damage on double strafe? 


Thanks to anyone who knows ^.^

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